Ankle holsters are an important protection accessory and will save your life when you are in a seated or fetal position. Consider you are sitting in your, at your desk, or in the middle of a fight. The closest and easiest access to a handgun would not be from a hip or shoulder holster, but from an ankle holster. Also, ankle holsters can conceal a secondary weapon, so when your primary weapon is compromised, you have a backup.

Top-Rated Ankle Holster List:

Law enforcement agents prefer ankle holsters due to this reason, and these are their back up gun holsters. Most street cops and field agents prefer to use either a small snub nose or a small revolver, such as a Glock 27. The size of the gun is important since you don’t want the weight or the dimensions to interfere with your daily routine.

Here is a list of the ten best ankle holsters on the market today.

Best Ankle Holster Reviews:

1. Galco Ankle Lite/Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

GALCO AL286B Ankle Lite Right Hand Black Ankle Holster
  • The ankle holster is made of premium steerhide and fits...

The Galco Ankle Lite™ is their latest addition to their ankle holster category. This gun holster fabricator has to lead the market with their Ankle Glove™. This model is made of the same high-quality Center Cut Steerhide™ used for the holster component and is fastened to the ankle with their wide neoprene ankle band and Velcro closure.

To add to the comfort and reliability of this holster, Galco includes sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle, and the draw performance is optimized through a reinforced thumb break retention strap.

You can buy this model with or without the optional adjustable calf strap and adds extra support for all ankles up to 13” in circumference. It is also made for both left and right-hand draw, as well as fits CTC Laserguard work with red laser only

2. Galco Ankle Glove/Ankle Holster for Glock 26, 27, 33

Galco’s Ankle Glove™ is the standard that everyone copies. This is the law enforcement favorite and is designed for optimum performance and the highest comfort. The components are all engineered for long working hours of use, and if you work for over 80 hours a week and need an ankle holster, this is the model to use.

This original model is made of premium saddle leather, and the holster is fastened to a neoprene ankle band that has a Velcro closure. To assure long hours of comfort, the holster is padded with Additional sheepskin padding set between the holster and ankle.

For efficient firearm retention and speed of draw, the holster comes with a reinforced thumb break.

This model’s strap is designed to fit up to a 13” ankle circumference, is ambidextrous and you can add an optional calf strap.

The model variants include AG158/159B which are open-top with tension unit. The models AG160/161B come with a thumb break retention strap, and the models AG160B and AG161B designed for J-frame revolvers do not function with the Crimson Trace LG305 Lasergrip.

3. ATK BLACKHAWK! Ankle Holster, Black/Size 01, Right Hand

BLACKHAWK Ankle Holster, Black/Size 01, Right Hand
  • Constructed of 1000 denier CORDURA nylon outer material
  • Closed-cell foam padding protects pistol from moisture
  • Non-stretch retention strap with molded thumb break
  • Size 01, Fits 3"- 4" Barrel Medium Frame Autos (.32-.380...
  • For Right Hand

The Blackhawk model is made of a soft knit fabric 1000 denier CORDURA® nylon outer material, which is fastened around your ankle by a Nylon Ankle strap with Velcro fastener.

Manufactured by ATK, this ankle holster is a comfortable fit, using moisture barrier Closed-cell foam padding between the holster and your ankle to assure a comfortable fit.

This design holds 3"-4" Barrel medium frame autos (.32-.380 Cal) and the molded thumb break and non-stretch retention strap provide maximum performance for fast release as well as good retention,

4. DeSantis 4007527 Die Hard Ankle Rig for Glock 43- Black Right Hand

DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig, Concealed Ankle Holster, Leather Lined Holster with Thumb Break,...
  • Compatibility: The DeSantis Die Hard Ankle Rig concealed...
  • Leather Lined Holster: Our ankle holster is built with...
  • Thumb Break, Neoprene Leg Band: The Die Hard Ankle Rig...
  • Right-Hand Draw: The smooth leather lining on the ankle...
  • Comfortable, Unisex: Both adult men and women can...

The DeSantis #014 Die Hard Ankle Rig is their latest model for ankle holsters and is a much-anticipated accessory. This model combines Federal Law Enforcement requirements that have evolved over decades of use, and this model now provides an ever-better comfort level with extra longevity.

The Die-Hard Ankle Rig holster is lined with tough top grain leather and comes with their conventional thumb break that is secured by a neoprene leg band. The leg band has been upgraded and now features foam padding and a sheepskin lining.

This model comes with an optional calf strap (C14) and boot extender (C15).

5. BUGBite Concealment Calf Holster

BUGBite Concealment Calf Holster
  • The BUGBite Holster is the Ultimate in Comfortable Concealed...
  • Lightweight Breathable Neoprene for all day comfort, The...
  • "It was exactly what my husband wanted! It’s perfect. He...
  • "There is no pistol movement so you can actually forget you...
  • "Just what you need for concealed carry. You don't even know...

The BUGBite holster is a complete concealment device that is designed for maximum retention and minimum effort. This holster is unique and is used by a considerable number of private sector contractors.

This is a body conforming accessory, where the sheath that holds the holster fits over your lower leg. This design assures no movement and constant adhesion in even the most active conditions. The holster is positioned vertically, and release is fast and silent since this model doesn’t have any Velcro straps or snaps.

The engineers behind this model decided to do away with gun specifications and created a model that has a universal fit for any weapon that is shorter than 5.5”, and this is a perfect fit for all 4” long guns.

6. Bianchi 150 Negotiator Size 1 Ankle Holster Fits S&W J Frame 2

BIANCHI 24015: Negotiator Ankle Holster Blk Lh Sz 1 S-W J Frame 2In
  • Neoprene leg strap expands to fit comfortably around leg
  • Lined with genuine sheepskin for comfort and breathability
  • 2” adjustable elastic leg strap secures and keeps holster...
  • Holster is canted for ease of draw
  • Durable and long lasting

The 150 Negotiator™ Ankle holster is made of a rugged full-grain cowhide that is formed to hold most small handguns. This model is lined with genuine sheepskin on the inside of the 2” neoprene leg wrap. This combined fabrication delivers long-lasting and comfortable wear that lasts for hours a day.

The rugged exterior is manufactured and finished to resist all adverse environments as well as handle any extreme tactic conditions. The 2” neoprene straps are designed to conform to your ankle without losing their elasticity or shape even when exposed to extreme humidity.

This model comes with a slight forward cant that is cut into the leather to provide an optimized and efficient draw. This model fits 41 different weapons with a length range between 1.87” to 4.24” in length.

7. Fobus Ankle Holsters S & W J Frame All 38, 357, Rossi 88

Fobus Ankle Holsters S & W J Frame All 38, 357, Rossi 88
  • Fits S&W J-Frame (all 38, 357) Rossi 88
  • 3/4" thick suede lined Cordura pad. Secures with adjustable...
  • Attaches to left ankle for right handed draw (right hand...
  • Lifetime Warranty - All Fobus USA products carry a 100%...
  • Fobus USA warranty not valid on products shipped from...

The Fobus ankle holster is a lightweight everyday use holster and is perfect for just about every field application you can consider. This rig is designed to wear over socks and does not come with a lining; the reason is that the manufacturers discovered that linings tend to chaff and wear away, or even harden over time. As such, you wear this over any lining you prefer, including standard socks.

The holster is made of rugged polymer attached to a nylon extra wide strap on the fixture and has a retention adjustment screw for added passive retention adjustment, this allows for rapid action release. This is a classic homeowner security device that can be worn for personal protection when out jogging, or walking the dogs, or just keeping it on your person for personal security.

This model is designed for S & W J Frame All 38, 357, Rossi 88. 

8. Fobus GL43NDA Glock 43 Ankle Holster, Right Hand

Fobus GL43NDA Evolution Ankle RH Glock 43, 43x, 48
  • 3/4 inch thick suede lined cordura pad for comfort and...
  • Secures with adjustable Velcro strap
  • Attaches to left ankle for right handed draw

This is another version of the Fobus ankle holster. It is identical in construction as the previous model and is a lightweight everyday use holster and is perfect for just about every field application you can consider.

The holster is made of rugged polymer attached to a nylon extra wide strap on the fixture and has a retention adjustment screw for added passive retention adjustment, this allows for rapid action release. This is a classic homeowner security device that can be worn for personal protection when out jogging, or walking the dogs, or just keeping it on your person for personal security.

This model is designed for Glock 43

9. DTOM AH3 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster

DTOM AH3 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, S&W Bodyguard 380, Walther PPK/PPK-S,...
  • DTOM AH3 Neoprene and Nylon Ankle Holster for Ruger LCP, S&W...
  • For an LCP with attached LASER See AH2 ankle holster or ASIN...
  • TRUST me when I say you will be very impressed with the...
  • Fits ankle diameter up to 11 inches with Fully Adjustable...
  • Built from tough comfortable Neoprene for the ultimate in...

The DTOM AH3 is a compact and comfortable ankle holster designed specifically for smaller guns. This model is a universal style holster but will not be compatible for IWB applications; it is a perfect ankle rig.

The simpler and leaner bucket is unfitted, making it more adaptable for many CCL weapons, using this will assure you don’t need to switch holsters for different guns in your possession.

The AH3 comes with a snug and flexible neoprene band that sits comfortably around any 10” to 12” ankles. A nylon retention strap has a simple hook-and-loop fastener, so your weapon is kept secure and tight. The delivery is optimized through a slightly off-vertical cant, and your weapon will not “print” while being worn for hours a day.

This is a simple, small gun holster and is designed specifically for all subcompacts without yo having to consider size adjustments.

10. Pro-Tech Outdoors Ankle concealed Holster Fits The S&W Bodyguard 380 with Laser

Ankle Holster for Gun with Laser, Beretta 20-21 Tomcat 3032-32 ACP 20- Keltec P32-.380AT-Jennings...
  • For Right Hand Only
  • Adjustable nylon velcro strap to secure your weapon.
  • Outer layer is cordura ballistic nylon
  • Has Elastic and Velcro closure.
  • Stitched with strong bonded nylon and double stitched at...

The Pro-Tech ankle holster comes with a Cordura Ballistic Nylon outer layer and smooth vinyl vapor barrier inner layer that provides both smooth release performance as well as protects your gun from moisture.

The holster material is stitched using double stitch bonded nylon for extra strength, and the edges are turned for two reasons, the first being anti-fraying, and the second reasons are for extra strength during the most extreme conditions.

This is a classic budget-friendly rig that is perfect for average use.

Ankle Holsters 101

True concealment is in the pants you wear over your ankle holster. Remember, even the most compact and tightly worn holster will still bulge out, after all, ankles are fat free areas of the body and there is nowhere for your gun to hide. As such, make sure you wear pants that are not too tight (no skinny’s).

Another reason you don’t want tight ending pants is drawing your weapon. Just imagine you need to draw it fast, and now you have to mess around with a tight-fitting leg cuff, by the time you roll your pant leg up you're dead.

When you buy an ankle holster, practice drawing it first. Not every design fits every person's frame, and this means, how your hand reaches down to your ankle holster to withdraw the weapon. You need to practice in all kinds of positions and do this daily until it becomes instinct. Having an ankle holster without knowing how to draw from it is just plain dumb. You will find that you need both hands to withdraw the weapon, two hands to pull the legging pant up and then your gun hand to draw the weapon.

Take into account that if you are using the holster as a back up gun, it means you have a primary weapon, and the reason you are drawing the back up is because you either ran out of bullets, lost your gun, or are wounded in your gun hand, so its best you place this holster for your weak hand and not your primary hand.

Finally, no matter what anyone says, all ankle holsters are uncomfortable even after years of use. Skinny legs suffer the most. So make sure your holster is properly lined and sits and fits comfortably over your leg and does not chaff when you move.

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