If you've ever tried to install a wired security camera, you know how challenging and time consuming it can be. You need to route cables to your router, which can mean drilling holes in your walls.

You need to hide the cables so they don't detract from your home or work space. And you need to hope the device is compatible with your router.

Instead of a quick security camera installation, you end up with a project that can take hours or more to complete.

If you want a simple and quick security camera installation, your best option is to pick up a wireless, battery powered security camera.

There are no wires to route, no holes to drill, no wires cluttering up your home or work space and you can quickly test the device over your wireless network.

If that sounds appealing to you, then keep reading as we evaluate wireless security cameras that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Evaluation Criteria

In this best battery powered security camera review, we are going to list ten of our favorite devices based on the most important criteria. Additionally, we’ll highlight cameras you can use for specific uses cases, such as:

  • Best battery powered security camera with a smartphone app
  • Best wireless battery operated outdoor security camera
  • Best battery powered security camera with night vision

That’s just a small preview of the the more specialized battery operated surveillance cameras on our comprehensive list. Reviewing hundreds of surveillance systems is a painstaking process, but one we've simplified by using a consistent set of criteria.

Our reviewers selected a specific set of evaluation criteria to review and choose the best battery powered security cameras within several categories. The main factors involved in our evaluation criteria include:

  • Quality
  • Ease-of-Use and Setup
  • Physical Dimensions and Weight
  • Weatherproofing
  • Battery Life
  • Recording Capabilities
  • Price
  • Additional Features (Lights, Sirens, Smartphone Integration, Night Vision)

Top Ten Picks

1. NETGEAR ARLO PRO 2 Battery Powered Security Camera - Best Overall Battery Powered Security Camera

Arlo VMS4230P-100NAS Pro 2 - Wireless Home Security Camera System with Siren, Rechargeable, Night...
  • 100 percent wire free: Free of power cords and wiring...
  • 1080p HD high quality video with sharper and brighter...
  • Flexible powering options use wire free, plugged in....
  • Weatherproof Pro cameras are weatherproof so you can place...
  • 7 days of free cloud recordings pro comes with recurring 7...

Product Highlights

With Netgear’s Arlo, you’re not dealing with just any battery operated surveillance camera. This model is a continuation of a system of cameras and software applications that all share the same platform.

We’ve decided that the Arlo 2 has earned the reputation of best battery powered security camera due to its combination of excellent characteristics and traits. There are less expensive options, but when you’re talking about home security, paying a little bit extra can provide you with substantially better security options.

The Arlo 2 has numerous qualities and features, including wireless installation and setup, 1080p HD video quality, two-way audio communication capability, durability and weatherproofing, security siren, smartphone application compatibility, and the option to keep recorded material on a USB drive.

Netgear's latest innovation is a dynamic piece of equipment that was designed to integrate with past and future Netgear technology. The areas where it grabbed our attention were the battery-powered installation and usage as well as the durability and weatherproof traits.


  • Dynamic, Multi-functional security camera system
  • Completely wireless
  • Smartphone app compatibility
  • Outstanding durability
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof
  • Pros
  • Excellent night vision
  • Wireless
  • Waterproof & Weatherproof
  • Seven day video backup
  • Cons
  • Ill-equipped for continuous streamSmartphone app can be difficult to use

2. NEST CAM IQ OUTDOOR Battery Security Camera - Best Wireless Battery Camera System with WiFi Connectivity

Product Highlights

Security system analysts have lauded the Nest Cam IQ as one of the most sophisticated cameras in the industry, especially in regards to Wi-Fi usage. This battery powered security system is technologically sound, with advanced features and components.

We were impressed by a variety of the Nest Cam’s traits, but we were blown away by the Wi-Fi capabilities. Additionally, the facial recognition software, image sensing, and motion detection stood out to us from the rest of the pack.

Nest Cam also provides a camera system that is meant for indoor usage, but we prefer the outdoor version because of the top-of-the-line weatherproofing.

This battery operated surveillance camera isn’t going to come cheap, but you will get the most out of your money with the investment. As a sign of good faith, Nest Cam includes motion detection and live-streaming without a subscription.

However, we recommend that if you’re going to purchase this sophisticated camera system, you may as well get the subscription too.

The Nest Cam subscription will allow you to access even more sophisticated features of the battery powered security camera with night vision. For instance, you will gain access and be able to utilize the cloud storage database as well as saved motion zones.

It was tough keeping the Nest Cam IQ out of the number one spot, but it’s still one of the best battery operated surveillance cameras of 2019.


  • Exceptional Wi-Fi capability and connectivity
  • Motion tracking sensors
  • Facial recognition software
  • Durability and weatherproofing
  • Outstanding smartphone application compatibility
  • Pros
  • Outstanding quality of images
  • Smartphone application is excellent
  • Features facial recognition
  • Advanced motion sensing
  • Cons
  • Difficult installation
  • Large device dimensions, non-discreet

3. Canary Flex HD Security Camera - Best Value for the Money

Canary Flex Outdoor Indoor Home Security Camera HD WiFi IP | 24/7 Watch Live Video, Weatherproof,...
  • AWARD-WINNING TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN: Trusted by over a million...
  • OUTDOOR INDOOR WIFI CAMERA: 24/7 watch live HD,...
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 30-day video cloud history, smarter...
  • EASY SETUP IN MINUTES: DIY, no installation required;...
  • SECURE DATA PROTECTION: US-based company with all data...

Product Highlights

Canary is a household name in the surveillance camera industry. They are a trusted and well-known brand. However, their most prominent models are designed for indoor usage and feature large dimensions.

Enter the Canary Flex HD, which is a dynamic piece of surveillance equipment that excels in outdoor environments. In addition to the wealth of features within the Flex HD battery-powered camera system, the price is almost unbelievable.

The Canary Flex HD is listed at a price that’s a fraction of the more expensive battery operated surveillance systems. However, it can still perform many of the functions that higher end systems offer.

This battery operated camera system is a highly durable piece of equipment, and its design features strong weatherproofing. Specifically, the device is tested to be rain-proof, snow-proof, and it can stand temperatures from negative four degrees to one hundred and thirteen degrees Fahrenheit.

You probably wouldn’t expect one of the less expensive wireless surveillance cameras to be capable of motion detection. However, you would be wrong in regards to the Canary Flex HD, which features a motion detection system that can send you an alert through its intelligent smartphone app.

Finally, the Canary Flex HD battery powered security camera is capable of night vision, Wi-Fi compatible and features one-touch emergency services alerts. There are a seemingly unlimited amount of features within the Canary Flex HD, yet the price remains shockingly low.

The combination of incredible features and inexpensive price led us to name this surveillance system the ‘best value’ wireless surveillance system.


  • Sophisticated Wi-Fi and connectivity to Amazon Alexa
  • Powerful HD and night vision
  • Two to three month battery life
  • Durable and rugged design, completely weatherproof
  • Attached microphone and speaker
  • Pros
  • Outstanding durability, functional in any environment
  • High-quality HD Video Capability
  • Visually appealing design
  • Extremely affordable sophisticated battery powered ip camera system
  • Cons
  • Two-way audio communication capability requires subscription
  • No facial recognition software

4. Reolink Argus 2 - Best Night Vision

Product Highlights

The best battery powered camera system with night vision goes to the Reolink Argus 2. The device contains leading image sensing technology along with two modes of night vision. The two-night vision modes are color night vision as well as black and white night vision.

This excellent wireless surveillance system has Wi-Fi capability, which allows for live streaming. Additionally, the device is powered by rechargeable batteries. Therefore, this sophisticated device is entirely wireless and never needs to be plugged in to charge.

If you’re a person who hates wires and the mess they cause, the Reolink Argus 2 may be the system for you.

Furthermore, this battery-powered camera system is capable of using eco-friendly and cost-efficient solar energy, providing you with endless amounts of energy and power.

The Reolink device features ‘starlight’ night vision, which is one of the most advanced systems of its kind in the surveillance industry. This system produces better images when there is no light compared to when there is light. It’s a nocturnal camera!

This battery powered camera system is a dynamic, excellent surveillance platform. It could’ve likely made a running at a number of the “best of” awards. However, the night vision capabilities are second to none, and therefore, it is the “best night vision” wireless operated system.


  • Highly advanced night vision, arguably the best in the surveillance camera industry
  • Rechargeable batteries that are capable of using solar power
  • ‘Starlight’ night vision technology
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Motion detection capabilities
  • Pros
  • Incredible, HD night vision
  • Rechargeable batteries capable of using solar energy
  • Durable and easy to maneuver
  • Advanced motion detection technology
  • Cons
  • Large, non-discrete physical dimensions
  • Consumer reports indicate that the device can be difficult to set-up

5. Ring Spotlight Camera - Most Versatile System

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery HD Security Camera with Built Two-Way Talk and a Siren Alarm, Works with...
  • Connect your Ring camera with Alexa then enable...
  • Lets you see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone,...
  • Powered by the quick-release rechargeable battery pack.
  • With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately),...
  • Monitors your home in 1080HD video with infrared night...

Product Highlights

The Ring Spotlight Cam has earned the honor of being named the “most versatile” battery operated surveillance system due to its multi-functionality and plethora of features. This battery powered security camera can be trusted to protect the exterior or interior of your home.

A significant component of the device’s versatility is its ability to be installed in almost any location.

The Ring Spotlight is a wireless security camera and doesn’t need to be installed close to any power sources, which grants the owner more freedom during installation.

The device is powered by rechargeable batteries, which can be charged electrically or via solar energy.

This battery powered security system provides a unique feature that not many others in this category possess. It has an incredibly strong spotlight system that is designed to shine a powerful light at any intruder.

Two-way communication technology allows users to communicate with guests or intruders even when they’re not-at-home. Additionally, this wireless battery operated outdoor security camera is compatible with a smartphone application and has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Further demonstrating the battery powered security camera with smartphone apps versatility are the motion sensing capabilities, night vision, sirens, lights, and lifetime theft protection.

There isn’t a feature that the Ring Spotlight is missing, which is why it has been named the “most versatile” battery powered security system.


  • Spotlight intruder deterrent feature
  • Completely wireless and capable of being installed in almost any location
  • Two-way communication, Wi-Fi compatable, and smartphone app connectivity
  • Variety of intruder deterrent features
  • Lifetime theft protection warranty
  • Pros
  • Dynamic installation capability
  • Fully rechargeable batteries
  • Smartphone connectivity and two-way communication
  • Provides unique spotlight feature
  • Lifetime theft warranty
  • Cons
  • Customer reviews state that the battery life can be short. However, it is fully rechargeable.

6. Hive View Battery Operated Camera - Most Stylish Battery Powered Security System

Hive View Security Camera, Wireless Indoor Smart Home Security Camera, Wifi Enabled, White/Champagne...
  • You will receive (1) Wi-Fi Home Security Camera, Indoor,...
  • Peace of mind while you're away: Starts recording in 1080p...
  • Two-way audio great for telling a pet to behave or to say...
  • Easy to move: Wireless, light and portable, with 1 hour...
  • Works with Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT

Product Highlights

The Hive View shouldn’t be used for households that want a proper surveillance camera aimed at detecting intruders. However, this battery operated surveillance system has a visually stunning design and will look great anywhere inside your home. The device is excellent for monitoring pets or young children.

Although Hive View may not be the most effective intruder deterrent, it does have plenty of useful features. The monthly subscription that is required to utilise a majority of technological features is very affordable.

Additionally, it does have Wi-Fi connectivity, and it is compatible with a smartphone application.

The Hive is a trusted brand in the home surveillance industry, and experts tend to agree that the company’s products get better with age. Although one critique of the Hive View is that the device doesn’t have as many features as similarly priced surveillance systems, it is efficient and reliable.

The actual camera systems sit on top of either a basic mount or wall mount, which is incredibly easy to set-up and use. Furthermore, the easy-to-move nature of the battery powered security camera with smartphone app can be useful with monitoring babies while they are sleep.

Finally, the Hive View provides outstanding image quality, measuring at 1080p. This battery powered security system’s sleek, aesthetically-pleasing appearance gets it on the list with the rest of the best surveillance systems.

It remains on the list because of its simple, yet reliable functionality. All of these factors combined contributed to the Hive View being named the “most stylish” battery powered surveillance system in our review.


  • Simple installation and use
  • Image quality in 1080p HD
  • Two-way communication capable, and connectivity with smartphone app
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Privacy mode allows users to only monitor when they want to see
  • Beautiful, visually-appealing design and dimensions
  • Pros
  • Beautiful, visually-appealing design
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Subscription prices are less expensive than similarly priced battery powered security systems
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Cons
  • Reports that the device isn’t very durable, can be damaged easier than similarly priced surveillance systems
  • Wireless option is limited

7. NETATMO WELCOME - SMART INDOOR SECURITY CAMERA - Best Facial Recognition in a Battery Powered Security Camera

Netatmo Smart Indoor Security Camera NSC01-US | Wireless Smart Security Camera | Security Without...
  • Receive instant notifications on your smartphone in the...
  • Precise and customized alerts: Strangers, family members,...
  • No subscription fee: Access all the features, updates and...
  • Constant monitoring: Stream or watch live HD images captured...
  • Compatible: Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Apple Homekit...

Product Highlights

The Netatmo Welcome was released several years ago and was far ahead of the curve after it’s release. Many years later, this battery powered security camera is still viable and relevant in the surveillance industry. Like most similarly priced surveillance devices, this camera has Wi-Fi connectivity as one of its most essential features.

Unlike most similar surveillance cameras, the Netatmo Welcome doesn’t stop at detecting that a person or intruder has entered an area. It will attempt to identify the person’s face, which is a unique feature among battery operated surveillance cameras.

If the camera doesn’t recognize the face that enters the room, it will alert the household to an “unknown face”. If the person isn’t an intruder, you can tell the surveillance device the identity of the person, and it will commit that face to its memory.

The technology is quite spectacular, especially when you consider that this device has been released for years and hasn’t been copied.

The image quality of the camera is excellent, recording at 1080p, which is perfectly suitable for detecting faces. Additionally, the Netatmo allows users to fine-tune their settings for individual people. For example, you can set the device to recognize one person’s face but not detect another’s.

One of the most desirable traits of this battery powered security camera is that there is no required monthly subscription. Everything that needs to be recorded can be saved locally on an SD card.

This process saves owners of the device a significant amount of money over time because nearly every other model of surveillance camera requires a monthly subscription.


  • Effectively detects intruders using highly advanced facial recognition software
  • No monthly subscription required, data is stored locally on SD card
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Alerts and alarms
  • Several years old, yet technology remains relevant
  • Pros
  • Outstanding facial recognition software
  • Capable of storing files locally
  • No monthly subscription required
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Cons
  • Customer reviews reveal that the physical design isn’t appealing to everyone
  • Not suitable for outdoor use

8. LOGI CIRCLE 2 - Best Wireless Security Camera for Indoor Use

Logitech Circle 2 Indoor/Outdoor Wired Home Security Camera Works with Alexa, HomeKit and Google,...
  • CIRCLE 2 WIRED is an easy to install, Wi-Fi connected home...
  • DON’T JUST TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT, we’re Wirecutter's...
  • FREE 24-HOUR SECURE CLOUD STORAGE - Stores motion based...

Product Highlights

The Logi Circle 2 could be what battery-powered security cameras look like in the future. The device has several entertaining or fun features that users seem to enjoy.

For example, the wireless battery operated surveillance system prepares a daily “day brief”, which is a video that shows a quick version of everything the camera caught that day.

Additionally, the Logi Circle features two-way communication, quick actions after remote directions, interactive zooming, and a fully-adjustable degree of view. The battery-powered security camera with a smartphone app is clean and efficient, which matches the design and development of the device.

Unfortunately, there are some downsides to the Logi Circle 2 battery powered surveillance camera.

For one, users only get twenty-four hours of cloud storage for free. After the free twenty-four hours, prices are similar to other similarly priced security system subscriptions.

The device does come equipped with a fully rechargeable battery. Therefore, if you choose to purchase the Logi Circle, buy a rechargeable battery base along with it. Once you have the battery base, you’ll be able to move the weatherproof device anywhere within the range of the Wi-Fi.

Similar to the Hive View, the Logi Circle 2 may be lacking some vital security features, but that’s why you’re reading this best battery powered security camera review.

Don’t invest in the Logi Circle 2 for its security purposes, invest in it for its advanced technology and fun user features.

This model is likely better suited for monitoring pets or children than providing security to your home.


  • Simple to install and easy to use
  • High-speed Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Free twenty-four hour cloud storage
  • Two-way communication features and video monitoring
  • Daily time-lapse day brief
  • Pros
  • Visually-appealing design and modern dimensions
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Inexpensive subscription to the smartphone application
  • Several unique features
  • Cons
  • No weatherproofing
  • Despite lacking security features, the price is still high

9. BLINK XT HOME SECURITY CAMERA SYSTEM -  Best Motorized Security Camera to Use without a Subscription

Blink XT Home Security Camera System - 1 Camera Kit - 1st Gen
  • MOTION DETECTOR: Built-in motion sensor alarm, when motion...
  • BATTERY POWERED SECURITY SYSTEM: Wireless home camera with...
  • FREE CLOUD STORAGE: Totally wire-free, with no monthly fees...

Product Highlight

If you don’t trust or don’t want to rely on your home’s electricity to supply power to your security system, the Blink XT Home Security Camera System may be for you. The Blink XT device is entirely wireless, and it runs on two lithium AA batteries.

The battery power is meant to last for approximately two years before needing to be replaced.

The Blink XT battery operated surveillance camera has sophisticated motion detection technology. For example, when the camera detects motion, enabled with Wi-Fi, the device will send a notification to the owner’s smartphone and a short video clip.

One of the most desirable features of the Blink XT is that it comes with a free data storage hub. Users don’t need to have any concerns about data security, and there is no subscription fee. Additionally, the Blink XT is a waterproof device that can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Blink XT battery powered security camera may not have every single feature available to surveillance technology. However, the features that it does have are done to perfection.


  • Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Highly effective motion detection technology
  • Long-lasting batteries that should only need to be changed once every two years
  • Free cloud storage and no subscription fees
  • Pros
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Advanced motion detection technology
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • HD video capabilities
  • Free cloud storage and no subscription fees
  • Cons
  • Customer reports indicate that some of the ‘syncing’ technology that is used with Wi-Fi can be problematic


Our least recommended battery powered security system

Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with 8 Meter Night Vision and 3.6mm Lens...
  • Pan & Tilt Wireless Ip Camera
  • 480tvl Resolution
  • 26ft Night Vision
  • 2.8mm Lens With 60deg , Wide-angle Viewing
  • 2-way Audio

Product Highlights

The Foscam FI9818W is not a recommended home security system or visually appealing surveillance device. We are not going to suggest that people purchase this product because there are only so many superior products.

Granted, you will be able to purchase the Foscam for a very inexpensive price. However, when you’re shopping for your home and family’s security, do you want to choose the cheapest option? The option that consistently gets negative reviews when customers discuss the product online.

It’s understandable to consider the price when you’re shopping for a battery powered security system, but you shouldn’t go straight for the cheapest option.

A review of customer reviews revealed that a significant number of people who have experience with the Foscam product reported that the wireless and Wi-Fi on this device is incredibly unreliable.

Customers indicated that it was much more favorable to plug the device in with an ethernet cord than attempt to use the wireless connection.

Other customers claim that Foscam is practising false advertising, or at the very least, misleading advertising. The packaging that the Foscam device is delivered in shows several high definition images.

Multiple customers stated that they didn’t believe the Foscam battery powered surveillance camera could produce an image that resembles anything like the images on the packaging box.

After reviewing a significant number of customer reviews, it seems that Foscam has either purposely misled customers on the abilities of the device or they merely failed during the production phase of the manufacturing process. Either way, we cannot endorse this product, and we do not recommend that our readers purchase this Foscam product.

Therefore, it has been named the “least recommended” battery operated surveillance camera of 2019.


  • Night vision capabilities
  • Wide-angle lense
  • Two-way communication capability
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Pros
  • Very inexpensive, affordable price
  • Customer reviews report that the device can detect motion effectively
  • Cons
  • Wi-Fi connections are unreliable and inconsistent
  • Questionable image quality
  • Malfunctioning software equipment
  • Thirty-day return policy despite poor reviews isn’t fair to customers
  • No warranty or guarantee from Foscam

Buying Guide

There are several factors that you should consider when shopping for a new battery-powered security system. These factors can be divided into three main groups, which are:

  • Installation Concerns
  • Camera Specifications and Features
  • Additional Features

There are numerous sub-factors within these main groups that you should consider. Some factors will be more critical than others depending on your situation.

Therefore, if you’re shopping for a battery operated surveillance system, you should consider the features of the system that are vital to you personally because there aren’t many systems that contain all of the most desired characteristics.

Let’s look further into a few of the more popular features that customers want to have in their automated surveillance system.

1. Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing is an incredibly important feature for an automated surveillance system, especially when the device is going to be used primarily outdoors.

It would be best if you also thought about the area in which you live and the weather patterns when you’re selecting your new battery powered security camera system.

The main question that a new wireless surveillance system customer should be asking in regards to weatherproofing is:

  • Will the device maintain integrity through high levels of heat, cold, ice, dust, or any other weather that it may need to endure?

2. Ease of Installation

There are plenty of people who want to purchase a battery powered surveillance system but aren’t the most technologically savvy. These customers want a device that is simple to install and use. Even the most complex, multifaceted security camera systems make their devices simple and easy to install because they’re in touch with their customers wants and needs.

When shopping for an automated security system, there are two questions that you can ask to get to the bottom of the device’s ease of installation.

  • Is the installation of this device something that a DIY individual could handle with some basic tools?
  • Alternatively, will require professional installation and the additional cost that comes with it?

3. Image Quality

Inexpensive cameras are often synonymous with poor quality of images. However, that doesn’t mean that all cheap cameras have poor image quality.

Experienced and smart shoppers should be able to look around find battery powered security systems that record images in 720p or 1080p. Additionally, sharp image quality cameras will have wide viewing angles of one-hundred degree or higher. Concerning high-end cameras, the image quality shouldn’t be questioned, and 1080p is the standard.

Therefore, the questions you should be asking when considering image quality are:

  • What is the specific strength and quality of the images that this camera will produce?
  • How wide is the viewing angle of the camera?

4. Two-Way Communication

Two-way communication capability is the standard among most high-end battery powered security systems. From reviewing hundreds of consumer reviews, a two-way communication feature is one of the most desirable traits in a surveillance system.

Two-way communication features allow the surveillance device to complete two jobs at once. The feature will let the owner of the security system see the visitor and speak to them. The question that you should ask regarding two-way communication is obvious, yet necessary:

  • Does this device have a two-way communication feature?
  • Is two-way communication simple to use and understand?

5. Smartphone Integration

After reviewing all of the factors that should be considered when shopping for a wireless or cellular security camera system, smartphone integration capability may be the most desirable trait.

People are connected to their smartphones twenty-four hours per day in this day and age; the owner of a wireless surveillance system wouldn’t be any different.

Controlling your device from your smartphone makes controlling the device convenient and straightforward.

  • Specifically, smartphone integration will allow you to visit the video feed from your smartphone. A device with strong smartphone integration should enable you to control other features as well, such as turn lights on or off, as well as alarms, turn off triggered alarm systems, and much more. Additionally, this smartphone integration will commonly require a subscription and an additional fee.

Here are some questions that you should ask regarding smartphone integration.

  • Is this device capable of smartphone integration?
  • Will it work with all smartphone brands?
  • What features of the security camera system will I be able to control with my smartphone?
  • Is a subscription required to integrate my device with my smartphone?
  • How much does the subscription cost and how often is it charged?
  • Is the system set up as a PTZ outdoor camera you can move to pan, tilt and zoom?


We’ve already covered a few questions that prospective buyers of a new battery-powered camera system should ask before they purchase. There are so many more questions that should be thought about depending on your situation. However, let’s go over a few more of the most commonly asked questions.

1 - What unique traits are available for this battery powered security camera system?

Home security surveillance systems have continued to advance with technology. Today, there are a vast amount of features that can be included with battery powered security camera systems, including even peep-hole security cameras.

Here are some of the most common features.

  • WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Capability to connect with smartphone or tablet devices
  • Capability of identifying an intruder
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Low profile or small design dimensions meant to be disguised within interior or exterior of the house.

2 - Will my pet trigger the motion detector?

The short answer to this question is, it depends. The most common motion detection devices will trigger from an intruder or your family pet.

Recently, there has been a wave of development for pet-immune motion detection systems. These systems use complex computer algorithms to determine if motion is being created by a pet or an intruder.

Weight is also a significant factor in pet-friendly motion detection systems. If you’re concerned about your pet triggering your home security system, be sure to inquire any pet-friendly components before purchasing.

3 - What are the automated aspects of a battery operated home surveillance system?

Home surveillance systems have developed significantly over the past few years. More and more features of these systems are now automated.

Here are a few of the most common automated features of a battery operated home surveillance system:

  • Doorbells - You will get an alert when someone pushes the doorbell or approaches the door depending on the specific security system. Some automated doorbell systems will also feature high-quality video, motion detection, and two-way communication.
  • Locks - With an automated door locking feature, you won’t need to use house keys ever again. Advanced locks existing these days, including fingerprint locks. The most sophisticated automated locking systems allow users to lock and unlock doors with their smartphones.
  • Cameras - Automatic camera systems have WiFi connectivity, which allows users to watch and control their surveillance cameras from a smartphone or tablet. Additionally, these cameras will automatically detect motion.
  • Lights - Automated surveillance systems have the ability to turn on, dim, turn up, or turn off lights based on motion in the home. Additionally, users can control the lights in their home with a smartphone or tablet.
  • Smoke Alarms - Fire protection is one of the most important components of a home security system. Automated smoke alarms are capable of not only detecting the presence of smoke, but can determine the exact location of the smoke or fire.

4 - Which one is a better, a hard-wired or wireless automated surveillance system?

The answer to this question is dependent upon a number of factors. Homes that don’t come with pre-installed security systems  can have a wireless systems easily installed.

The one glaring weakness of wireless surveillance systems is their reliability. For example, if the WiFi connection in your home is obstructed, then the security system will not function properly. Even the best wireless driveway alarm won't do it's job under these conditions.

Hardwired security surveillance systems are usually installed during the construction of a home.

They are much more challenging and expensive to install after a home has been completed.

However, hardwired systems are more reliable than their wireless counterparts because they don’t heavily rely on WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.

5 - I’m interested in buying a wireless security system, will it fail if my home or neighborhood suffers a power failure?

This depends on the power source that the wireless security system relies upon. Traditional wireless surveillance systems are powered through phone lines. In the event of a power outage with this type of system, your security system will remain operational.

These systems can usually run on a backup power supply for a certain amount of time while the power is out.

Surveillance systems that are primarily powered with the internet or WiFi are the most vulnerable to power outages.

With these systems, if the power in the neighborhood goes out, it will usually include internet connections. In that case, your surveillance system will not be operational during the power outage.

6 - I’m sure that false alarms are relatively common, what is the procedure if a false alarm occurs?

False alarms are very common with home security surveillance systems. Home security companies continually strive to reduce the frequency of false alarms.

In the event that a false alarm does occur, the procedure is simple. You will simply need to contact your home surveillance system provider, and allow them to verify that the alarm signal is “false”. Taking steps to prevent false alarms from occurring is the best way to avoid this problem.

7 - Can I install my indoor camera on the window so that it’s looking outside?

Yes, you can install an indoor camera on a window pointed outside. However, it may be as effective as you planned for it to be. The most common problem with installing a camera facing outside of a window is reduced image quality.


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with investing in a home wireless camera system, especially when you have valuable items in your home. Additionally, it may be even more critical if you have children, pets, elderly individuals, or other dependent living things at your house.

That being said, you should always research the rules and regulations regarding the installation of a security system at your home. For example, the United States has specific laws related to who can install security systems and how they’re allowed to do it.

Here's an article describing some laws related to the installation of automated home surveillance systems.

Shopping for a battery powered security camera system can be a complex and stressful process.

There is no one-size-fits-all guide to selecting the best-automated security system for you because everyone’s needs are going to be different depending on their living situation.

For example, if you live in an urban area, you will probably have different security needs than another individual who lives in a more rural area.

Once you’ve decided that you’re going to purchase an automated surveillance system, spend time considering your situation. Think about the things that are most important to you regarding your security system.

  • Is it essential that your system comes with smartphone integration?
  • Do you strongly desire a security system with excellent image quality?
  • Are you uncomfortable with assembling technological devices and want a system that is simple to install?

Those are three examples of questions that you’ll want to consider when shopping for a new home surveillance system, but there are a lot more than that.

To close out our Battery Powered Security Camera review article, here is a helpful video that will further describe how to find the right home surveillance system for you.

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