Air rifles are commonly used for target practice, field target shooting or hunting small game. These are different pneumatic guns that can shoot with pellets, BB’s, or both. Air rifles can also be used for pest control. For some users, air rifles become their first guns.
There is no surprise that they are widely popular among the shooters. Today I’ve prepared some tips for you on how to pick the right air rifle. And I’ve also made a list of the top choices on the market for a reasonable price.

Depending on your shooting experience, budget and assumable usage, you might be interested in different items. Now let’s start with what you need to know before making a choice.

BB’s or Pellets

The choice between BBs and pellets depends on your purpose. If you are interested in hunting small game, BB’s are what you are looking for. They are commonly used for hunting rabbits or squirrels because of the required energy to hit the target.

A plastic pellet is lighter than BB and doesn’t provide the required energy. And, due to its light weight, it can be affected by the weather conditions like wind. On the other hand, it makes pellets much safer for target practice and field target shooting.

Power & Velocity

If you are looking for an air rifle precisely for target practice orshooting competition, you might be interested in a consistent velocity of BB/pellet. It is measured in FPS. The power of a rifle depends on the muzzle velocity and how fast the BB/pellet is being propelled.

The heavier the BB is, the more impact on the gun power it has. The weight influences accuracy and velocity of the air rifle. Please keep in mind that the more powered rifles are, the higher their price is. The power of the rifle also influences how loud and hard to cock the rifle is.


If you are shooting long range, you might want to pay attention to the scopes and sights of an air rifle. They help to aim the target, especially on a long distance.

Comfort & Safety

Other important features of any air rifle include noise suppressing systems, recoil reduction technologies and all-weather stocks. They provide comfort and safety for a shooter.

1. Bear River TPR 1200 Hunting Air Rifle .177 Pellet Ammo Scope Included

Bear River TPR 1200 Pellet Gun - Air Rifle for Hunting, Scope Included - .177 Caliber Pellets, 1200...
  • 18" rifled steel barrel; pull barrel down to cock and shoot!
  • 4x32 adjustable scope for pinpoint accuracy
  • 1200 FPS velocity (with premium .177 Cal pellets)
  • Spring piston powered for consistent speed
  • Two scope mounts and lens cover included

One of the best air rifles under 150$ is Bear River TPR 1200 Hunting Air Rifle. It is perfect for target shooting or hunting small game, because it provides the necessary power for it.

It is a high-powered gun with the .177 caliber pellets. The velocity of this item is up to 1,350 FPS.
The rifled steel barrel gives you the opportunity of an accurate target acquisition. The included scope is 4x32 mm, and it is adjustable for Fiber Optic Sights.

It helps the accuracy of a shot and makes it easy to sight in.

The Spring Piston Technology provides high consistency and power of every shot. This air rifle includes a 6” picatinny rail, so you can choose additional scope or other accessories.

This air rifle is well-constructed and covered with high-quality camouflage, so you won’t give away your position during hunting. It is a sturdy, cool, solid-built and easy to use break barrel pallet rifle.

Bear River TPR 1200 Hunting Air Rifle is a spring piston rifle with a pull-down barrel, which is easy to cock. You should be aware of the fact that this power and accuracy make it a serious weapon that is not a toy at all.

One of the advantages of this rifle is a noise suppression system. This system reduces the noises and makes it pretty quiet in use. It is reportedly a bit on a heavy side, but it comes with the solid construction.

  • Pros
  • Excellent build quality
  • Rifled Barrel
  • Great Iron Sights
  • Highly powered
  • Noise suppressing system
  • Easy cocking
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Camouflage
  • Accuracy
  • Picatinny rail
  • Cons
  • A bit heavy

2. Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle
  • Powered by patented Nitro Piston technology
  • All weather, synthetic stock
  • CenterPoint 4x32mm riflescope
  • Rifled steel barrel
  • Adjustable, two stage trigger

Crosman CFRNP17SX Fire Nitro Piston Air Rifle is powered by patented Nitro Piston technology, which provides extreme practicality and liability of this item.

This rifle is solid, well-constructed and includes CenterPoint 4x32 mm riflescope. That’s why it is precisely good for target shooting and hunting small game. This rifle is easy in use and helps to acquire the target with the highest accuracy.

Solid construction, durability and reliability are ensured by the rifled steel barrel.

The trigger is adjustable and has two stages. You can smoothly pull it for the maximum comfort while shooting. The Nitro Piston powers the rifle up and provides the velocity up to 1200 FPS.

Another advantage of this item is the synthetic, all-weather material, which it is made from. It allows you to practice your target shooting any time despite the weather conditions. It is also very important for hunting small game, because you will not depend on the weather.

You will be glad to know that this item has ambidextrous safety, so both right-handed and left-handed shooters can easily use it. And both of them will be perfectly safe. This rifle is very accurate and ergonomic due to its well-thought design, which makes it one of the best air rifles under 150$.

  • Pros
  • Nitro Piston technology
  • Two stages adjustable trigger
  • High quality all-weather material
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Highly powered
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
  • Scope could be better

3. Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal

Gamo 6110017154 Varmint Air Rifle .177 Cal , Black
  • .177 Cal pellet single cocking break barrel
  • The Varmint features a long lasting spring piston able to...
  • Fluted polymer jacketed rifled steel barrel. Grooved...
  • 4 x 32 Shockproof Scope. Gamo trigger with adjustable second...
  • Noise dampening: None

Varmint Air Rifle is a .177-caliber pellet rifle produced form high quality materials. It is a single cocking break barrel rifle which makes it very practical, reliable and accurate. You will be glad to know that this rifle is also lightweight. That’s why it is especially good for hunting small game, target practice and pest control.

The recoil of this rifle is moderate and won’t influence your shooting. That’s why it is one of the best air rifles under 100$.

The spring piston technology provides you with velocity up to 1250 FPS with Gamo PBA Platinum pellets.
The barrel of this item is made from polymer jacketed rifled steel.

The rifle also includes a 4x32 mm shockproof Scope for maximum accuracy in target acquisition. It allows you to acquire small targets with ease and comfort. The parallax is set to an air rifle range to provide easy sighting in.

The Gamo trigger is very smooth in action and has an adjustable second stage. The Varmint Air Rifle has a synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock with a rubber recoil pad.

This molded synthetic stock comes with slip resistant texturing on the pistol grip and forearm. It is necessary for anyone who wants to be ready for any kind of weather conditions. It is a great advantage, as it makes the rifle suitable for both left-handed and right-handed shooters.

The rubber recoil pad keeps the butt stock firmly on the shoulder, reduces recoil and makes this item precisely safe in use. The recoil won’t affect your target aiming.

Varmint Air Rifle also has an automatic manual safety. If you are still not convinced than you should know about green manufacturing facility.

The manufacturer of this air rifle, Gamo, recycles and reclaims 96% of the used water. They also emit no debris from their production. All the sawdust and waste go to the wood pellets production.

  • Pros
  • High-quality material
  • Single cocking rifled steel barrel
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Ambidextrous safety
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Automatic manual safety
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Synthetic all-weather stock
  • Lightweight
  • Green Manufacturing Facility
  • Cons
  • Scope doesn’t hold zero

4. 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch

Daisy 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit, Dark Brown/Black, 37.6 Inch/.177 Caliber
  • 880 air rifle kit includes safety glasses, 4x15-millimeter...
  • Multi-pump pneumatic rifle .177 Cal BB or pellet
  • Wood-grained Monte Carlo stock and forearm
  • Shoots BBs 750 feet per second; shoots pellets 715 feet per...
  • 50 shot BB capacity

If you are looking for a solid air rifle that shoots equally good with BB’s and pellets, then 880 Powerline Air Rifle Kit is what you want. It is a multi-pump pneumatic rifle that shoots BB’s up to 750 FPS and pellets up to 715 FPS. It is one of the best air rifle under 150$.

This Air Rifle Kit includes such accessories as safety glasses, 4x15 mm scope with rings, 500 Daisy pallets and 750 BB’s. So you get all what you need with this kit for a reasonable price. As soon as it arrives on your porch, you a ready for target practice and hunting small game.

This rifle is well-constructed, it combines practicality and stability. It is not loud at all, so you don’t have to worry about sound barrier.
The included scope provides the most advantageous target aiming capabilities. This rifle is one of the best guns not only for beginners, but also for the experienced users.

  • Pros
  • BB’s/pellets
  • Highly powered
  • Easy to use
  • Not loud
  • Comfortable
  • Safety glasses
  • Goes with BB’s and pellets
  • Cons
  • Plastic parts are reportedly not very durable

5. Umarex 3-9X32 Scope Ruger Targis Hunter .22 Air Gun Combo, Black

Umarex Ruger Targis Hunter Max Pellet Gun Air Rifle with Scope, .22 Caliber and 3-9x32mm Scope,...
  • Designed with the outdoorsman in mind and was made for...
  • Stock features checkered rubber inserts for a sure grip in...
  • Features the Umarex exclusive integral Nucleus Rail Platform...
  • The 5-chamber SilencAir sound dampener is permanently...
  • Features a TNT (Turbo Nitrogen Technology) power system

The next choice on my list is Umarex 3-9X32 Scope Ruger Targis Hunter .22 Air Gun Combo. It is a well- designed spring piston break-barrel rifle. The single-shot cocking mechanism makes it really easy to use and fast to cock.

It is very accurate and good for aiming because of the adjustable fiber optic rear sight and fixed fiber optic front sight. This rifle is perfect for target practice due to its target acquisition abilities.

Among other advantages of this item I should also name 4x32 mm scope with mounts and automatic safety.
It is a highly-powered pellet rifle. It shoots up to 1000 FPS.

The silence air noise dampening technology makes it pretty quiet. This silence system is not removable. The muzzle noise is reduced with five chambers.

The rifle has a smooth two-stage adjustable trigger for the best target acquisition.
At the same time, all-weather stock allows you to practice shooting or hunting small game despite the weather conditions and increases the item’s practicality.

  • Pros
  • Highly powered
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Air noise dampening system
  • All-weather stock
  • Single-shot cocking mechanism
  • Accurate
  • Automatic safety
  • Cons
  • The barrel might warp

6. Daisy MFG Poweline 35 Air Rifle

Daisy Powerline Model 35 Multi-Pump Pneumatic BB/Pellet Gun
  • 625 feet per second at full charge (10 pumps)
  • Features a classy stock and forearm
  • Blade and ramp front sight with an adjustable rear sight
  • Shoots both BBs and .177 caliber pellets
  • Will hold 50 BBs in the reservoir, but shoots single pellets

Daisy MFG Poweline 35 Air Rifle is a multi-pump highly powered pneumatic gun. It is well-constructed and solid. The great advantage is that it shoots BB’s and pellets. The dual ammo capability makes this gun suitable for hunting small game and target practice.

The steel smooth bore barrel provides high accuracy and reliability of the rifle. It is a multi-pump pneumatic action rifle. The adjustable rear sights are included for the additional target acquisition ability.

The maximum velocity of this rifle is up to 625 FPS. The capacity is 50 BBs shot or single shot pellet.
The rifle is molded with checkering on stock.

You can also put an additional scope on this rifle due to dovetail mount. The length of the Daisy MFG Poweline Air Rifle is 34.5 inches from end of the stock to the barrel tip. This length makes it extremely comfortable and easy to use. It is also easy to pump. This air rifle is very quiet and has extremely small recoil effect.

  • Pros
  • BB/pellet
  • Durable & solid
  • Very quiet
  • High accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable rear sights
  • Checkering on stock
  • Cons
  • A trigger is reportedly hard to pull

7. Raptor Whisper Air Rifle

Gamo 6110067954 Raptor Whisper Air Rifle .177 Cal
  • .177 Cal pellet single cocking break barrel, 1300 fps with...
  • The IGT (Inert Gas Technology) is a gas piston that replaces...
  • This air rifle also features the well known WHISPER noise...
  • 4 x 32 Shockproof Scope. It has a synthetic ambidextrous...
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Made In Spain. Manufacturer item#...

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle is a gas-powered solid rifle made from high quality materials. The Inert Gas Technology replaces gas piston with a spring piston and provides an increased power of the shot.

The maximum velocity of this rifle is up to 1300 FPS in .177 calibers and up to 975 FPS in .22 calibers. This technology also reduces vibration and provides constant and smooth cocking effort.

As you can see, this air rifle comes with two caliber possibilities – .177 or .22 Cal pellet.
The word “whisper” in the name of this rifle stands for the Whisper noise suppressing technology. It is patented by Gamo technology that makes this rifle extremely quiet.

The trigger provides a smooth action pull for the maximum target acquisition capabilities. It was designed precisely for pest control, hunting and target practice.

Raptor Whisper Air Rifle includes 4x32 mm shockproof scope providing an easy sighting in.

It also goes with the synthetic ambidextrous all-weather stock. Now you are ready for action despite the weather conditions. It features the Shock Wave Absorber technology – a recoil reduction pad with rubber inserts – to absorb the recoil.

This item is lightweight because of a polymer jacketed rifled barrel. It weighs 5.64lb, so you can easily carry it with you on your hunting trips. I can proudly name this item one of the best air rifles under 300$.

  • Pros
  • Inert Gas Technology
  • Two caliber options
  • High accuracy
  • Highly powered
  • Whisper noise reduction technology
  • Smooth action pull trigger
  • All-weather stock
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
  • Scope occasionally losses settings

8. Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle

Benjamin BW8M22NP Titan NP Wood Stock Nitro Piston Hunting Air Rifle with 4x32 Scope (.22-Caliber)
  • Ambidextrous hardwood Stock with comfortable thumbhole
  • Two stage adjustable trigger
  • Ventilated rubber recoil pad

Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle is also available in two caliber options – in .177 and .22. It is a wisely constructed rifle with the high accuracy in target acquisition.

It features ambidextrous hardwood stock with comfortable thumbhole for the maximum comfort during shooting. Nitro Piston technology provides smoother cocking and eliminates spring torque.

The trigger of the rifle is adjustable and has two stages for smooth pull action. The gas piston reduces the vibration. It is a reliable solid rifle suitable for different purposes.

It comes with the 4x32 mm CenterPoint Scope for an easy target acquisition. And you will be glad to find out that this item is not loud at all!

  • Pros
  • Gas-powered
  • Two caliber options
  • High accuracy
  • Highly powered
  • Not loud
  • Smooth action pull trigger
  • Vibration reduction
  • Lightweight
  • Two stages adjustable trigger
  • Cons
  • Scope ring are not tight enough

9. Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle, Spring-Piston
  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity: 1200 feet per second with PBA
  • Skeleton stock
  • Scope: 4x32 air rifle scope with rings
  • One year limited warranty

Another rifle provided by Gamo is Whisper Silent Cat Air Rifle. It is a solid and highly powered rifle with the maximum velocity up to 1000 FPS with standard lead and up to 1200 FPS with PBA.

Another advantage of this item is the inbuilt noise dampener that reduces the noise up to 52 %. This patented Gamo technology makes the rifle really quiet.

The rifle includes 4x32 mm scope with rings. It is important for target acquisition on the long range.
The rifle features smooth action pull trigger for shooter’s maximum comfort in target acquisition.

  • Pros
  • Noise dampening system
  • Accuracy
  • Highly powered
  • Smooth action pull trigger
  • Lightweight
  • Cons
  • Scope is reportedly not easy for sighting in


I hope that this article was useful and provided you with the necessary information about the best air rifle under 150. When picking an air rifle, you should always base your choice on your purposes. But please remember that quality comes with the price.

If you are looking for a scope to increase the efficiency of your rifle, you might want to check out best scope under 500 review.

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