With the way today’s world can be, you can never be too safe when it comes to providing protection and comfort for you and your loved ones.

One of the best ways to make sure you and your family are safe and sound is to get yourself a handgun.

Handguns are one of the simplest and easiest ways to make sure you and your loved ones feel safe wherever they are.

This article is going to give you a detailed, comprehensive list of the best biometric bedside gun safes around and help you better understand which one is right for you and your loved ones.

But before we break down which bedside gun safe is right for you we need to learn a bit more about some of the factors you’ll want to consider before getting yourself a bedside gun safe.

Our full reviews are down below (just scroll down), but if you can't wait to see our picks here they are at a glance:

Understanding Your Potential Bedside Gun Safe

We all know how important it is not to go into anything blindly. The smartest and most successful among us are often those who are the most prepared.

This article is going to help you identify what’s most important to you when you’re picking out the best bedside gun safe for you and your needs.

With the massive amount of manufacturers and companies in the game, it only makes sense that you’ll have a wealth of different options.

Quick and Easy Access

When it comes to a bedside gun safe, you need to focus on what you consider your happy medium between access and protection.

Some safes are geared more towards safety, giving you top-of-the-line locking mechanisms, super resilient metal exteriors and customizable features that make access to the safe easier or harder, depending on your individual needs.

Other safes focus more on the quick access, however, offering cutting edge biometric fingerprint tech that gives you super fast and immediate access to your weapons when you need them most.

In a life or death situation, that extra few seconds you spend punching in a number combo might be a major factor. When you’re picking out a bedside safe that’s right for you, you’ll need to find your sweet spot.

You don’t want your safe to be too easy to open so that bad guns or young kids could get their hands on it, but you certainly can’t afford to spend a minute putting in number codes and fumbling with clunky dials.

This video covers the importance of finding a safe for your bedroom that can be opened in as little time as possible:

Reliability When You Need It Most

You’ll want to pick a safe that you know you can rely on whenever you need it most. In the event of a break-in or home invasion, you can’t be worrying about whether your door is going to jam or if a hinge is going to stick.

You need to know that safe is going to work exactly how you need it when you need it. That’s reliability in a nutshell.

So when you’re picking up a bedside gun safe, you need to make sure it’s on you can rely on when you really need it most.

Enough Space For Your Model of Gun

It might sound like common sense on paper but guns safes come in all different shapes and sizes to match all different shapes and sizes of handguns.

If you prefer a bigger gun, like a Desert Eagles or certain models of .45 revolvers you’ll need a ton of space for that weapon. If you like a smaller, more compact handgun you’ll need a safe to match.

If your guns are too big or your safe is too small, it defeats the whole purpose to begin with.

I suggest maybe bringing your firearm along with you if you’re shopping in person and make sure you either contact the company to see if your model of gun is compatible with the safe or know your weapons measurements to compare to the safe’s specs online.

Is the Safe Mountable?

If you’re really serious about you and your family’s security and peace of mind, you should consider looking into if the safe you’re looking to purchase is mountable.

A mounted safe is better than even the world’s best nightstand bedside gun safe because once your safe is mounted, it’s not going anywhere.

You can anchor that safe into your wall or the floor, giving you the comfort and security that even if your house gets broken into and robbed your weapons and safe are going nowhere.

Having a safe that’s mountable is a next-level step at securing and locking down the things you hold the most precious for when and if you need them at a moments notice.

If you own your own home and can make big modifications, embedding a hidden gun safe into your wall or floor by your bed is not a bad idea in case you need to take care of anything that bumps in the night.

The Price and Possible Warranty

Because the gun safes on this list are going to run the gamut when it comes to safe prices, that’s a major factor to consider when making your decision about which safe is right for you.

How big or how small your particular budget is will play a key part in your decision on which safe is right for you.

Those with a bit more disposable income can splurge for a safe that might be a bit heavier duty, packed with technological features and have high-tech locking mechanisms.

Those working on more shoestring budgets might need to focus on value for their money, the highest strength they can get and get the most tech you can for what you’re paying.

On top of that, you’ll want to consider if the safe you’re buying comes with a warranty for any damage or malfunctioning parts.

If you’re making an investment into something so important, you’ll want to make sure the company you’re buying from has your back if that safe has any big issues.

Many highest-tech safes come with lifetime warranties, something that would be ideal when you’re picking up a safe.

Our Picks for the Best Bedside Gun Safe

Here are our top choices with a detailed review of each product following.

1. Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Handgun Bedside Safe

If you’re looking for the best bedside gun safe, one with a simple, no-strings-attached design, the Fort Knox FTK is one to consider over many other models.

Instead of opting for other locking mechanisms like a biometric lock, a rotary dial or electronic keypads this safe uses a series of mechanical buttons to give you access to your weapon.

With the button opening device, you can easily open up this safe and retrieve your weapon in about a second and a half.

It’s that quick and simple to unlock this safe, making it one of the simpler ones on this list. In fact, the button system itself is called “simplex,” which I feel speaks pretty loudly about how intuitive it is to use.

That simple design comes in handy in a pinch. Being able to quickly and easily unlock your safe and retrieve your weapon without having to worry about a beeping or reading error on more technology-packed safe could be the difference between a life and death scenario.

If any parts of this simple safe were to act up, no worries! It comes with a lifetime warranty to keep you covered when you need it most.

The safe itself is actually pretty heavy, I’d say about 20 pounds, due to its 3/16 inch solid 10 gauge steel body. This thing is heavy-duty. I’d be willing to be someone could beat this thing with a crowbar and still not able to get in.

To add to its rock-solid design, the folded steel edges make this safe basically pry-proof, making sure the only one with access to your weapon is you.

It’s got plenty of interior room, easily able to hold a full sized Glock 17 and an additional magazine with no trouble at all.

On top of that, this safe comes with four pre-drilled holes in the bottom for easy mounting, making sure you can lock this safe down for when you need it most.

2. Stack-On PDS-500 for Dresser Drawer

Stack-On PDS-500 Drawer Safe with Electronic Lock
  • Perfect size to fit inside of a drawer
  • 2 Live action steel locking bolts and concealed hinges for...
  • Easily programmed electronic lock
  • Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting the safe to the floor/shelf...

The first safe on this list with an electronic lock, the Stack-On is an awesome, compact option to keep your weapons safe. If you’re working on a smaller budget, this safe is probably the right one for you.

Although this is the first electronically locked entry on this list, it’s not much slower than the other entries on this list. Depending on what code you decided on, you could have access to your weapon in a little under 2-3 seconds.

It also features a fingerprint scanner, making this the first biometric bedside gun safe on this list so far. The scanner can handle and store up to 20 different fingerprints, giving your loved ones access to your weapons in case they need them.

The electronic lock is great for privacy and security, implementing a time-out period after three incorrect entries on the keypad.

While this is a battery operated safe, there’s also a back-up key that lets you open it up without having to worry about any of the electronic measures.

That back-up lock is cleverly hidden behind the “Stack-On” logo nameplate on top of the safe. It’s a pretty smart way to keep things hidden.

This one is one of the lighter entries on this list, only weighing in at just about 10 pounds. It’s got plenty of room for big guns like Glocks and a few extra magazines, so there’s no need to worry about if your handgun will fit or not.

This is another safe on the list that comes with pre-drilled holes that make for easy mounting and installation onto whatever you’d like, making sure that this lightweight safe goes nowhere if you don’t want it to.

Made of high-strength steel, this safe is a great option for those who are looking to secure their weapons properly and working on a smaller budget.

3. Vaultek V20i

VAULTEK VS20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable...
  • ALL NEW BLUETOOTH 2.0 A highly interactive experience from...
  • QUICK SECURE ACCESS to your valuables, documents, and...
  • TOUGH AND RUGGED HEAVY-duty 16-gauge carbon steel...
  • COMPACT DESIGN CAN securely hold 1 handgun (or 2 compacts),...

With what might be the highest-tech entry on this list, check out the Vaultek V20i gun safe.

This gun safe is really, really cutting edge in terms of tech packed into one device. You can open this safe via a key, number code, fingerprint or, most uniquely, a Bluetooth connected app.

In case you don’t have access to your keys, time to punch in the number code or ability to scan your finger, you can open up this safe with a super handy smartphone app.

If you’re not comfortable using the app, you can feel free to use the fingerprint scanner to make sure you have quick and easy access when you need it most.

This is one of the smarter entries on this list, giving you a high-tech new toy to store your weapons in. This safe is way more than just a high-tech marvel, however.

This tough and rugged safe is made from heavy-duty 16 gauge carbon steel, equipped with a durable powder coat finish on the exterior that prevents corrosion and makes sure your safe is here for the long haul.

It also features anti-theft features like a special anti-pry design, two hardcore anti-impact latches that refuse to give out for anything and new, specially designed interior brackets that add the next layer of protection on top.

With enough room to hide away any important documents, valuable jewelry and family heirlooms and, of course, your weapons and a few extra magazines of ammunition for safekeeping.

In case you need to open your safe in stealth mode, there’s responsive red lighting that starts when you open the safe, giving you a look at what’s inside your safe even in the darkest situation.

The light is adjustable, letting you turn down the LED light to your preference.

While this is one of the more expensive entries on this list, it’s packed with technology that makes it worth your investment if you’re into cutting edge tech.

4. GunVault QuickVault for Bedside Table

GunVault SV500 - SpeedVault Handgun Safe
  • For handguns
  • Exterior dimensions: 6.5 inch high x 3.5 inch wide x 13 inch...
  • Interior dimensions: 2.75 inch high x 5.75 inch wide x 8.5...
  • Mountable, protective foam liner, audio/LED low battery...
  • California DOJ approved/requires 1 9V battery

This is an entry on the list that hits that sweet spot between value and quality. The GunVault QuickVault is an awesome quality gun safe that does its job for a totally reasonable price point.

This safe is made specifically to be mounted on the underside of your desk, in a home office or study for example.

This safe is lightning quick to open, giving you access to your weapons in about 2 seconds for when you need them most. That draw speed depends on which model you finally decide on in the end.

The locks that come standard on all the models are great and I would be totally comfortable getting into this safe at a moments notice if necessary. You can even put it into a stealth mode the reduces noise and light for any home invaders to see when getting your weapon.

The safe’s thick steel makeup and tight fitting make sure it’s rock-solid secure. Nothing is getting into this safe without punching in the right combo out of a possible 12 million options.

In case of emergency, however, you can open up this safe with the back-up key for even faster and easier access.

When it comes to being easy to mount, this safe if the best on this list. It’s made to mount on the underside of your desk or side of your nightstand, making it one of the best nightstand gun safes on this list.

Certain models even have enough room for a full-sized 1911 style handgun. You can get bigger or smaller options depending on what handgun you’re looking to protect.

If you’re looking for a discreet safe for you to store your firearm in your home office or on your nightstand, this is the gun safe for you.

Check out our GunVault review for more details on this popular safe.

5. First Alert 5200DF Portable Handgun Safe for Bedrooms

First Alert Portable Handgun Safe, Small Multicolor, 5200DF
  • Quick entry with three to eight digit number keypad
  • Constructed of heavy 18 gauge steel
  • Foam padded interior protects contents from scratches or...
  • Durable locking mechanism with spring loaded open closure...
  • Includes steel cable to secure in car trunk and mounting...

There are few companies on this list that have a better reputation when it comes to quality manufacturing and safety than First Alert. The 5200DF is a perfect bedside safe, one of the better nightstand gun safes on this list.

The electronic keypad is specifically made to be easy to see and use in the dark and the safe is designed to spring open once it’s unlocked, giving you quick and simple access to your firearm.

The 3-8 digit key combo is designed for special “no see” entry, giving you super quick and easy access at that keypad.

This safe has plenty of room for one gun, along with an extra clip or two and some spare ammunition.

The foam-padded safe interior makes sure that your guns inside won’t get scratched up and damaged either.

On top of being super secure, the finish on the exterior looks nice. This safe is far from an eyesore if it were left visible.

This safe is tough as nails, with its powder-coated, heavy-duty 18-gauge steel, pry-proof design and added security features like an attached cable for floor or wall mounting ease.

While this safe is super easy to mount to a side table, the wall, the floor or a shelf it’s sitting on, it’s a great option to use as a portable safe. It’s only about 6 pounds, meaning you won’t have any trouble picking this safe up and taking it wherever you go.

Another electronic safe on this list, it runs on two AA batteries.

You’ll want to switch those batteries out pretty often since the safe has no way to notify you when power is low. Also, batteries aren’t included with your purchase to make sure you have some on hand if you’re looking to use this safe right after purchasing it.

A quality, reputable safe for a reasonable price, this is a great safe for those looking for a quality portable option.

6. V-Line Desk Mate Keyless Security Box

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box with Quick Release Mounting Bracket (Black)
  • Keyless High Grade Lock
  • Front opening- great for under a desk or nightstand
  • Dept of Justice Approved, CA Approved handgun storage
  • Mounts under most surfaces with included quick release...
  • 7.5"x11.75" x 4"

The V-Line Desk Mate is the way to go if you’re looking for a safe that opens from the front. That’s a pretty rare design in safe models these days.

That front opening design makes sure that when you mount this safe in tight, small spaces. This safe can certainly fit in places safes that open from the top can’t.

On top of its ability to fit into spaces other safes can’t, the V-Line’s rock-solid welding and pry-proof design make sure whatever you put in that safe is going nowhere.

The U.S. Department of Justice approve this safe, as well as other U.S. law enforcement agencies. If that doesn’t speak to its quality design and security features, I’m not sure what else would.

The V-Line is a great fit for mounting under whatever articles of furniture you have in your house. If you’re looking to take this safe on the go for a more portable option, at just about 10 pounds, you can detach it from the plate with a quick release feature.

Its felt-lined interior storage space is designed to protect your weapons from damage and scratches when you’re on the go.

This safe is another that opens with number combos and a high-grade keyless lock, there are over 1000 different lock combos that a safe owner could go with.

Unlike many of the entries on this list, this safe requires no batteries. That might be a major plus for many.

That means you’ll never need to worry about a battery power failure that could deny you access to your weapons when you need them most. That’s nice peace of mind for many to have.

That feature is even more important if you’re using this as a portable gun safe.

A key issue to consider with this safe is the size. It’s pretty small, so this is a bad pick if you want to store a bigger gun or extra ammo or magazines. If you carry a smaller gun, however, this might be the pick for you.

One of the lower priced safes on this list, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a solid middle ground between value and security for you and your loved ones.

7. SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe, Fingerprint with Interior Light, 1 Handgun Capacity, Firearm Storage...
  • Biometric gun safe provides secure storage for one standard...
  • Pistol safe features a gas strut to instantly and quietly...
  • Handgun safe is constructed with solid steel and a pry...
  • Exterior: 12.1 inch W x 9.9 inch D. x 3.2 inch H; Interior...
  • For optimal performance, SentrySafe recommends the use of...

If you’re looking for a checklist of features you’d want in the best biometric bedside guns safe, the SentrySafe is a great one to consider. This thing has everything.

Super quick access to your weapons with just a quick and easy fingerprint scan? Check.

With just a quick and simple fingerprint scan and a special gas piston design for the door, your safe will pop open fast as soon as you scan that finger.

Those seconds count when you’re dealing with a home invasion situation or looking to protect your loved ones.

Even if the electronic biometric lock fails, which is unlikely, you can use an electronic override lock and an override key to open up your safe. Specially created to keep any intruders and children away from your guns and ammunition? Check.

This safe’s heavy-duty exterior is made from thick, 12-gauge steel and is designed to be pry-resistant by any person.

And as tough as it is on the outside, the interior is gentle. The interior foam is perfect for keeping your weapons safe and scratch free, ensuring protection on the inside and out.

The only real downsides of this safe is that lack of interior light and the lack of ability to mount the safe.

When you open up the safe you’ll need another source of light to be able to see if it’s pitch black.

While the lack of ability to mount the safe might be a problem for some, since the safe only weights about 12 pounds, as long as you hide the safe away it shouldn’t be a problem.

8. Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe

One of the more interesting and unique gun safes on this list, the Hornady safe is a fantastic option for those who prioritize fast access to their weapons and value when it comes to prices.

One of the key features that make the Hornady Security Rapid Gun Safe unique is the innovative access options they offer. Each safe comes with a little card, a bracelet and an override key with a special design chip to give you access.

Without any of those three things, there’s no getting into this safe.

Another incredibly unique feature is a way this safe opens up. It comes equipped with a spring-loaded lid that rises up when opened for access to your pistol.

It makes pulling the gun from the safe super quickly and easily. Instead of having to reach all the way up into the safe, this one gives you easy access when you need it most. It’s just like pulling a gun from the holster.

This safe is pretty heavy, weighing in at nearly 20 pounds, so even if a thief were to find it during a break in they wouldn’t be able to go anywhere fast. This is not the safe you’d want if you’re looking for a small, light, portable gun safe option.

Plus, they won’t be able to pry it open without some heavy-duty, sophisticated tools thanks to its rock-solid 16-gauge steel construction.

An issue for some might be the lack of additional storage room inside of the safe. There’s only room for one gun, so you better make sure it’s loaded and ready to go when you draw it.

Other than the interior space issue, this is a safe that prioritizes quick and easy access to your gun via innovative radio-connected technology. If you like tech, this is the option for you.


This is a comprehensive list of eight of some of the best biometric nightstand gun safes on the market, laid out for you in excruciating detail.

Now you can compare them to your needs, check out the prices of each and everyone and make the right decision for you and your family.

That way, you can make the right choice in grabbing a safe that’s best for your preferences, your weapons, your home and space, and your family.

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