Protection of your property is always important, no matter whether it is your house or the office space. It is advised to have a surveillance system.

But not everyone can afford it because it is quite expensive and requires lots of effort to place and maintain.

Sounds familiar? Don’t be stressed!

There is an option for you – dummy cameras.

Let’s start with a fundamental question. Do fake security cameras work?

The simple answer is – yes, they do.

Please note that dummies aren’t as effective as the real surveillance cameras. But they can definitely provide you with an additional protection. They are a deterrent just as a fake security sign can be.
Nowadays the manufacturers use the real devices’ design and simplify it to create a realistic appeal. So the naked eye of a passerby won’t tell the difference.

Another crucial question is, are dummy cameras illegal? No, they aren’t.

But you should take some factors into consideration. Fake security cameras can be legally placed in the same territory as the real ones.

They can’t be put against someone’s window or in the restroom. Basically, the same law applies.

The second vital factor is the false security feeling which you experience due to the dummy cameras.

According to the law restrictions, if you are placing a surveillance system, you are obliged to put the relevant sign. So if you want your dummy device to look legit, you need to put a fake sticker, too.

This leads to the problem described as a false sense of security.

People who are not aware of the cameras being fake may have a feeling that they are perfectly safe and act accordingly.

If something happens, there is a risk of a lawsuit from a third party who had that feeling.

Here are the main advantages of the fake surveillance devices are:

  • affordable price
  • effortless installation
  • protection from intruders

So what exactly should you be looking for? What should you consider for placement, size, features or even a basic question like dome vs bullet camera types?


First of all, you should define which part of your property you want to look as though it is monitored. Do you need a fake camera inside or outside the building?

There are two primary positions of the camera placement. It can be mounted on the wall or the ceiling.

The dome design imitates the 360-degrees viewing angle. Such dummies are commonly mounted on the ceiling.
But there are flexible options that can be positioned on both surfaces.

Color and Size

This is a purely aesthetic feature, as for me. Generally, all devices are a combination of black and white.

But here’s an important advice to you – please be sure that the dome of a dummy is tined and the lens isn’t visible. This will increase the realism in the appearance of the device.

Special Features

There are several features that you might expect from these devices. First of all, they are usually equipped with the LED light.

It can be powered by batteries or sun. In fact, having solar panels is a great idea for outdoor devices.

Some of the fake items have a motion detector that activates the light. It is useful, especially at night.

Best Fake Security Cameras Reviewed

They are realistic, lasting and easy in use.

1. VideoSecu Fake Dummy Imitation Bullet Security Cameras Simulated Decoy

VideoSecu 2 Pack Fake Dummy Imitation Bullet Security Cameras Simulated Decoy Infrared IR LED with...
  • Affordable fake IR bullet security camera for your home...
  • Built-in a continuous flashing light and fake IR LEDs
  • Can be mounted on wall or ceiling
  • The camera requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Package included: 2 x dummy cameras and 2 x security warning...

This is an excellent offer because there are two dummy cameras provided in one package. They look legit and rather realistic. Classic design with the white color and minimalistic features make this item a perfect choice.

The price is quite nice, especially for the two items in one – now you can place them at different angles.

Among the advantages of this device, I should name the inbuilt LED light that imitates the light of the working CCTV camera.

But please note that the batteries for this light should be bought separately. You can also use this item without any batteries and the flashing red LED light.

The mounting is quite simple. The device can be placed on the wall or ceiling. The warning decals are also included in the package.

It is very useful because they make the cameras look realistic.


The device can be placed both on the wall and on the ceiling.

Color and Size

It is produced in the classic white color. The item is lightweight and compact.

Special Features

There is a fake LED light that imitates the working signal of a real camera.

2. UniquExceptional Outdoor Fake Security Cameras with LED Lights

Exceptional design of this optical illusion is combined with wiring. The LED light is also included and can be turned on if needed. It adds up the realism to the whole construction which makes this device look so impressive!

It looks and feels very solid; the materials are excellent and lasting. You can quickly place the item both indoors and outdoors. The quality materials allow resisting the environmental influences.

You will be pleased to know that the device comes with everything you need to place it right away. The hardware is included in the kit which streamlines the process of installation. The mounting process is very fast and exceptionally easy.

The mounting bracket is modifiable which gives you more variations regarding the placement.

If you want the fake LED light to work, you need to buy the AA batteries.

The camera looks very real without it as well because the design used to be essentially real but it was later altered to be a dummy.

The cable that goes with the device is a fantastic advantage. The lack of the wiring might give away the fake surveillance but not with this item.


The item is designed to be positioned on the wall.

Color and Size

It is white. The design was taken from a real camera, so it looks very true to life.

Special Features

The device is equipped with a flashing LED light.

3. Masione Outdoor Fake / Dummy Security Camera/ CCTV Surveillance

This is one of the most exciting items on my list because it is not just one device; it is a pack of 8 items! First of all, the price for eight pieces is ridiculously low. And the fact that you will get 8 dummies allows you to secure the whole territory.

The second advantage is that every item has a security sticker that goes with it.

You know that when you have a surveillance camera, you are legally obliged to put the label on. That’s why a fake device without a sticker won’t be taken as a real security item.

Everything you need to position the items is already included in the pack.

All the hardware is easy to alter and modify if you want to customize everything.

The cameras can be seen in the low light and in the night conditions as they have a built-in LED light.


These 8 items are placed on the wall. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

Color and Size

The whole construction is white, and the fake optic is black.

Special Features

There is a LED light indicator installed. Installation is effortless and quick.

4. Henxlco Dummy Dome Security Camera Fake LED Flashing Blinking CCTV Surveillance

If number 8 isn’t enough for you, this package might seem even more appealing as there are 12 dummy cameras included.

You can use them all over your place of residence or work, faking the whole monitoring system of each corner.

This is a great idea as it allows you to save time and money. Let’s face it – this offer is excellent!

The devices are quite light as they are produced from plastic which looks exceptionally true to life. The design of the camera is based on the real item. The lenses are fake.

The placement of the devices is quick, simple and can be done by one person without resorting to professional help.

The whole appeal of the dummy dome camera is very realistic.


These devices are flexible regarding placement because they can be put on the wall and the ceiling. So you can pick the right angle which works best for you.

Color and Size

The dummies are black, and the lenses are black too.

Special Features

The items are equipped with LED light. It is important to know that three batteries are required for every device.

5. Generic Indoor / Outdoor Solar Powered Fake Dummy Bullet CCTV Security Camera Red LED

Generic Indoor Outdoor Solar Powered Fake Dummy Bullet CCTV Security Camera Red LED (Pack of 4)
  • Dummy Camera
  • Realistic design with red LED light
  • Easy to install, adjustable, no wiring required
  • Solar energy
  • Indoor / outdoor use

This is another realistic-looking item that will give you the feeling of security. The pack includes 4 things, which is a perfect number for a small territory to look monitored.

The fake wiring makes the whole thing very true to life. It is impossible to distinguish it from a real thing with an untrained eye.

The installation process is quick; the devices can be positioned inside or outside the house.

The items are waterproof so they are resistant to environmental influences and will serve you for years.

Another fantastic advantage is that the dummies are powered by the solar energy. So you don’t have to buy and change batteries! This saves money and effort and is great.

The power is saved within it due to the solar panel. So even if the day isn’t sunny, there is some charge from the past days.

By the way, the batteries can be installed if you want. There is a slot for them in each piece.

It goes together with the stickers that warn about the surveillance. And the hardware necessary for placement is also included.


You can place it inside or outside. It is best positioned on the wall.

Color and Size

White realistic bullet camera design with fake black optics. It is made of plastic and, therefore, it is lightweight.

Special Features

The solar energy powered light makes this device very ergonomic and efficient. There are also slots for the batteries. Waterproof design that ensures the long-term service of the thing. It is also environmentally friendly.

6. SecurityMan® Solar Powered IR Weatherproof Fake Dummy Surveillance Camera

Securityman Fake Security Camera, Dummy Security Camera Outdoor - Ultra Realistic and Easy to...
  • Weather resistant rugged dummy camera with one flashing red...
  • Energy efficient built-in solar panel or 2x AA backup...
  • Adjustable wall-mount bracket
  • Solar charges/conserves rechargeable/standard AA batteries

This device is impressive in its realistic design. The LED light is not red, but white. It is a perfect feature that adds trustworthiness to the thing.

Another advantage is a solar battery on the top of the device that powers the light. You don’t need to buy any AA batteries. There is also a rechargeable one that is built-in.

It is very convenient to use and friendly to the environment.

The installation process requires no wiring at all and is effortless. You just screw it in with all the necessary hardware included in the package.

The spotlight that is built-in is activated by the motion.

So if you are looking for a fake security camera with motion detector, this one is right for you. As soon as the movement is detected the bright spotlight goes on and illuminates the area of 360 feet.


The dummy should be placed on the wall.

Color and Size

It is designed in white color with the black optic. The weight is 1.12 lbs; the whole construction is made in real-life size.

Special Features

It is equipped with a motion detector that actives the powerful spotlight at night. There is a solar panel on the top of the thing. The rechargeable battery is also included.

7. Proper Imitation Fake Dummy Security Dome Camera by Proper

This camera imitates the 360 degrees on-the-ceiling devices. They are usually used inside the building for the best viewing angle.

It looks very real because the design has been derived from the actual item. The lens is black. There is a flashing light built in the device. It is red and powered by the AA batteries.

The dummy requires no special tools or skills for installation; there is no wiring.


The device is meant to be placed inside the building on the ceiling. It imitates the wide-viewing-angle cameras.

Color and Size

The device is white, and the lens is black. The thing is light and made of solid plastic.

Special Features

There is a red flashing light installed. It is powered by the batteries that should be bought separately.

8. UniquExceptional Dummy Fake Security Camera with 30 Illuminating LEDs

UniquExceptional UDC4black Dummy Fake Security Camera with 30 Illuminating LEDs (Black)
  • Updated Model - 30 Fake Infra Red Night Vision LEDs that...
  • Updated Model - Batteries now last 9-12 months! Power...
  • Can be used Indoor or Outdoor.
  • Dimensions of the camera are 5 one half inches x 3 inches x...
  • Each camera includes the security sticker shown.

Another device produced by the UniquExceptional is of high quality and has a realistic appeal. The most distinctive feature of this item is exceptional lighting – 30 red lights illuminate the fake optic.

They imitate the infra-red functionality.

Therefore, you get the whole red-light circle. You will be glad to find out that the LED lights are active both in the daytime and at night.

This means that your fake camera will be seen in the dark or in the low-light conditions.

And the power use is very efficient; the batteries life is prolonged to 9-12 months.
It is a fascinating advantage because it is economical and saves effort. The item requires 2 batteries to be powered.

The security sticker is included in the pack. And the camera is built to be used both inside and outside the building.


The item is placed on the wall. The installation is easy and fast.

Color and Size

It is produced in stylish black color. The optic is also black.

Special Features

Among the unique advantages, I should name the extremely powerful and visible LED lights circle that works at night too. And other fantastic feature is a prolonged battery life.

9. UniquExceptional Outdoor Dome Fake Security Camera with BLINKING LIGHT

UniquExceptional UDC6 Outdoor Dome Fake Security Camera with BLINKING LIGHT
  • Can be mounted on wall or ceiling as the mounting hardware...
  • Can be used Indoors or Outdoors
  • This unit does contain a continuous flashing light
  • The camera requires 2 AA batteries that are not included.
  • Each camera includes the security sticker shown.

This dummy is flexible regarding the monitoring angle. This is good because you can change it quickly whenever you want and add some trustworthiness to it.

It should be used outside the housing to imitate the surveillance protection. But it can be equally useful inside the building.

Mostly because it is simple to install and can be placed on any surface – wall or ceiling (it is entirely up to you!)

The security sticker goes together with the camera. The mounting bracket requires no screws.

The construction of the device is robust and resistant to environmental influences. This is a nicely built item that guarantees a long-term service.

The flashing light is motion-activated. It is powered by the batteries. The dome is tinted. Dome design creates the impossibility to define the viewing angle of the camera.


The device is incredibly flexible regarding the placement options. It can be mounted on the wall and ceiling. The dome design makes it look realistic.

Color and Size

The bracket and the thing are white. The dome is tined black to ensure the fake lens isn’t apparent. And the naked eye can’t tell the monitoring angle.

Special Features

The motion activates the flashlight. The mounting hardware is adjustable. The viewing angle is easy to change. It is resistant to environmental influences.

10. Cocolili Fake Dummy Dome CCTV Security Camera

WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera with Flashing Red LED Light with Security Alert Sticker...
  • Features: The inexpensive solution for security theft...
  • Design: Made of high quality and durable material. Compact...
  • Installation: Cheap and effective way to deter criminals....
  • Environment: Protect your homes, shops, and business....
  • Package Includes: 4 x Wali Dome Simulation Camera (Black), 8...

This device imitates the ceiling cameras with 360 degrees of viewing angle. It blends into the environment and is very realistic because the design follows the appeal of real things.

It is very light and compact. The mounting process requires no wiring. It is easily placed. The pack includes two dummies, so you can secure two spots and imitate the whole surveillance protection system.

It is made of the high-quality plastic, and the whole thing is very lasting. It goes together with the accessories provided for installation.


The item is to be placed on the ceiling.

Color and Size

The whole construction is black and smooth. The dome is tined, and the lens isn’t visible. The size is 11.8 cm. It is quite light.

Special Features

There is a LED blinking light that is powered by the batteries.

Dummy security cameras are an excellent choice for those who can’t afford the real ones. They are made to be realistic and indistinguishable for a naked eye.

Manufacturers usually use the design of the actual cameras to add the trust to their product.

I hope that this review was helpful and now you’ve chosen the perfect item. Let me know in the comment section which one you’d prefer!

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