If you are reading this article then either you know what a Ferro Rod is and are seeking one of the best Ferro Rod solutions on the market, or you are interested in outdoor activities and want a perfect fire starter kit for all time and condition solutions.

Top-Rated Ferro Rod  List:

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A Ferro Rod (Ferrocerium Rod) is a fire starter tool that is used by anyone that has outdoor experience, be they a camper, hunter, hiker, mountain climber or survivalist. A Ferro Rod is a must, mandatory, lifesaving, OMG if you don’t have one on you, then die right now tool.

Now that you understand its importance let’s just look at what it does.

A Ferro Rod is a simple slab of ferrocerium, which is made by alloying iron, magnesium, and cerium. The end product is a highly stable fire making tool that produces sparks ranging from 3,000oF to 5,000oF. This tool in the hands of an experienced user will produce fire every time within minutes. Just so you understand this temperature range, a standard iron or flint tool will produce an 800oF spark.

Ferro Rods look like small bars of steel; they usually come with an outer coating when sold, this is just a basic cover to keep them protected from corrosion while not in use. Once they are used, you must scrape off the outer protective layer before striking.

Size does matter; the larger and longer the rod the better the performance, since the scrape should be longer than shorter for the best fire results. The fire comes from the magnesium igniting; this is where the heat is generated, and why these rods are such perfect all-weather performance products.

Ferro Rods will work even in water, not that I suggest you do this, but if its raining and you have kindling (dry) or oil infused, you will succeed in lighting it with a Ferro Rod.

Using a Ferro rod is easy, just strike it with any metal or ceramic tools, such as a penknife, or a special tool that comes with the Rod. So long as you have another metallic or flint tool to spark the rod, you are in business. If you don’t have any of these, you can use a good stone or even broken glass, that shows how versatile a Ferro rod really is.

Now, Ferro Rods are simple, they are just pieces of Ferrocerium, so there is not much to write per review, only to provide you with the best value for money models and you decide which one to buy. No matter which one you choose, the choice will be the correct one, since all these models have been field tested for performance, and all came back with top marks.

Best Ferro Rod Reviews:


1. Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL Ferrocerium Fire Starter

The nanoSTRIKER XL™ is a perfectly engineered piece of survival in one tiny package. This is a ferrocerium rod with a handle. You can replace the rod and maintain the comfort of holding it with a very versatile and rugged handle. This package comes with a tungsten carbide igniter tool that helps you create a perfect spark time after time.

The striker handle is made for an easy grip, and the rod has also been made bigger, with a ¼” diameter, you will get around 3,000 strikes from this rod.

2. Bayite Ferro Rods 1/2″ X 5” XL Survival Fire Starter Drilled Flint Steel Ferrocerium Rod with Toggle Hole for Paracord

This is the Bayite big rod that comes with exceptional performance application dimensions. This is a 5” by ½” rod, making it very easy to carry, manipulate and its size leads to a longer lifespan.

The rod comes with a 4 mm lanyard hole, so you can safely wrap it around your wrist or neck for personal protection when surviving the wilds.

This model does not come with a striker; it is a rod only package. From personal experience, you should take a penknife with you, but if you are stuck in the wild without any metals or ceramics, well, you have plenty of those ceramics around you, they are called rocks, and no, don’t be a clever clog and try to use limestone.

3. Uberleben Kräftig Fire Starter Lengths, Bushcraft Drilled Ferro Rod

The Überleben Kräftig sounds so German, OMG it must be a perfect feat of engineering. Thank God it’s only a Ferro rod, or it might strike us down with a lightning bolt of Überleben perfection.

OK, I got that out my system, it’s just that I find all these “Überleben” stylized names to be so over the top. However, in this case, it’s not. This is one of the best Ferrocerium rods on the market. This is due to the ferrocerium alloy composition, the 1/2:” diameter and the 5” or 8” lengths to choose from.

Obviously, I prefer the 8” length, size does matter, and I will compare my rod with yours any time!

This model comes with a 3mm shock cord lanyard as well as an amazing 6-function multi-tool scraper.

4. Arcadia Gear 3/4″ x 6″ Large Diameter Ferro Rod Fat Boy

This is the one that everybody has been waiting for, the rave, the hit and the rod that outperforms any others. This is the rod other rods look up too and wailing in jealousy. Once you go, fat boy, you never go back.

Let’s start by starting that is extra-large with its ¾” diameter, and 6” length, yup, thick, long and hard. Everything you want from a rod, and once you start scraping this one, it spurts out gobs of flame too. You get up to 35,000 strikes.

The magnesium content is at the highest ration in this model, so you get real gobs of fire, not just sparks coming off this once you start to stroke it. If you want to heat up any environment or situation, this is the rod to use. It comes with a sure grip wooden handle that adds extra rugged holding power, and since it is large the handle makes holding onto this as your strike it, much more comfortable, resulting in perfect quick showers every time.

This model also comes with a 4mm lanyard hole, so you can keep it close by, don’t let anyone touch your rod, own it.

5. Exotac fireROD Ferrocerium Fire Starter

I decided to close with the Exotac fireROD™; it’s a small model, the exact opposite of the fat boy. This is the elusive small Ferro rod that comes with a comfortable sure-grip handle and replaceable rod.

This model was actually designed by a partnership team between the Habilis Evolution Fire Tool and the Exotic team, delivering the fireROD™, which is designed to either be a stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive fire starting toolkit that includes the quickLIGHT™ as a tinder, and the tinderTIN™ of fatwood shavings that will provide you with the easiest fire you’ve ever started.

A Ferro Rod Expands Your Options

That extra heat can make a big difference when you’re lost or cold and hungry.

When you know how to use a Ferro rod, you gain a wider range of potential tinder, because the rod will ignite material you can’t light with other tools. And the Ferro rod will be more forgiving of bad luck or inexperience, which make them a perfect for everyday carry survival kits.

When you’re ready to build your Ferro rod fire, start by clearing enough protected surface area to contain the fire.

Then gather material, starting with tinder to catch the first sparks. This can be anything that will ignite quickly. If you’re collecting on the spot, consider pine needles, plant fibers, bird nests, hair, shredded strips of duct tape, even fine strands of steel wool. In this video, I show you how the Everstryke Match with the built-in Ferro rod is a great cotton ball fire starter with just a little vaseline and a single spark.

Commercial products are also available, from resin-rich fatwood to manufactured firestarters made of compressed sawdust and paraffin. You can also make your own from materials around the house like dryer lint or cotton balls soaked in Vaseline.

Whatever your tinder and kindling, you should also collect pieces of wood of various sizes from fairly fine, dry twigs to larger pieces that will burn longer. You’ll add these to the fire gradually as it becomes more stable.

How to Use A Ferro Rod

It’s important to use the proper technique when starting a fire with a Ferro rod:

Hold the Ferro rod close to the tinder at about a 45-degree angle.

Place the scraper near the top of the rod (so it makes solid contact with the rod).

Pull the rod back (away from the tinder) with a slow and steady motion.

Tip: Many people will hold the Ferro rod next to the tinder and rub the scraper toward the tinder. By pulling the rod back (instead of rubbing the scraper forward), you’ll create a spark at the same place. But you’ll do it without risking bumping the scraper into your pile of tinder and scattering it all over the place.

Learning how to master the use of a Ferro rod as a survival fire starter technique is a survival skill that can save your life in an emergency situation, even if your matches are wet… or your lighter runs out of fluid… this is why a Ferro rod is a must-have survival tool!

Featured Image: firewood-for-life.com

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