After getting a gun or a rifle, the owner has to acquire a safe. You have to provide an innocuous way to store it.

Why is this so important?

Because, firstly, there is a main distinction between two types: a safe and a metal coffer. The first product has bigger counteractions to heist.

Safes for weapons are produced of metal. They have a greater thickness and are affixed with reliable clasps.

They include electronic ones with defense against drilling and bolt systems. Rigels are metal movable bars of cylindrical or rectangular shape.

Owners need to set the secure storage of guns by using anchor bolts. You have to fix it because it is a preventive security measure from unauthorized removal of the unit.

And they take up a small area, combined with their height, because of the design. This characteristic causes their instability and the possibility of a fall, for example, when you open the door.

What are the main characteristics for choosing this protective unit?

The principal peculiarities of units for weapons, except for the object of storage and dimensions, are the number of trunks and the type of the bar. Everything is simple with the number of stems.

Not just your firearms can be kept in a gun safe:

If you plan to expand your arsenal throughout a few years, it is better to take this into account right away. Remember that a safe is usable and bought for a long time.

Clasps have several types: key, code and biometric.

Code bars can be mechanical and electronic, their advantage over key clasps is that owner doesn’t have to carry and store keys.

But, according to the reliability, key bars are not inferior to code clasps, but at their cost key hasps are more attractive than code analogs of the same class.

More recently, safes have also been equipped with biometric hasps, which identify the owner, not by key and not by code combination, but by dactylogram.

The advantage of biometric bars in access efficiency is that the recognition of papillary patterns occurs almost instantly: I put my finger on the sensor and access to the weapon has already been obtained.

Are you waiting to check these products out?

The most dependable variants of the best gun safe under 1000:

1. Barska AX11652 Corner Gun Safe

Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles, Firearms and Long Guns Safe for Home, Removable...
  • Secure Firearm Storage: California DOJ approved rifle safes...
  • Secure and Silent Access: Biometric rifle safes with silent...
  • Ample Storage Space: Designed to accommodate rifles,...
  • Versatile Placement: Suitable for home or business use,...
  • Rapid Access & Extensive Memory: Biometric rifle safes...

The model will impress consumers with the miscellaneous system of unlocking the door. Owners said that it has modern technologies of protection and graceful form of a product. It is acceptable for flats with a limited place.

There is one detail…

If you keen on buying rifles, this unit isn’t for you. The model allows storing no more than 4 weapons and a limited amount of various stuff and optics for guns.

Are you ready for details?

There is a diversity of models but this will please most of the requirements.


  • 120 fingerprints can be preserved. If your relatives use the safe, you can enter exact elements in the system;
  • A lock can be opened also by using the ordinary key. It’s comfortable if there are difficulties with recognition of fingerprint;
  • Spare keys;
  • Fireproofing mechanism is absent;
  • LED illumination can be easily added. This increases comfort of opening the lock in the gloom;
  • Has numdah for lining the floor. But you can spray with glue to fix the felt.


Consumers noticed that the unit is good for shotguns. It can be the superior weapon safe under 400 for those who want to locate it in the average room or in the hallway.

In the kit, you’ll find 4-AA batteries which provide continuous functioning of the product. But remember that there is no fireproof mechanism.

  • Pros
  • Solid body
  • Mix of traditional security and modern variants;
  • Backup keys;
  • Lightweight;
  • Cheap.
  • Cons
  • Isn’t incombustible.

2. Cannon RF4820

Cannon RF4820 7.8 Cu Ft Reflection Safe, 45-Minute Fire Rating
  • 6 Active Locking Bolts Triple Hard Plate for Behind the Lock...
  • The estimated delivery time will be approximately 3 - 4...

The creator is Cannon. It has experience in creating safes since 1965. The model has as solid basic as an elegant light color of the cover. This model with average size will please lovers of the golden mean.

Why is it cool?

The powerful locking system is provided by 6 active screws. These elements allow getting the densest closing of the door. It’s necessary for reducing the possibility of occluding it for a half.

Particular qualities:

  • Digit code. You can create any comfortable combination that is acceptable;
  • Anti-drill system. It helps to minimize possibility of thievery with special tools;
  • Calcitrant. This is function that brings product to the high level of the security;
  • Hinge mechanism. There is a considerable element in protection against prying.


The unit is that has a stiff plate with 3 layers. It makes using safe more secure. And there is a binary level and fin with 3 plies against the fire. In case of such menace, they will wide in 7 times. 

  • Pros
  • Condensed plate;
  • Firm doors and walls;
  • Can be non-inflammable during 45 min;
  • Medium weight.
  • Cons
  • Problems with customer’s service.
  • How to choose a reliable gun safe?

3. American Security TF Series Gun Safe

American Security AMSEC Fire Rated Gun Safe with Electronic E5 Lock, Black
  • External Dimensions: 55.25" H x 17.34" W x 16" D
  • 11 Gun Capacity
  • Fire Rating: 30 Minutes at 1200 Degree
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor
  • E - locking

Do you want to see a dependable unit with an unlimited term of assurance? Be ready to become acquainted with the next product that wouldn’t become incombustible during the 30 minutes.

Why will this unit save your weapons/documents better?

The prime arsenal safe has to be, first of all, lasting. And this variant has a higher level of the metal,The producers provide also a keypad with large numbers that wouldn’t stop working within a year.

But there are more advantages…

For those who like comfort and simple mechanisms, it will be a perfect variant.


  • Midget weight. It is only 286 lbs. This compactness will afford owners to get more free space for other interior elements;
  • Premium door organizer system. If you want to put many valuable things and weapons in the product, this is a mandatory element. It fastens to the door and allows space;
  • Better steel.This model has a higher gauge, that is 14. This makes the walls stable to the sawing;
  • 2 powerful coating that isolate fire. This product also will be non-inflammable during a half an hour. You can be assured that documents and guns can be saved during the fire.


Honestly, I noticed that despite a solid body of the product, it has a few weak sides. Be prepared that the handle will start slipping or even fall off after opening it almost 50 times.

So, nothing can be ideal but if you pay attention to the handle, you’ll get a firm best gun safe under 1500.

And you’ll get a lifetime guarantee. You have to use it in a place where the temperature is lower than 176 oC in ordinary life.

  • Pros
  • Though stoves;
  • Good loops;
  • Light;
  • Compact;
  • Organizing system for doors
  • Cons
  • Weak handles;
  • Problems with bushing;
  • High price.


The Armor producer decided to surprise users with the large size, considered organizing of the space and security against robbers. Have you heard about this product? If not, you’d better see all the advantages.

There is an interesting thing:

It has an electrical blocking mechanism. Batteries can be changed easily because they are located on the anterior side of the unit. And also, there is an assembling facility in the basic kit.
Time to see all characteristics

If you can’t still choose the best one for you, it will be a good example of security with the classic style and opportunities.


  • Digit code. You can form any key that will consist of 3-8 numerals. If you forget a code, don’t be afraid. There is a spare key that will solve the problem;
  • High weight. It’s hard to transfer the product from the one place to another because it is 508 lbs. This element complicates the process of theft;
  • The 4-stroke closing of the door. The unit will adjoin and lock better and minimize opening by a robber.


Do you want more? I can share a few facts. The most important is that the SAFE-64 GUN was created according to the Penal Code section 23655 and completely secure for everyone.

Organizer for a door is set at the factory. This unit helps to keep the space wide and make all things fit in the safe.

There is a second shelf for saving documents, money, and valuable equipment. It’s because of the height of the product that is 72”.

  • Pros
  • Firm body;
  • Heavy;
  • Backup key.
  • Cons
  • Can be too tall for flats;
  • Lock batteries can be removed easily.

5. 5524-30-H1TEC-17 Cannon Gun Safe

Cannon Safe 5524-30-H1TEC-17 Foxtrot 24, Hammertone Black
  • 30 minute Fire rating
  • 24 gun capacity
  • 3 locking bolts. Electronic programmable lock for ease of...
  • Trulock internal hinges
  • Triple fin intumescent seal

The Cannon Company has been supplying safes for pistols for more than 50 years. When I saw this model, I was impressed with the stylishness of the product with rationally apportioned space. This can be one of the prime weapon safe under 500.

This is hard to understand but…

There is a ternary balancer inlay. This helps to be more sustained by a diversity of attacks. And also the unit delivered with a few shelves and denominator for the center.

Models differ by a number of parameters. I’ve tried to find distinctive features of this variant.


  • Repells fire during the first 30 minutes. This point is important because owners said this is their chance to save valuable stuff and weapons;
  • Assurance for 5 years. The company will fully repair the product after fire or loot;
  • Can receive up to 24 weapons of different length;
  • Has an additional key. It’s useful for a situation when there might be a failure in work of digital lock.


Consumers underlined that such model provided both esthetic delight and firm body. The unit has a tough fixation of the door because of the bolts for blocking. And the interior noose helps to provide a high level of secure closing.
Is there is something important?

Yes. I’ve seen that digit code have to contain no more than 6 numbers. And you can’t make it shorter or contrariwise.

Consumers noticed that sometimes the product can have dints or vertical rack can have cracks. I recommend be attentive and apply to the customer’s service right away.

  • Pros
  • Reliable and stylish;
  • Digital code;
  • Trouble key;
  • Small weight;
  • Cheap.
  • Cons
  • Poor customers service;
  • The inferiority of some details.

6. Mesa MGL14C Combination Lock Gun Safe

Dual-Lock Commercial Gun Safe 7.5 CuFt Lock Type: Mechanical Lock
  • Item Package Dimension: 55.0L x 20.0W x 20.0H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 329.0 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - SAFE

The variant will match the expectation of owners of compact premises. Believe me, the safe is really narrow but spacious. This unit is lofty (55 in.); you can store long weapons in there.

Why is it classy?

First of all, this is a fresh model and there is a small amount of data. But buyers that bought it remained satisfied with the quality.

Sides made of steel surely stop diverse attacks. This model mechanically blocks the door. It’s easy to do and you don’t need extra knowledge. The most precise kind of bar is combined mechanical unit.

Special qualities:

  • Controllable berth. You can find the best position for the rack and fix it. These elements of the kit are also solid so you can include shooting glasses, documents, important data;
  • Medium weight. This is only 329lb. It wouldn’t cause many problems with bringing it up and setting, but it will be hard for thieves to propel such thing for a few meters.
  • 3 pokes in the door. This element helps to close the door and make it adjoin densely.
  • 14 gun content. It will be proper for customers who don’t want a serious collection.


On a final word, the product is fully made of steel and one of the best gun safes under 800. There are significant characteristics which make the unit trustworthy: thick plate for lock security and inner width entrance.

But I have a few important facts for you

Overall, I’d think one of the best things about this product is that inward covered with carpets. It is also stable to fire as other models. But it can bear these elements for half an hour.

If you still doubt the safety of the model, I present MESA's MGL14C system that provides good protection.

  • Pros
  • Managed shelves;
  • Small weight;
  • Narrow but roomy;
  • Mechanism saving from drilling.
  • Cons
  • 12 caliber plate.

7. Hollon Hunter Series the Gun Safe HGS-16E

The model is represented as a durable and lightweight example. I’ve analyzed all parameters and you’ll see the unit with a high grade. The steel body provides a trustworthy barrier for burglars.

But there is also something beneficial…

The variant can cope with the fire during more than half an hour. It guarantees the possibility to save all contents. But the height of the unit will fit better in airy rooms.
What you have to notice?

There are qualities which will endorse your peace of mind.

Particular qualities:

  • The safe is tooled with bolts. They are on each side. It’s nice method to avoid strike actions;
  • The lock is electronic. It can confront tension which has 1 000 newton;
  • Light-emitting diode. This is keypad zest. Owners can inject the code in the complete murky;
  • Security of the inner part of the hasp. There is a steadfast slab. It protects a product from ballistic attacks.
  • Binary blocking mechanism.


Whether you decide to store costly guns or accessories, the Hollon Safe has everything for ensuring adependable system against sawing and drilling.
Notice that…

The plate gage is 12. It has a medium thickness on the basic level, but it can’t guarantee full buckler from diverse tools. But it has only 390 lbs of weight which helps to move it along the room.

  • Pros
  • Powerful blocking system;
  • LED mechanism;
  • Fireproof;
  • Lightweight;
  • Electronic hasp.
  • Cons

  • High price;
  • Plate caliber isn’t enough high.

8. SnapSafe Ruger Titan Digital Modular Gun Safe, Storage for Firearms and Valuables for Home or Office, Security Gunsafe with Electronic Lock Perfect for Closet, Measures 59"H x 22"W x 17.5" D

SnapSafe Titan Modular Gun Safe, 75011 - Easy to Assemble Heavy Duty Safe with Digital Keyless Entry...
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction - an effective and convenient...
  • Easy to Assemble Gun Vault - this rifle safe assembles in...
  • SnapSafe Titan Modular Gun Cabinet - a big safe with serious...
  • Turns Any Closet Into a Closet Vault - create peace of mind...
  • Please Read Before Purchasing - this item will be shipped by...

Do you seek strong safety? This model is a creation that owners can quickly mount. You don’t have to use up further implements. There is a joint for installation on the ground.

Do you want more?

You’ll get it. The unit is one of the permanent products. The robust structure shows forceful possibilities of security against the maul hits and other blowing attacks.

This is real classic protection

It can be placed in large cupboards in any room. But notice that the height goes up to 59”.

Particular qualities:

  • Outside walls are impacted. It was made by building in steel slabs. They have only 9 calibers;
  • The lock with spring charging;
  • High capacity. Owners noted the nice opportunity for placing giant weapons inside. It can accommodate approximately 12 units;
  • Big weight. This is 400 lbs. You can lift up the product only with the assistance of professionals;
  • 8 screws for interlocking. These parts create a solid fixation for blocking doors.


I recommend taking into consideration presence of the optics. It can cut a space for guns. But the model can definitely guarantee finely sheeted inward with trim.

There are also 3 shelves that differ from each other. One upper shelf allows the buyer to store guns and huge elements. And there are two half shelves for smaller units.

Summing up, the variant is good for flats and houses with high ceilings and you can be certain in solid cover, but 9 mm gauge steel can’t bring full protection against drilling.

  • Pros
  • Dense body;3 various racks;
  • Spring charging for locking;
  • Electronic hasp.
  • Cons
  • Doesn’t have system against fire;
  • A gauge can give pry-protection.

9. LEGION Gun Safe 5928

LEGION Gun Safe 5928
  • Engineered to provide secure storage for your guns
  • Fully adjustable shelves and partition options
  • Featuring our all new fingerprint gun safes
  • Alarm system
  • We combine an attractive look and style with industry...

The model makes you feel tranquil about guns and jewelry safety because of decuman and innovative system for alarming.

There is also a palusol filling against fire. It helps to hold back heat outside of the safe and secure documents and weapons. The model doesn’t seem afraid of 648 oC. Steel will remain sturdy and indestructible.

What distinctive element does the unit have?

I’ve seen sundry variants but this example, mixing appealing appearance and modern elements for the guard.


  • Can hold up to 30 guns. This high level of spaciousness allows storing of additional stuff without discomfort;
  • Controllable shelves. They will change to allow storage of any type and form of goods and weapons;
  • Average weight. Robbers wouldn’t like to move it because it is senselessly. It is 386 lbs on guard of your precious belongings;
  • Fingerprints open the lock. This system is highly effective and diminishes the probability of hacking by using lock picks and etc.


After analyzing, you can see the wide range of applying of the unit. Huge companies and factories can also use the product for storing dossiers, contracts, and money.

Ordinary people will be pleased with it because of the simple style and innovative elements in defending. And you’ll appreciate door organizing. It is useful for comfortable storage of small details and little stuff.

  • Pros
  • Firm door;
  • A few racks;
  • Innovative hasp;
  • Middling weight.
  • Cons
  • 12 gage plate;
  • Expensive.

10. NEW and IMPROVED Steelwater Gun Safe Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60 Minutes AMSW592818-blk

STEELWATER GUN SAFES New and Improved Steelwater Heavy Duty 20 Long Gun Fire Protection for 60...
  • New and Improved-Automatic LED Interior Lighting -60 Minute...
  • - EMP Proof Electronic lock system with High security Double...
  • Outside Dimensions: Height: 59" Width: 28" Depth: 18"...
  • PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING: Undeliverable to New York...

If you want to see the mix of solidity and classic style of the product, let’s start!

This unit is the embodiment of the strong metal defense. The door doesn’t have any deflexion and it fixes well after closing. Bypass key and powerful anti-drilling system are the main two advantages of the product.

This model will be very hard to remove from the home, so robbers couldn’t take the safe and all that it contains.

Do you want to know more about this protection product?

This product has various characteristics that makes you want to run to the shop and start to seek this model.


  • Capacityof the product is 12-16 of guns;
  • Though plate 8X. It can preclude pry and punch processes. This option will minimize chance of break-in;
  • • Perfect storage for 10 Ars with optics It’s an opportunity to be be worry-free about the security of the units and to keep them in good condition;
  • • Great weight. It’s 453 lbs and it will be very difficult to move it away or to displace it through a window.


I’d like to underline the most significant advantage. It’s the system for pawling this good pistol safe in a few seconds. The truth is that this unit is quite good for medium and big weapons.

Is it so ideal?

But I have to mention one weak side of it. This 12-gauge steel is solid but can’t withstand all manipulations with tools that can be used by thieves.

Do you want to be confident that your money/documents/guns are under reliable lock? It can be a fine variant.

  • Pros
  • Average price;
  • Steel body;
  • Steady to fire during the hour;
  • Big weight.
  • Cons
  • 12 gauge steel.

11. Winchester Ranger 26 Dial Gun Safe, Gunmetal

Winchester Ranger 26 Dial Safe, Gunmetal
  • With three layers of fireboard in the door, two layers in...
  • 12 Gauge steel body, Drill resistant hard plate, auxiliary...
  • It also Comes standard with external welded cast steel strap...
  • 28 gun capacity

Have you ever thought about shelving in a good weapon safe? This unit can be one of the best variants for such desires. And it can provide a preservation of various things not only guns.

And that’s only the first advantage.

Mechanical hasp is solid and simple to use. Are you waiting for a product that will have qualitative trim? Customers will recommend the Winchester Ranger 26 because of high level of setting.

There isn’t much information about this fresh model. But we will help you to know more about it.


  • Enduring pry door. TThis element of the unit provides powerful protection from implements for steel;
  • Stiff stove. Drill menace isn’t a problem for this superior handgun safe. Malefactors wouldn’t have the opportunity to uncover this stable plate quickly. This makes them to work well;
  • Be fireproof Stay sustained from fire for 60 minutes. If there is a fire in house, the product will remain in its original condition.
  • The flames with the 760 oC degrees wouldn’t influence it so you can quickly take out all guns/documents and save them;
  • It can hold nearly 28 weapons. It will be useful for people who want to havea large collection of various models from small to large.


As author of liberty gun safe reviews, I’ve noticed that this model is the perfect unit for people who are really keen on collecting pistols and want a model with classical style.

It is heavier than the previous model. So, you’d better think about setting and lifting up.
It has the same small problem as the Steelwater Heavy Duty 20. This is 12 size steel.

  • Pros
  • Fireproof;
  • Tough;
  • Regulable racks;
  • Anti-drilling apparatus.
  • Cons
  • High price;
  • Caliber of steel.

12. Cannon Gun Safe All Rifle 5936 All Rifle, Charcoal Grey

Cannon Safe All Rifle 5936 All Rifle, Charcoal Grey
  • 42 gun capacity
  • 45 minute Fire rating
  • All rifle rack

This model doesn’t need to be constructed. There is no need because it is completely welded. It is ideal for storage of armaments and costly documents/money. The fireproof mechanism provides security in emergency situations.

Do you want more?

I’ve met people who appreciate aesthetic component in technical things. It can be weird but real. So, this product will satisfy this type of customer. It has an appealing interior. There is also very good shelving for guns.

Why is it so attractive?

Stop wasting time and let’s check 3 important features of this unit.

Particular qualities:

  • The hole for a dehumidifier. This element will provide coherent functioning of the mechanism
  • High holding capacity. The reliable armament safe is intended for placing long and short guns. Don’t be afraid of lack of the space. It can accommodate 42 units.
  • Fireproof surface. You will be surprised, but there are 3 levels of fire seclusion. It can hold back fire pressure for 45 minutes. Owners will have enough time to take weapons.


To be honest, it’s hard to find a more convenient model for your flat or house. But this classic-styled safe will pass every design test and will provide high level of defense from being broken into.

There are also a few useful features

This unit has a digit combination on the lock that consists of 6 numbers. You can create any combination that you like. But notice that it is quite high and has 59" height.

It is also possible to create an electrical entrance for dehumidifier. This model is delivered on a tray with plastic.

  • Pros
  • Incombustible;
  • Firm;
  • Controllable racks;
  • Capacity.
  • Cons
  • High price;

What safe will be perfect? It is connected with the amount and class of guns for storing.

Will it be for one or more pistols? The right choice will be a compact version with an isolated compartment for storing cartridges, which is locked.

Such safes have one or more fastenings for the trunks. Small size allows you to disguise them in the flat and only the owner will know the location. You can choose as redhead safe as a fully light unit.

But there are various characteristics.

The lock

This unit in the safe requires special attention and serious approach. The lock determines the reliability of the design, protects the unit from burglary, and provides a long service life.

The safe with poor accommodation can serve less than a year because of a bad quality and unreliable lock.

Secure attachment of the safe to the ground or its mounting in the wall provides a long service life of the structure only with a quality hasp.


It is quality that can be considered for such structures. The safe stores flammable elements, undesirable aggressive influence on weapons and ammunition of open fire.

If a fire arises in the house, the safe will reliably defend the hunter's arsenal. The dangerous effects of fire wouldn’t spoil it.

Under the high temperature, shells can explode. Thick and bulletproof walls of the product will preserve the tenants at home.

Thickness of walls

It’s a determined parameter in accordance with the characteristics of the stored weapons, many other factors regulated by the law on the storage of weapons.


A significant piece of choice is the sustainability of this element. In case of fire, the hunting arsenal should be solid protection. Otherwise, shells may burst up and cause great damage to the place and its inhabitants.

Two types of safes for weapons

Depending on the object of storage, there are 2 classes of safes - pistol and weapon. As the name suggests, the first is designed for storing pistols, and the latter for guns.

Depending on the kind of protection, weapons cabinets and safes are distinguished.

Armory cabinets are created from sheet steel with up to 2 mm of a gauge. They are equipped with the simplest locks. This is an economical option, appropriate for physical persons.

Weapon safes are distinguished by a higher level of resistance to burglary; they usually have a certificate of robbery counteraction and are suitable for legal entities.

What to do after purchasing?

After that, you have to take care of ensuring that it is properly installed.

It is needed, firstly, for the innoxious storage of weapons. Often precincts just require an anchorage. The safe wouldn’t be taken out of the apartment with the weapon.

Gun safes and cabinets are unstable due to the high height with a small footprint - with an open door there is a high probability of overturning unattached weapons safely.

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