Gun safes are extremely important for every gun owner because they keep guns away from wrong hands and also play a big role in reducing the chances of theft or wrong usage from happening. In some communities and states in different countries around the world, having safe gun storages, fitted trigger locks, and having the guns well secured by cable is a requirement by law.

The best gun safe someone chooses will vary according to the type and number of guns that will be stored in it. Before a gun safe is chosen, it is advisable that the gun owner, first of all, get in touch with the local enforcement agency so that they are able to determine whether it is advisable to buy that particular gun safe. Below are several gun safes that play a very imperative role in allowing users to store their guns safely and easily accessible in the event an emergency crops up.

The Best Gun Safes For The Money That A Gun Collector Should Consider Buying

1. RPNB Gun Safe, Quick-Access Pistol Safe

RPNB Gun Safe, RFID Gun, Safe for Pistols, Quick Access Handgun Safe for Home, Alloy Steel, Key,...
  • Gun Safe : If you have young children who don’t understand...
  • 4 Points Entry : With the unique New RFID Key Fob & Card...
  • Tough & Rugged : Expertly crafted using sturdy steel...
  • High Capacity & Anti Theft Protection : Deluxe quick access...
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We are committed to business...

With this particular gun safe, it is proof enough that owning a gun and a gun safe is not supposed to cost the gun owner a lot of money. This safe has all the modern gun safe safety features that include passcode and biometric entires. To prevent break-ins, the manufacturers also equipped it with top-notch pry-resistant doors as well as double-wall construction.

For easy wall mounting, this gun safe is designed with predrilled holes on the bottom, which, therefore, makes it pretty easy for it to be mounted on any firm surface. Once mounted, it just needs to be programmed with a safe code, fingerprint, or a radio frequency identification card. In any event that the smart access options are forgotten, it has backup keys for easy opening.

Because of its smart features like the fingerprint sensor as well as passcode entry features, it is designed to operate on four AA batteries that are not included. It is compact and measures only 8.85 inches by 6.88 inches by 1.81 inches which makes it just enough for storing pistols or handguns and a couple of magazines.

  • Pros
  • It is compact and can be easily concealed
  • It is not pricey and, therefore, offers tremendous value for money
  • It has secure and easy access
  • Cons
  • Its biometric reader can not be fully relied upon

2. Moutec Large Rifle Safe

Large Rifle Safe, Long Gun Safe for Rifle Shotgun for Home, Quick Access 5-6 Gun Storage Cabinet...
  • 【Larger and Deeper Safe with Separate lock box】The safe...
  • 【Higher Level of Security】 This safe box is in high...
  • 【Wrong Access Alarm, Silent Mode】The safe will beeps and...
  • 【For quick access, instantly unlock the safe with a...
  • 【Easy Installation】3 Pre-punched mounting holes in the...

This particular safe is quite roomy and can be used to store up to five long guns. It measures 56.5-inch by 13.4-inch by 12.4 and is made of solid steel that is hard enough to withstand tampering. It is also designed to have a top-shelf that is solely used to store magazines and ammunition.

Its exterior measurements are 14 inches by 13.8 inches by 57 inches, and just like with the other gun safe reviewed above, it comes with predrilled holes at the bottom and in the back that can be used to secure it on the floor or any other firm surface.

When it comes to safety, it has backup keys, but it is programmed with a passcode for easy access. Once the right keyword is entered, the keypad gives a beeping affirmation sound that can be removed. It uses four AA batteries that power the keypad and the programming.

  • Pros
  • It offers fantastic value for money
  • It is pretty spacious
  • It is durable
  • Cons
  • The waterproofing doesn’t last as long compared to other boots
  • It does not have an interior light

3. RPNB Mounted Gun Safe with Auto-Open Lid Biometric Fingerprint Lock

RPNB Mounted Gun Safe with Auto Open Lid Biometric Fingerprint Lock, California DOJ Certified...
  • Quick Access : 500 DPI Semiconductor Biometric Fingerprint...
  • Handgun Safe : If you have young children who don’t...
  • Desk-Mounted Design : Slim Vertical Design stores great...
  • Tough & Rugged : Expertly crafted using sturdy steel...
  • If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact...

This is one of the not-so-many gun safes that are designed to be mounted on either counters, heavy desks, floors, and walls. It is able to keep the shotgun out of unauthorized hands but within pretty quick access.

It has a pretty compact interior that is able to hold a single handgun or pistol and get it firmly secured by either a fingerprint or programmed passcode support with backup keys in case they fail to work.

This gun safe is designed to be easily concealable from inquisitive eyes. It is made from durable stainless steel and lined with foam on the inside for safe weapon handling. It has a low battery alert that notifies the owner when the four AA batteries are down on charge and needs replacement.

  • Pros
  • It is totally reliable
  • It offers a good balance when it comes to affordability and security
  • It is good when matters related to child protection are concerned
  • Cons
  • It can not be used to store revolvers
  • It is not pretty straightforward when it comes to mounting
  • Its biometric reader does not do an awesome job at all times

4. Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe with Fingerprint Lock Security

This is one of the not-so-many safes that give gun owners a verified time record of every time they have tried to open. It has a biometric fingerprint sensor that is FBI certified and operates on four AA batteries, with its digital sensor being in a position to alert the safe owner when the battery goes low.

A bit different from other gun safes in and many other marketplaces, this particular gun safe has a unique alarm feature that the owner can configure whenever a fingerprint that is not registered touches the screen or in the event someone tries to use the backup key to open.

It also has an inbuilt interior LED light that is solely responsible for illuminating the interior, which makes it pretty easy to retrieve a handgun when its dark. For multiple users, it is able to have not less than 40 registered fingerprints. It has enough room to store two or even three handguns and has mounting holes at the back.

  • Pros
  • It has a reliable biometric reader that is quick to open the door
  • Its manufacturer offers exemplary customer care service
  • It has lots of room to store more than one gun
  • Cons
  • The waterproofing doesn’t last as long compared to other boots

5. V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box

V-Line 2597-S Desk Mate Keyless Security Box with Quick Release Mounting Bracket (Black)
  • Keyless High Grade Lock
  • Front opening- great for under a desk or nightstand
  • Dept of Justice Approved, CA Approved handgun storage
  • Mounts under most surfaces with included quick release...
  • 7.5"x11.75" x 4"

This is the ideal choice for anyone that is looking for a high quality keyless best gun safe. This particular gun safe is uniquely designed to be operated by a passcode that the owner programmes with its exterior measuring 7.5 inches by 10.5 inches by 2.5 inches. It is also accompanied by a bracket that makes it possible for it to be mounted on the underside of a counter or desk.

This safe has a reliable quick-release lock that makes it pretty easy for easy removal and transportation of the gun from the safe. This safe uses a five buttons passcode and it quite different from other gun safes since it does not require backup keys or batteries.

When using this safe, it is important to memorize the code because if it is forgotten, the only way that the gun can be retrieved is by taking it to a professional metalsmith. The manufacturer recommends that the code is written somewhere as a backup plan in the unfortunate event the owner forgets it.

This gun safe is constructed with pretty heavy steel which ensures that the guns are totally secure from the wrong hands.

  • Pros
  • It is heavy and offers reliable security
  • It has a pretty decent biometric reader
  • It is compact for easy transportation and storage
  • It offers value for money
  • Cons
  • It makes clicking noises when the buttons are pressed
  • It does not have drawer rails
  • It does not do a very commendable job when it comes to mounting

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Gun Safe

When looking for the best gun safe, a few factors are supposed to be considered so as to make sure that the ultimate choice is the best for the particular gun owner's needs. Gun safes have different features and different security levels as well that are all supposed to be taken into serious consideration. Here are a few of them.

1 . Capacity

Gun safes are designed in different sizes depending on the particular size of the gun they are supposed to keep safe. There are small portable safes that are designed for someone with just a shotgun or pistol, and still, there are big safes that are built to house several long guns.

The particular need for the gun owner will determine whether he needs a long gun safe or just a portable small safe.

2 . Locking Mechanism

Both long gun safes and small portable gun safes have one feature in common; they have well-designed lock types for adequate security. Here are the different lock types.

a) Biometric Lock

This particular lock allows the owner to have one or a few fingerprints programmed into the memory of the gun safe's lock. The biometric lock type allows the user to just place his finger on the fingerprint sensor for the safe to open.

The biometric feature makes sure that each of the many different user's fingerprints is unique. The sensor needs to be well maintained by being clean at all times since it might not open if the pad is dirty. These locks rely on removable batteries to function.

b) Electronic locking System

Electronic locks require the short or long gun safe owner to enter a three-digit number combination through a digital keypad for it to be opened. Many electronic lock types are secure, and the users are able to reprogram the codes if the need arises.

c) Combination Locking Mechanism

This lock type is the most simple, and it just requires three to five digits which are entered by rotating the numbers to a vertical type combination so that it can be unlocked.

d) Keyed

Not many of the best gun safes use keys. In many typical instances, keys are used as a backup plan in the event the other lock type fails to work.

2. Security Level

This simply means that the stainless steel gauge should have enough thickness that can easily withstand heavy shock. The thicker the stainless steel, the better when it comes to matters related to protecting the gun and even ensuring that its insurance premium covers it.

3. Portability

The portability of long gun safes and all the other types is also an important factor that should be taken into serious consideration. There are gun safes that are designed the old school way not to be moved, and still, there are others that are completely portable and secure.

4. Protection Mechanisms

On top of being made with heavy-duty gauge steel, a gun safe needs to have additional protection mechanisms like mounting capability, alarms, and even tamper alerts. The more it is enhanced, the better it is when matters related to offering absolute protection to the gun are concerned.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Gun Vault

1. Are The Best Gun Safes Expensive?

The best gun safes are reasonably priced and can not be considered expensive. However, the prices differ when it comes to the particular model, the brand as well as the features. But in general, they do not have astronomical price differences.

2. Are They Readily Available On And Other Online Shops?

Yes, they are. Every licensed gun owner will easily get one or two gun safes with proper locking mechanisms to keep the gun securely away from children and other wrong hands.

3. How Durable Is The Gun Safe?

A big majority of gun safes are designed with 16 gauge steel for absolute durability and security. If a gun vault is made with durable materials, it will, without an iota of doubt, keep your gun secure for a long period.


As this article efficiently illustrates, it is not so hard to buy a good safe for any gun collector. One just needs to have a clear understanding of how it works, what to expect from it, and better still, proper documentation to use it. Because technology is evolving at a fast pace, gun safes will continue getting enhanced quality which will, in turn, translate to better service delivery to the gun owner.

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