If you own a vehicle you know that installation of the best vehicle tracking device can seriously increase your security. These items can be used for different goals.

You can coach the new driver with them, keep an eye on the activity of your family members (teenagers or elderly) and use them for theft protection.

Usually, such items feature a panic button that allows calling for help immediately with the smallest effort. There is also a find-my-car function.
The market offers a great variety of efficient items that will meet your needs. GPS technology uses the satellites to locate the position and observe the movement of the vehicle.

Please note that GPS technology requires clear sky for the best connection. It might not be able to calculate the location when it is under the ground level.
Best GPS tracker for car isn’t easy to find, that’s why I’ve prepared a review of 10 top choices. But first of all, you need to know certain crucial details about these products.

How Often is the Location Updated?

Live or real-time monitoring means that the information about the position of your automobile is constantly updated. There are lots of time interval options, starting from every second. Please note that the smaller the interval is the higher the monthly charge will be. It depends on the number of satellite requests the program has to do.

Specific Software

Some manufacturers provide special software for data viewing and supervising. There are also convenient mobile apps. Generally, all the information is viewed via the website. Please note that GPS technology charges a monthly fee.

Special Features

There are several warning alerts you can set up. The trackers usually warn you about unsafe driving, unauthorized movement or leaving the recommended area. The geo-fencing feature means that you can mark several areas as safe ones. When the vehicle leaves them, you will get a notification.

Here are top 10 hidden GPS tracker for car:

1. Spy Tec Mini Portable Real-Time Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker

This tracker is very compact and reliable. It is designed to fit various needs and purposes. You can use it in your car or attach it to a backpack of your adolescent to know where he or she is.

STI GL300 GPS Tracker is solid and small, the installation is simple. It can be attached to the car so the driver won’t notice it. You might want to use this feature if you are going to supervise your teens’ driver habits.

Smart charge-saving technology works miracles. It detects motion and activates the item only if the car is moving. When it is in stable position the tracker isn’t working and the battery life is saved. The battery works for approximately two weeks.

How Often is the Location Updated?

This product provides the real-time information (every 5 seconds), so you get the immediate updates on your vehicle location. You can check it via the Internet on the desired device. The item uses both cellular and satellite connection for the increased legibility of the positioning. Live GPS vehicle tracking is a huge advantage to any user.

Specific Software

There are no special contracts needed, the monthly fee for data collection and transmitting is $25. You can view reports on any device you want – PC, tablet or smartphone without any special software needed (compatible with any OS).

Special Features

There is a feature that allows setting the desired territory. If the followed car leaves this area you will get a notification via a text message or an email. The data is stored for a year, which is a great advantage if you are interested in referencing the performance history.

2. GPS Tracker - Optimus 2.0 Bundle with Twin Magnet Case

Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker - Bundle with Waterproof Twin Magnet Case for Vehicles, Assets - 4G LTE -...
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  • Battery Life up to 2 weeks reporting frequency at 1 minute
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If you are interested in huge number of features in your GPS spy tracker for car available on your smartphone, then this product might be what you need. It is very small-sized and extremely portable. You can simply attach it to the car without giving away your position.

The item is programmed to go on a standby mode when the motion isn’t detected. It saves the battery life.

You can follow the driving report not only through the app but also via the website. As the product is batteries-powered, it can be installed anywhere you want without too much effort. It goes together with the magnetic case.

How Often is the Location Updated?

It depends on the plan you choose. The basic subscription gives you updates every 30 seconds when the car is moving, the advanced one – every 10 seconds. There is also a report of a parked car – the location information is updated every hour.

Specific Software

There is a special mobile app that reports all the details. It is compatible with iOS and Android. There is a basic service which costs $19.95. You can upgrade it to an advanced subscription – it influences the updates time. The SIM card is included in both subscriptions (USA, Canada, and Mexico).

Special Features

The app allows routing, which is a must-have for any private investigator. The history data is not limited so you don’t have to worry about losing any records. There are text messages and email alerts for various situations, such as the car is moving, the car is speeding, it is leaving the designated area, the battery charge is low. There is also a SOS-feature.

3. MOTOsafety Tracker Device with 3G GPS Service Locator, Teen Driving Coach & Vehicle Monitoring System

MOTOsafety OBD GPS Car Tracker, Hidden Vehicle Tracker and Monitoring System with Real Time Location...
  • - USA, CANADA, & MEXICO COMPATIBLE — Our GPS vehicle...
  • - LOW MONTHLY COST — $25/month for cellular network that...
  • - NO BATTERIES REQUIRED - Reliable GPS tracking with no...
  • - NO HIDDEN FEES - (Device cost + $25 monthly service fee)....
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This thing serves a particular purpose – to be a driving coach for a teenager or an elderly person. But it is equally good for anyone who is interested in their safety behind the wheel. The item is compact, simple in installation and quite affordable in terms of price.

You just plug it into OBD II port under the dash – all the cars that have been produced after the year 1996 have this port.

The monitoring reports use Google Maps for the increased accuracy. You can manage the movement via smartphone or PC.

There is a precise and user-friendly driving coach program that can be used together with this product.

How Often is the Location Updated?

The updates take place in real-time. The frequency claimed is every second so you have the ability to follow the speeding target.

Specific Software

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android platforms, it is free of charge. But monthly GPS tracking costs $19.99. It is compatible with 3G tracking that covers the whole territory of the USA.

Special Features

As this item is constructed for driving training, it provides a daily report on every movement and alerts when the unsafe driving was detected. It detects speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration.

The app provides real-time alerts when unsafe driver’s behavior is noted. There is a geo-fencing feature – you can mark the safe areas and get alerts when the car is leaving them.

It has a car finding ability, which is a plus. You can also set hours when the vehicle shouldn’t be driven and you’ll get alert if the engine is started.

4. ABLEGRID Real-Time Magnetic Hidden Tracking Device Locator for Vehicle

GPS Tracker, ABLEGRID 12000mAh GT021 Real Time Magnetic Hidden Tracking Device Locator for Vehicle...
  • NO INDICATOR NO SOUND EASY TO USE: Real hidden gps tracker,...
  • WARRANTY: As the best professional developer and...

This is definitely an outstanding product. Are you interested in a GPS tracker with battery life of 1 year? Then take this option into consideration. The extremely long-term battery life is one of the most advantageous features of this product.

It lasts for 45 days (non-stop reporting) and for 1 year (text message tracking). This is amazing and I don’t think that there is something more appealing and stable on the market.

The thing itself is compact and features remarkably powerful magnet. There is no need to plug it anywhere – you can place it under the seat, under the car or anywhere else. There is no sound or light that can give away the position of the item so it is a truly covert GPS tracking device for cars.

It goes together with a SIM card and a USB charger.

How Often is the Location Updated?

The product tracks the movement and location in real time. The accuracy is fascinatingly high and the signal is steady. The frequency can be adjusted to your needs.

Specific Software

There is a special app for a smartphone. It records and stores the data about the position, speed and the whole route. There are several subscription options. The basic one costs $9 per month, the most chosen is $12 and the platinum is $17. These are very affordable prices.

Special Features

The product is programmed to alarm you when there is a speeding situation or battery is low. You can also use the geo-fencing ability and determine the unwanted locations. If the item is being removed you’ll get a notification, too.

And there is also one outstanding characteristic – voice monitoring. You can also hear what is going on in the car. This is an amazing magnetic GPS tracker!

5. AMERICALOC Mini Portable Real-Time GPS Tracker

AMERICALOC GPS Tracker. GL300 MXW Series. Mini Personal and Vehicle GPS Tracker. Long Battery Life....
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This device uses 3G technologies for recording and transmitting the data. It is small, simple and ready to be used right from the box – no wiring or plugging in is required.

It is equally good for all types of vehicles, backpacks, cases or other things you want to keep an eye on. Among small tracking devices for cars, this one has a plethora of advantages. Firstly, the battery life is fascinating. It lasts for weeks without changing so you don’t have to worry about it. And when the charge is low you’ll get a notification.

The battery is rechargeable, which saves money – you don’t have to constantly buy batteries.

Another advantage is an extended coverage. The data is stored in the cloud and allows recording one-year history.

How Often is the Location Updated?

Basic configuration records update every minute when the vehicle is on the move. But you can adjust it and get updates every 30 or even 10 seconds. No additional fees are charged for this modification.

Specific Software

The device can be tracked through PC, tablet or smartphone. The item goes with an international SIM card so you can track your car all over the world. The monthly fee for GPS is $25.

Special Features

The product is programmed to warn you about almost everything. You’ll get notifications about over-speeding, movement, parking, and situations when the device is turned off. You can use the geo-fencing feature.

There is also a panic button right in the middle of the device. It is an exciting protection advantage that just helps to be safe.

6. Anysun Vehicle GPS Tracker with Remote Control PC Version Software

Anysun Vehicle Car GPS Tracker Tk103b with Remote Control Pc Version Software Google Maps Link Real...
  • Switch between“Track”and“Monitor” Modes——The...
  • GPS Tracker for Vehicles——Coban TK103B GPS tracker is an...
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  • Support for 850/900/1800/1900MHz——The quad-band GSM...
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GPS tracking devices for automobiles are used for several purposes and one of them is theft prevention. This product is extremely advantageous because it has a plethora of features that report any kind of alerts.

It is recommended to be placed behind the steering wheel or under a car cover for the maximum efficiency. The first position is quite open and the second one is used if you are interested in the hidden supervision.

The device can be managed through the remote controls. It is included in the package. Please note that the sim card should be purchased separately – it is not provided together with the device.

This item can be upgraded with a microphone, sensor alarm, etc. There are various slots. You can attach it to the oil system to get notifications about the oil level and power system of your car. Therefore, it helps to maintain your vehicle.

This device is attached and powered by the car so there is no need to change or recharge the batteries.

How Often is the Location Updated?

This is a real-time tracking; the frequency is 1 minute.

Specific Software

There are several ways you can keep an eye on the vehicle through this product. There is a website, a mobile app (iOS and Android) and software installed directly on your PC. This variety gives you the increased control options – you can always know what’s going on with your car no matter where you are.

The software is available in 8 languages.

Special Features

First of all, you can indicate that the vehicle shouldn’t be moved in certain time. And if it is moving, you’ll get a message.

The warning messages also alert you about over-speeding, unauthorized movement, as well as about the low battery charge. You’ll know if the device is powered off by someone and get notifications about oil, power system, doors unlocked, and sensor alarm signals.

The data can be stored on SD-card which is inserted directly into the device.

7. DASH 2.1 3G Hard-Wired GPS Tracker

This is another high-quality product that uses 3G coverage to track all the data. It is hard-wired but it also has a built-in backup battery (works up to 6 hours). This is a nice combination to eliminate any possible error.

The product is equipped with a red flashing light to indicate the status of the system. Therefore, you can always be sure that everything is working.

The registration is automatic, which is a plus as it requires no efforts whatsoever. There is a built-in onboard memory slot.

How Often is the Location Updated?

The frequency depends on your monthly fees; the platinum option allows updating the position every 3 seconds, which is quite impressive.

Specific Software

There are three plans for monthly fees. The basic one is $16 per month. The premium is $23 and the platinum is $30.

Special Features

There is a possibility to view a year history report. The data is stored online and can be viewed on the website. Multiple users can be created for one account. You can also schedule your route marking multiple stops on it. There is also a remote ignition activation feature.

The product warns about over-speeding, reports the inactive state and allows printing out the movement reports. The alerts can be sent to multiple addresses.

You can use a fuel history to see whether you need to fill up. The device can be diagnosed online and be troubleshooted remotely.

8. Fleet & Vehicle Real-Time GPS Tracker

Fleetr GPS Tracker for Vehicles – Real Time OBD Tracking Device for Cars Vans Trucks Fleet – Car...
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  • PROTECT and TRACK YOUR DRIVERS: The Fleetr app monitors and...
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This is a ready-to-go option that has several fascinating features. First of all, it is plugged into the OBD II port and, therefore, needs no batteries. You don’t have to worry about the low charge.

Secondly, the installation requires no effort at all – you just plug it in, and everything is ready! The network coverage is amazing and eliminates the error risks. The accuracy of the location targeting is impressive.

The system will notify you about the automobile’s engine being started. You can observe your property from any place as long as you have access to the Internet.

How Often is the Location Updated?

The basic subscription provides updates every minute. If you choose another plan, you can upgrade it to every 5 seconds update.

Specific Software

There is an app for your smartphone (iOS and Android). You can also control everything through PC. There are three monthly plans available. The difference is in the frequency of information updates. The more frequent data you need, the higher the charge is. The standard plan is $25, the plus plan is $35 and the professional one is $45.

Special Features

The product has all the basic features, such as geo-fencing, for instance. It also tracks over-speeding, aggressive acceleration, harsh braking and impacts on the car.

There is an unlimited number of users that can be allowed to access reports. It is a nice feature for those who share the vehicle or just want to know that their family members are safe. 

9. Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicle, includes SIM, Truck Fleet Tracking Hidden Devices

Let’s face it, there is no such thing as “real-time GPS tracker for car no monthly fee” but there are some appealing options. For instance, this device is provided together with 100 days of the free plan. Isn’t it amazing?

This product has two possible installation options. It can be either wired or plugged. Either way, the necessary wiring is included in case you want to install it secretly.

The SIM is provided; it is already installed. This is a solid product that is built to last. It can operate even in the extreme temperatures and it uses the unlimited data plan.

The attachment of the device is quite simple; there are user-friendly instructions and the video to help the customers. You don’t need any specific tools for it.

How Often is the Location Updated?

The update interval is 10 seconds.

Specific Software

The monthly subscription is $15 but please note that it is paid once a year, so you need to pay for 12 months. You get a free-trial month before you are charged.

Special Features

This device is good for business use as it allows supervising several vehicles from one account.

There are three major reports that can be downloaded in Excel format and printed out. The system alarms you about speeding or leaving a designated area.

10. GPS Tracker Portable. Vehicle / Personal / Asset Tracking Prime AT PLUS

PrimeTracking Pro GPS Tracker for Vehicles, GPS Tracker for Kids, Car GPS Tracker, Mini GPS Tracker,...
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  • Never worry or wonder again: Make sure people get where...
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This item is portable and simple in use. It is recharged through a USB-cable. You just plug it in as you would plug in your smartphone. This eliminates the low charge risks you might face while using the traditional batteries.

It is a well-built device that is ready to start right away – everything is set up from the box. It allows following your vehicle or asset in real time. There is a SOS button on the front of the item. If you spot a hazard, you can use it to call for help. Hopefully, you’ll never need this option, but anyway, you’re going to feel safer when you know it’s right there.

The device is programmed for 3G-technologies coverage. It is very reliable and ensures a steady signal.

How Often is the Location Updated?

This is a real-time updating interval device; the position data is tracked every minute.

Specific Software

No special software is required for this product. There is a free app for those who want to use a smartphone, but all the movements are easily watched through any device as long as it is connected to the Internet. You will pay $25 per month for the GPS.

Special Features

The history saves any location that you’ve visited. The exact addresses are also saved. The history is recorded and can be downloaded and printed out.

If you are supervising several vehicles, you can do it by using only one account. This is a great advantage for businesses.

There is a geo-fencing feature. You can also set up the alerts for any movements.


Personal vehicle tracking devices record all the data and store the information about the routes and details any movement. They can help you to maintain and find your car if it is lost.

Needless to say, the trackers are vital for those who maintain a fleet of cars.

When choosing a device, pay attention to the functions, powering method, attachment requirements and the monthly plan.

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