Owning a motorbike comes with a lot of responsibilities, and one of the most important ones is not when you are riding it. Bikes are considered easy targets for thieves, and in some cases, they are not stolen for quick cash gains, but for quick rides and thrill-seeking.

There are many types of bike locks, and I will review the best motorcycle disc lock alarm, the best motorcycle lock, and chain, motorcycle u lock, the best motorcycle brake lock and provide you with the best motorcycle disc lock reviews too.
No matter the reason for stealing a bike, you need to secure yours properly. Choosing a lock is important, and choosing a good lock is even more important. However, no matter which lock you buy, there are a number of issues that you need to consider for safe storage or parking of your bike when it is not in use.

Tips for securing your bike

1. Remove the temptation

It doesn’t matter if your bike is brand new or ancient if it's colorful or drab. Just leaving it outside is a temptation for any passing thief. The snazzier the bike, the higher the temptation. Apart from locking your bike, you need to cover it. The best cover is a garage, however, in a public place, the best cover is to use a bike cover. Pick a drab bike cover, don’t show off your custom-made Harley with a custom-made Harley cover, that’s defeating the object of hiding the bike when not in use.

2. Steer Lock

While a steering lock is not really a deterrent, it is an additional pain in the ass to a would-be thief. By applying a steering lock, you increase you deface by one more mechanism that will slow a thief down. Make sure you use two separate locks, so the thief understands that complexity of defeating two systems and not just one.

3. High Lock Low Leverage

When you lock your bike, make sure the locks are up and not touching the floor or even near the ground. The lower the lock, the more leverage a thief can gain. The lock should be placed through the frame, and in some instances (although less desirable) is through the forks and spokes.

4. Attach it to a solid

If you just lock your bike, using a disc lock, or any other standard locking mechanism. You will not deter a thief that’s out for cash. They will be able to pick up your bike and haul it away in a truck and even a pick-up. So, lock your bike to something solid and immovable, even when locked in a garage.

5. Double Trouble

Don’t rely on one lock, use two. The more expensive your bike, the more locks you should use. However, owning a cheap bike does not relieve you of locking it up. In most cases, a cheap bike means its owner is not rich and cannot afford to replace it with another bike. So, locking it up with two locks is more important than a rich dude double locking an insured bike they can replace.

6. Don’t be Cheap

Invest in a good lock, preferably a motorcycle disc lock alarm system, which will emit an alarm when being tampered. Of course, if your bike is not an expensive one and your budget is limited., Invest in good locks and strong chains and go for that double lock.

7. Be Different

If you really want to foil any thief, then don’t just rely on a lock. Add a kill switch or a spring-loaded switch that cuts off the fuel line. Also, add a GPS locator so you can track your bike if it is stolen. Another simple option is taking out the fuse.

8. Hidden Key Numbers

File off the locks key numbers, but make sure you have recorded them. That way, a clever or local thief will not be able to have a key made to order.

9. Scan your environment

If you own a very good bike, even custom ordered one. You will need to survey your surroundings on a daily basis. Most of us drive with a routine, and professional thief that seek out specially ordered bikes will survey you for yours. By keeping your eye open for unusual behavior, perhaps cars or vans following you that are not local or known to you can arouse suspicion especially if they look at your bike a lot.
Don’t get paranoid and think that everyone o is out to get your bike, just be wary and make sure you know when you are being followed. In that case, you will want to either find a way to lose your tail or just make sure your bike has some extra parking attention, such as in a garage, under a light, etc.

10. Don’t forget your locks

One of the most forgotten items we tend to leave behind is our locks. So, after we have considered and bought two locks, taken out fuses, installed GPS tracking devices and called NASA for a 5-minute overhead satellite shot, we end up forgetting to take that damned lock with us.

All about Bike Locking

So now we have covered alternatives and additions to locking. Let’s take a look at the locks and how to lock, where to lock and what to lock with. Locking your bike is an important ritual in the bike-owner life cycle, and serious bikers invest in serious locks to assure their assets safety.

There are a few lock mechanism designs, but in general the most popular is the disc locks, where the lock bar goes through the disc brake holes and stops the bike from being rolled away. The only way you can remove a disc lock is by using heavy equipment to cut through the reinforced steel. This is something that is not viable for any successful thief since it is laborious and loud.

Motorcycle locks are designed to deter a thief from thinking about stealing your bike. In most cases, the thief will see a locked bike and move on. If you decide to forgo the lock, then expect to look for your bike one day after leaving it open for free riders and thieves.

Once you have locked your bike, it will not be able to be moved more than six inches forwards or backward. Now that you know the importance of locking your bike let's take a look at how to position your bike and the locking mechanisms.

Positioning your lock

There are only two options for a disc lock, either on the front wheel or the rear wheel. The front wheel has a disc brake with holes in it, this allows you to secure the lock via the dis brake and around the tire, so that when the wheel moves, it will only go 6 inches before the lock hits the front fork.

The rear wheel has a chain sprocket, and there are only a few places you can actually apply the lock to. In many cases, riders forget to take off the lock before they move the bike, and this causes damage. That is why it is best to forgo rear locking in favor of locking the front wheel.

Another reason why you want to locate the lock at the front is for visibility. Not just for you, but for potential thieves. When they see a nice large lock, they think twice before taking action.

Other safety options

As I mentioned above, a lock by itself is great, but a lock accompanied by another safety mechanism is better. Chains to attach your bike to a post, an alarm system to attract attention, or a GPS tracking devise in case nothing worked, and your bike was stolen.

Cost Effectivity of Locks

The bottom line is the fact that locks are cost effective. Even the most expensive ones that offer the best protection are still a great investment, especially if you own a custom-made bike or an expensive model.
Essentially bike disc locks are easy to use, you don’t need any prior experience in applying them, and there are plenty of online resources to help decide which one is best for your bike and your pocket.

Most locks take into account the storage facilities that bikes lack. Therefore, they are compact, small and the only part that really takes up space is the chain if you decide to use one for extra protection. In most if not all cases, you don’t need to add an extra backpack or storage unit for your locks.

The 10 top bike locks for this year:

1. ABUS: Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Roll Up Disc Lock - Yellow - 14mm

Abus Granit Victory X-Plus 68 Disc Lock (YELLOW)
  • Bolt, lock body as well as supporting elements of the...
  • Round shape and turnable outer ring handicap the use of...
  • ABUS X-Plus cylinder for highest protection against...
  • picking
  • 2 keys are included, 1 L.E.D.

The Abus Granit Victory is a fortress lock. I mean it’s incredible. You better not lose your key to this one or you will need some heavy machinery to cut it off, or just go buy a new bike. It's that good.

The bolt is 14 mm steel and has a handy rubberized ring.

This is one of the best motorcycle disc locks with a body, lock and supporting parts all made of the highest grade hardened steel.

The Abus comes with two keys, one of which has built-in LED light. Abus also provides two code cards so you can make additional keys in case you need to replace the old ones, or if you lost one.

A great feature of the lock is its memory cable, that is put there as a reminder to not try to drive off without unlocking the lock first.

Overall, this lock gets rave reviews from everyone that has used it, including me. I highly recommend this particular lock for all bike types.

2. Kryptonite: Kryptolok 10-S Disk Lock DFS Orange

Kryptonite Kryptolok 10-S DFS Bicycle Security Disc Lock (Orange)
  • Stapler style disc lock with 10mm pin diameter for increased...
  • Hardened drop forged steel resists cutting, sawing, freezing...
  • Dual reinforced, high security, disc-style cylinder
  • 2 stainless steel "I" keys
  • Includes pouch with belt clip for easier transport

The Kryptolok 10-S Disk Lock DFS is bright Orange to attract attention, mainly for you not to forget unlocking it before you ride off. It is a stapler style disc lock that is equipped with a 10mm diameter pin that makes it virtually impossible break.

This Kryptolok 10-S disc lock is made from specially hardened drop forged steel, this particular alloy makes cutting, sawing, freezing and chisel attacks impossible. The thief would better cut the bike in half than try to cut the lock off. The Kryptolok 10-S has a dual reinforced, high security, disc-style cylinder.

This lock come with 2 stainless steel keys and a pouch with a belt clip which makes it easy to keep the keys in a safe place while riding.

Product dimensions:

  • 10mm locking pin diameter
  • Product weight: 2.00 pounds (0.91 kgs)
  • 88mm maximum distance for disc rotor insertion
  • 8mm maximum disc rotor thickness to insert

My conclusion after trying this little monster was great. Although, I decided to try it out on a number of models, and you need to make sure you paint it a different color if your bike disc is orange or gold because then its harder to notice.

3. Kryptonite: 994589 New York Lock M-18WL

Kryptonite 994589 New York Lock M-18WL
  • Maximum security U-lock for high theft areas
  • Cross bar is shielded by a hardened Kryptonium steel sleeve...
  • High security anti-pick disc-style cylinder with patented...
  • Flat key with integrated sliding dustcover protects the...
  • Approved to Gold Sold Secure standard

This is one hefty lock, weighs and feels good. I also love the name they use for it; Kryptonium™, which makes it superman safe. But really, this amazing 18mm hardened Steel shackle is designed to resist bolt cutters and leverage attacks. I didn’t try sawing it, but I think it will take a very long time to do so.

This lock has a hardened steel sleeve over crossbar that provides double security. It also features a double deadbolt locking for longer holding power. The placement of a central keyway provides a good defense against leverage attacks.

The lock comes with 3 keys, one of which has a built-in LED light.

Product dimensions:

  • 10.3cm x 26.1cm
  • New Flat Keyway
  • Product weight: 6.1 pounds (2.76 kgs)
  • Passed the FFMC and Classe SRA tests

I personally like this strong lock, it has only one challenge, and that’s its size, which makes it awkward for smaller bikes. Apart from that issue, if you want something really daunting, then this is your choice.

4. Kryptonite: New York Disc Lock Motorcycle Security/Lock, Yellow

Kryptonite New York Disc Lock Motorcycle Security/Lock, Yellow
  • Size: One Size
  • Style: TIRE
  • Color: YELLOW
  • Warranty: Schlage Lock Company, LLC, through its Kryptonite...

This is another great product from the house of Kryptonite. This lock comes with a 14mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle. The shackle is covered by a protective vinyl coating and comes with a carrying pouch and disc lock reminder.

The New York Disc Lock also has a double deadbolt design which gives it an additional protective feature against twist attacks. The lock comes with three keys, one of which has a built LED light.

Product Dimensions:

  • Weight 2.25 pounds
  • Size: 10.4 x 5.6 x 2.3 inches

5. Oxford: OF36M Yellow 36m Ultra Strong Disc Lock

Oxford - Monster Disc Lock
  • Can be used as a padlock or disc lock
  • 11mm hardened Ni-Cr-Mo shackle
  • Double locking mechanism with 2 hardened steel bolts
  • Sliding key dust cover
  • Comes with three keys

A British bike lock with a security specialist approval, Thatcham. The Oxford Monster Disc Lock Ultra Strong Disc Lock has an 11mm hardened Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel shackle. This lock comes with a double locking mechanism and a longer shackle which gives a widened access to the disc. This provides better lock fitment.

This superb disc lock comes with a free pouch and includes a minder cable.

Product Dimensions

  • 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Weight 2 pounds

6. Oxford: Boss Alarm Disc Lock with Chain

Oxford OF3 Boss Alarm Disc Lock with 100dB Audible Warning
  • independent thatch am security approved
  • 100 decibel audible deterrent
  • 5 minute attack tested
  • removable, sealed unit alarm module
  • batteries included

What can I say to add more to a complete product? Not much, this praise says it all. The Boss Alarm Disc Lock with Chain is perhaps the top of the list and one of the strongest locks you will find on the market. It’s a real mean machine, and while it is a standard lock and chain model, it comes with an integral 100dB alarm.

This beast is Water, vibration, frost and heat proof. It has a 14mm shackle and a choice of a 1.2, 1.5 or 2-meter chain. The alarm module is removable, but I suggest you leave it on.

The Boss Alarm Disc Lock with Chain comes with batteries, a free reminder cable.

I also found a great video for you to check this lock


7. Oxford: OF229 Screamer Disc Lock with 7mm Locking Pin and 100dB Audible Warning

Oxford - Screamer Attack Activated Alarm Disc Lock (OF229)
  • 7mm Locking pin
  • Loud 100dB siren
  • Carry pouch
  • 3 High security keys

The OF229 Screamer Disc Lock is another great lock from Oxford. This one also comes with the 100dB audible alarm.

This is the smaller version for light use, its shaft is only 7mm. The lock suiter comes with a carry case and three keys, however, make sure you keep your key number in a safe place.

Product Dimensions

  • Size 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight 1.37 pounds

Here is a useful Video to view:

8. Xena: X2 Disc Lock X-2Y

The X2Y is XENAs strongest alarm-less disc-lock. This is one hefty option, with a carbide-reinforced, hardened-steel double-locking pin making this one of the strongest locks on the market today. The X2Y’s unique V design makes it especially difficult to cut, and this is a very good option for many bikes. The X2Y is cold resistant, so freezing the lock to smash it will not work.

Product Dimensions

  • Size 8 x 5 x 2.6 inches
  • Weight 1 pound

9. XENA: XX15-SS Stainless Steel Disc Alarm

This the Xena masterpiece, a super strong lock, perhaps the strongest in the 14mm series of locks. Rather than discuss all the great features, I will list them so its easier to understand why I like this lock, a lot.

What you get:

  • 304 Stainless-Steel Mono-Bloc Body
  • Double Locking System
  • Ice Spray-Resistant Body & Key Barrel
  • 14mm Carbide-Reinforced Locking Pin
  • 120dB Alarm built-in
  • Auto Arm/Disarm
  • Shock & Movement Sensors
  • Weight: 740g
  • Batteries: CR2 Lithium
  • Keys: 3 and a user manual
  • A metal key code tool

I personally find this lock to be at the top of the game, and if you are ready for some serious locking, buy this one without a second thought.

10. Abus: 77 Sledge Brake Disc Lock - Grip Yellow 4003318-50966-7

Granit Sledg 77 Grip Yellow
  • Granit Sledg 77
  • Maximum Level 20
  • Innovative and patented control that can be operated almost...
  • Solid lock body and 13 mm bolts made of reinforced special...
  • Includes light key, transport bag and memory cable

This is Abus’ 13 mm steel bolt "sliding mechanism" for easy mounting and is ergonomically designed for anti-tampering as well as easy opening by key. This disc lock comes with a plastic cover that prevents the usual paint scratches that come with use over time. You get a memory cable, and two keys, one of which has a built-in LED light.

The locking package comes with the standard ABUS Code Card used to replace or add keys, and a protective bag for easy storage.

What’s special about this lock is that you can order more than one that uses the same key. Which means you don’t need to keep a lot of different keys.


There are quite a number of great locks out there to find and buy. However, there are leaders in every pack, and in the bike lock category pack, these are the 10 top options. I have tried each one out on a number of different bikes and scooters and found them all to be great.

I do prefer to double lock my bike since I don’t have a garage. I lock it to the street lamp-post with a heft chain and use a brake lock with alarm as an additional preventative measure.

I personally advise you to choose any one of these locks and just remember not to forget them, that’s why they have a memory cable. If you want one with an alarm, just remember that alarms can go off sometimes due to cats and other reason. Don’t let that deter you from buying an alarm lock if you live in a precarious area.

Featured Image: monimoto.com

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