Most people like to walk about, shopping, traveling and just taking a stroll in the park.

However, some of today’s environment is not as safe as we would like them to be. This is why I decided to check out walking canes as both a walking aid and a self-defense option.

There are three distinct groups that would not look out of place wielding a walking stick.

The pensioner, the disabled and a hiker. These three groups are also the most susceptible to criminal violence since they are the easiest targets to pick.
A lot of people do not wish to carry a concealed weapon, such as a gun or a knife. Other people are against such weapons and prefer less deadly preventive options.

There are two basic choices, a weapon for close combat or a weapon for distance.

When confronted with a violent situation, such as potential mugging, the best option is to run away. However, some people cannot run fast enough, such as the aged or the disabled.

As such, they require walking sticks for protection or cane self-defense for seniors.

In this review article, I will present 5 top tactical combat canes or tactical walking canes that can be taken on a daily basis and used to provide immediate protection.

Self Defense

Before you do decide to take a tactical walking cane with you, you should know a few facts about basic self-defense.

Here are four basic rules for people that live in areas that might require more vigilance:

1. Always carry a whistle

This is especially useful when under attack, you use it to provide attention while screaming for help. Actually, in most cases, help doesn’t come.

So, it will only aid you if the attacker feels insecure about the noise.

2. Never walk in concealed and quiet areas

This is easier said than done. Some people live in deserted neighborhoods that are overridden by gangs and drug dealers and users.

If you are one of these people, then you don’t have many options and if you must walk the streets, do so at hours that are the least problematic.

3. If possible never walk alon.

Itys best if you have anyone that can chaperone you when you walk, for whatever reason.

Just know that there is strength in numbers and the more people that walk together provide deterrence to criminal activity.

4. Carry a smart-phone with a 911 quick dial button

Walking with a weapon is not enough, you never know if your attacker has a weapon too.

If you have the ability to quick dial 911, make it so. Use a smartphone as soon as you are in danger.

Its better to be safe than sorry.

5. Walking sticks for protection

A tactical combat cane is a great tool for immediate deterrence. Don’t just brandish it at your attacker.

Wait until your attacker makes their move and then use it. There are many ways to wield a tactical combat cane.

I suggest you take a course in American cane self-defense or cane self-defense for seniors if possible, this will increase the effectiveness of your defense.

Types of Self Defense Canes

There are many types of combat canes walking sticks including the aluminum self-defense cane as well as other materials that are light but effective.

In this article I will present five different models, all tested by professionals and all provide adequate and, in some cases, excellent defense.

Just note that adequate to excellent is not just in the weapon, it is in the wilder.

So, I remind you, take cane self-defense for seniors or any can self defense course to increase your ability to self-protect.

Metal self-defense canes

A lot of people like metal canes due to their light weight and lower price. Metal canes are usually made of aluminum, which can provide some tactical resilience but is not as strong as most cane wood.

Composite Metal and Wood

Some wooden sticks come with a stainless-steel shaft, so this is a composite walking stick option.

Due to the tensile strength of steel, combined with the flexibility of wood, these ticks provide a formidable (although costly) option.

Wooden self-defense canes

Different types of wood are used for different reasons. Most wood canes are designed for beauty as well as resilience.

For tactical walking sticks, a hard wood or bamboo wood would be best suited.

Carbon/Nylon Fiber self-defense canes

Carbon fiber is used in the military since it is structurally solid, hard, and light weight. It makes for a perfect defensive weapon material but can be a little expensive for some.

Nylon Fiber is a reinforced strong material used in various applications that require light weight but strength and versatility at a lower price to Carbon-Fiber.

Your Cane and Travel

When you decide to travel and wish to take your cane with you, take into account airport security issues.

Not all airports accept metal canes, or any material canes on the flight unless you can prove you are disabled.

In this instance, you will need to either find a way to put your cane in a bag, for baggage or make sure you only have a simple cane without any gadgets or “stun guns” etc.

Walking Stick Fighting: Baritsu

While the world has a long history of people using sticks to fight, it was only in the Victorian era in London, when a gentleman named Edward William Barton-White formalized a style of “walking stick” fighting.

This art of self defense was developed to help the gentry fend off muggers and became so popular that the King of England took notice of its usage.

There are other methods of walking stick fighting found from around the globe, but Baritsu has become the popular name for all of them, just as “kung Fu” is a name used for many different types of martial arts.

The Top 5 Combat Canes Walking Sticks

1. United Cutlery: UC3129-BRK Adjustable Walking Cane

1. United Cutlery: UC3129-BRK Adjustable Walking Cane

United Cutlery is a site dedicated to weapons and designs. This model, the night watchman, is 39-inch long and weighs 1.6 pounds. It is constructed of injection molded nylon with fiber.

It comes with a removable rubber toe which allows you to cut the shaft to adjust the length of the cane.

This product is manufactured in China and is not expensive, but it is a very good cane. T

he reviews are all excellent, and I tried it out myself. I have walked around with this cane for a while.

What I liked the most was its smooth light feel. Although sometimes I mistook its lightness for weakness, that was my mistake. This is a very strong cane, and the hook is extremely sharp when used properly.

Bottom Line: This is a simple, sturdy, light weight tactical walking cane that can be very effective in the hands of a trained cane user.

2. Zap: Self Defense Cane with Flashlight with Carrying Case

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2. Zap: Self Defense Cane with Flashlight with Carrying Case

The Zap Self Defense Cane weighs 1.25 pounds and comes equipped with a built in Flashlight. It is an adjustable walking cane with a built in powerful LED light and a 1-million-volt shocker.

The Zap Self Defense Cane can withhold a load of 250 lbs and can be adjusted in length, between 32"" to 36"."
This cane is very useful for many situations, and in one case I was attacked by wild dogs while walking my dog.

A quick zap and they were gone in a flash. I also used the light many times at night to find the door key lock, usually after a visit to the local bar.

Here is the link to their PDF manual

3. Ka-Bar TDI Self Defense Aluminum Cane Black

What can I say about this amazing cane, Its simple and effective. The design includes a black powder-coated 0.100-thick 5052-H32 aluminum alloy.

3. Ka-Bar TDI Self Defense Aluminum Cane Black

This self-defense TDI cane is 1.0" diameter and is 39" long. You can cut the length to suit your needs. It weighs in at about 2.15 pounds and is made in the USA!

What’s so special about this cane? Its light weight, reliable and simple.

4. ZAP ZAPCANE Cane - 1 Millionv Stun Gun Walking Cane with Flashlight & Carrying Case, Black

If you are looking for a Zap cane with a difference, then this is the one you want. This model weighs in at 1.15 pounds and like other models can withstand up to 250 lbs of pressure.

4. ZAP ZAPCANE Cane - 1 Millionv Stun Gun Walking Cane with Flashlight & Carrying Case, Black

It has a 30 Lumen ultra-bright LED light, a one-million-volt shocker and a rubber handle for easy gripping. As you would expect from Zap, it comes with an adjustable length from 32” to 36 “.

The cane is rechargeable and can zap up to 500 times between charges.

This stick has a highly professional design and looks impressive. I can state for a fact that when I used this specific model, people eyed me suspicious.

So, I guess the tables were turned on me, being the obvious weapon holder to be wary of.

Here is the link to their PDF manual

5. BadAss Cane Self Defense/Martial Arts

5. BadAss Cane Self Defense/Martial Arts

For those that like wood, and I am one of those. The BadAss Cane is a no nonsense strong, 36-inch-long, 1.5-pound, a hickory cane that’s been modified to be a combat walking stick.

This stick has a weighted ferrule at the bottom to give extra swing effectivity.

It also comes with a cut down crook and an extended hand grip for more efficient wielding.

This cane is so well designed it will pass through all metal detectors without an issue.

BadAss canes are made to order, so if you want a nice show off wood cane that can kick ass, buy this one. I have one, and I love it.One other good thing about BadAss is that you can ask for any type of handle.

Since the cane is wood, you can have a specially designed head, and even have some extra wood to give more of a punch when needed.


Combat walking sticks, or self-defense canes for senior citizens, or whatever name you want to call them are all part of a well-defined category of products that sell well.

Just like picking a car or any other product, you have makes and models, new and old, different designs and styles for every person.

After I tested quite a few models, I decided that there was not really one leader in the pack.

Everyone has something unique. There are three basic models, the simple walking cane that delivers a good blow and defensive mechanism in the right hands.

A complex multiple gadget cane that has all kinds of features to help you in a tight spot, and the designer cane, made to order with a great look and specific weight and material.

If you are just starting to consider using a cane, don’t spend a lot of money and buy the fanciest one.

First of all, buy a strong sturdy one, perhaps one of the five models I mentioned above. Then enroll in a Baritsu course, and really study the art of wielding a combat can in self-defense.

Once you have mastered the art of self-defense, then go and spend some money on an expensive walking stick, even have one designed using special materials.

The bottom line is that owning a cane is like owning a car, unless you know how to use it properly, all it will do is help you get from one place to another.

Self Defense Canes FAQs

Is there a walking stick fighting method?

Yes, its called Baritsu and was developed in the Victorian era by a Londoner named Edward William Barton-White.

He used a simple cane walking stick that was popular among the Victorian population of London.

How long does it take to learn Baritsu?

That is like asking how long it takes to drive or to ride a bicycle.

The time it takes to feel confident as well as being adept in self defense using a walking stick is dependent only on yourself.

How do I pick the right cane?

The question has to be broken down into what your cane’s usage will be apart from self-defense. If you intend to use the cane as a walking aid, then you must consider buying an orthopedic aid that is also a weapon of self-defense.

If the aim is for hiking, then you must buy a hiking stick that has been adapted for self-defense. If the reason is purely self-defense, then pick the cane that best suits your desires.

Can I travel with my self-defense cane?

Yes, but make sure you have a non-metallic option since some airports restrict the use of metal walking canes to disabled only.

Is a walking stick a registered weapon?

No, walking sticks without any additional gadgetry are either considered to be medical devices for the disabled or the elderly. Other then that, they are not classified as weapons.

If you buy a cane with a weapon attached, such as an electric shocker or a blade, you will need to check with your local law-enforcement if you need to register its ownership.

What is best, Wood, Metal or Manmade materials?

They are all good in the hands of an expert defense artist.

However, for most of us common folk, I would suggest the following options for material choice:

Do you want heavy or light? If you seek a heavy instrument pick wood, if you want light pick Aluminum.

Manmade fiber is the most durable, if you use the stick in a lot of instances than this material will see you through a lot of action.

This has to be wood, since wood provides innumerable designs that can be fabricated while creating the stick.

All the materials in the best self defense canes products can be made to give various tensile strengths. I personally prefer wood for this one, and some designs come with a stainless-steel shaft and are extremely resilient and power.

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