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Triple Beard a New Turkey Load from Hevi-Shot

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As a reader at you're the first to learn about a brand new turkey load for the 2016 season.

Innovation is a vital part of the DNA of Environ-Metal, makers of Hevi-Shot products.

Many of us remember the “tungsten revolution” which was launched in 2000 with the introduction of the the first Hevi-Shot turkey loads. Those shells went on to set record after record in the World Championship Still Target Shoots and changed forever the way we look at performance of turkey loads.

Those loads not only changed the way we looked at turkey loads, they changed an industry.

Always the innovator, Environ-Metal, has produced many new loads for us as hunters and shooters in the last 16 years.

Finding a need and filling it has been the driving force behind the ideas and bringing a product to market quickly has been their hallmark.

Products like “Magnum Blend”, which combine layers of 3 sizes of shot and the “Speedball” line which allows much higher velocities without shot deformation or excessive chamber pressures are but two of those innovations.

Now, Environ-Metal has combined those two innovations into a new line of turkey loads for 2016.

Triple Beard a New Turkey Load from Hevi-Shot

“Triple Beard” is a new line of lead shot turkey loads which utilizes the advanced technology and manufacturing knowledge from the folks in Sweet Home, Oregon.

Available in:
12 ga 3-1/2” 2 oz 5,6,7 lead shot SRP $18.99
12 ga 3” 1-3/4 oz 5,6,7 lead shot SRP $15.99
20 ga 3” 1-1/4 oz 5,6,7 lead shot SRP $12.99

10 count boxes in all 3 gauges.

Magnum Blend Technology:
Equal mix of #5,#6,and #7 lead shot allows you to take birds in close and still be able to reach out for the Tom’s that won’t respond to the call.

Speedball Technology:
Allows speeds of 1300 fps without deformation on setback like other lead turkey loads. Gives you more consistent patterns shot after shot.

I've had an opportunity to examine these shells in detail but unfortunately, the weather has prohibited me from taking any to the range for patterning. I have dissected several shells and examined the contents in detail. They all contain very round and shiny lead shot plus the Speedball at the base of the shot charge.

This new load from Hevi-Shot may be just what the doctor ordered, unless your doctor is Doctor Tom.

These shells should be at local dealers well before the 2016 turkey season.

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