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It's That Important

Recently, I ran across an article that is filled with facts about firearms ownership in the United States and how it affects us as citizens. There are also comparisons with other countries that are very interesting and meaningful.


In this political season when it seems the airwaves are full of nothing but political advertisements and claims made by different candidates for their own advancement, it's refreshing to be able to look at facts.


There perhaps is no more critical time in our history than the present to know the facts about a subject and be able to sift through all the hot air and see just who is both knowledgeable and truthful.


This is not a short article but I'd encourage you to read every word and to examine every chart and graph. I did just that and learned a good bit.


I would also encourage each of you to listen to what the various political candidates have to say about their plans, should they be elected. I fully understand how easy it is to get your fill of all the claims, counter-claims and the vitriol that seems to be a part of campaigning currently.


Like you, I'd like to see more time spent of actually discussing the issues that concern us all and less time in being critical of their opponents but that does not seem to be the way campaigns are run now. The fact is that one of these folks will likely be the the next President of the United States. I want to know as much as possible about that person.


I'd also encourage you to vote. It's the only real power that we as citizens have. We can express our pleasure of displeasure in candidates at the ballot box. Please don't stay home because you are not perfectly happy with any of them. I doubt that many of us will be perfectly happy with everything that we see or hear from any candidate. Exercising your right to vote sends a powerful message to those in office and those seeking office.


Lastly, if you live in a state with an early primary, please vote. Those early results can encourage the candidates we choose and let the others know that they are not doing or saying the kinds of things that we expect from them.


It's that important.

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