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Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster

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For the past several weeks I've been carrying my Kahr CM9 in the new “Cloak Mod” OWB holster from Alien Gear. The Kahr became my every day carry gun some time back and I've used a number of different holsters with it over that time. Some I've liked better than others but none has been as easy to use and comfortable as this new one from Alien Gear.

Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster
I used mine just as it came, with the paddle attached and with zero cant. My Kahr fit perfectly and the retention was just what I like as well. Feeling pretty satisfied, I wore the Cloak Mod with the paddle for about 2 weeks, experimenting a bit with different locations on my belt. All worked well and allowed me to carry with no visible lumps or bumps.

Frankly, I've never been a fan of paddle holsters but this one changed my mind. The ease of installing and removing it, plus the absolute comfort and secure feeling of the holstered gun changed my mind. I did however want the try it with the belt slide.

The Cloak Mod comes with a very impressive array of items that you may use to customize your holster and a very easy to understand set of instructions for making any changes. If you don't like to read, a link is also provided for “How-to” videos.

Changing from the paddle to the belt slide was easy, straightforward and took just a few minutes. For the next couple of weeks I used this option to carry my Kahr. I'm not sure what difference I was expecting to feel but other than having to remove my belt to install or take off the holster, there really wasn't any. Both the paddle and the belt slide held my gun very securely to my belt and I was able to draw and holster the gun easily with both.

There is really nothing not to like about the Cloak Mod. The fit on my Kahr was perfect, retention is adjustable, it mounts securely on the belt in either the paddle of belt slide mode and it is very comfortable to wear.

Another excellent feature of all Alien Gear holsters is that you may switch the outer “shell” to accommodate other guns. If I decide I want to carry my S&W 342PD or my Kahr PM45, all I need do is switch the outer shell and I'm ready to go. It's just that easy.

With the comfort of wear, the security of the fit, the ease of adjustment and the ability to switch shells to another gun, the Cloak Mod has everything going for it. The “Iron Clad Triple Guarantee” gives you a 30 day test period, free shell trades and a forever warranty.

Lastly, the folks at Alien Gear obviously enjoy what they do and it shows. The Alien Gear logo on the back of the paddle, the Alien Gear sticker and last but not least, the Alien Gear key fob, all in one great package. What's not to like?

To learn more about the Cloak Mod and other Alien Gear products, please visit

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