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Kahr CW380 Tungsten

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I do not like to go to stores and "shop". Normally I know exactly what I need, go to it, take it to the counter, pay for it and leave. On those occasions when I do shop, mainly at some store that features outdoor products, I have a strategy that allows me to escape without buying something that I really don't need but may think that I want, at the time.

When the urge to buy that heretofore unneeded product hits me, I pick it up, look at it and then carry it around for a while. Something will happen during that time, maybe I've possessed it enough, I don't really know but at any rate, I have satisfied my desire for it. I can then take it back where it belongs without any regret.

I must however confess that when I picked-up my first Kahr CW380, I never wanted to put it down. The way it felt in my hand was just perfect. I had to have it. The interesting part is that the little .380 felt the same way to my wife Doris. I know that look and being the husband that I am, I gave that gun to her. It is now her everyday carry gun. She's happy and I'm happy that she is. I also miss that gun.

Maybe 2 months ago, I saw the CW380 Tungsten for the first time. I just had to have one and I could not put it down.

Kahr CW380 Tungsten - Limited Edition Model

CW3833TU (2.58" Barrel)
Black polymer frame, Tungsten Cerakote finish stainless slide
Ships with extra 6rd magazine and in a hard polymer case
.380 ACP
Capacity: 6+1
Operation: Trigger cocking DAO; lock breech; "Browning - type" recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
Barrel: 2.58", Conventional Rifling, 1 - 16 right-hand twist
Length O/A: 4.96"
Height: 3.9"
Slide Width: .75"
Weight: Pistol 10.2 ounces (w/o magazine)
Grips: Textured polymer
Sights: Drift adjustable white bar-dot combat rear sight, pinned in polymer front sight
Finish: Black polymer frame, Tungsten Cerakote finish stainless steel slide
Magazines: 2 - 6 rd, Stainless

This is one beautiful little gun. The Tungsten Cerakote finish is just the perfect addition to it. I did not think that this gun could be improved but once again Kahr proved me wrong. I like this one even better than my first one but don't tell Doris.

All Kahr pistols have common features and similar ergonomics, That means that once you take one to the range, you can transfer that knowledge and muscle memory to any other Kahr pistol. My PM45, CW9 and CW380 Tungsten differ only in their size and weight. They all have great triggers and they all are exceptionally accurate. When I say accurate, I do not mean "accurate for a small pistol", I mean accurate for any pistol.

I always adhere to Kahr's recommendation to put 200 rounds through their guns before relying upon them for personal defense. In my prior reviews of their pistols I've also noted that during that break-in period, I've never had a malfunction or failure to fire incident with any Kahr pistol. The same is true of this new CW380 Tungsten.

After stripping it down, cleaning it and reassembling it, I took it to the outdoor range. I had some work to perform with some shotguns but I also wanted to break it in as quickly as possible.

I put several magazines of inexpensive Winchester ball .380 through it and then switched to some Polycase, Remington and Federal "Personal Defense" ammo. All fed and fired flawlessly. I was also able to keep all the rounds in about 8" at 21', firing with one hand, pretty quickly. For me, that's real world shooting and shows me real word accuracy.

The real beauty of this gun is its size and weight. You can drop it in a front pocket, I recommend using a pocket holster, and easily forget it's there. When it's 90+ and I'm wearing a pair of shorts and a "T" shirt but still want to be armed, it's the perfect companion and with modern personal defense loads, I do not feel under-gunned.

The CW380 Tungsten is light, safe, exceptionally well made, has a great trigger and is very accurate. Firing rapidly with a one-hand-hold, rounds go where you point it. I'd recommend it for anyone looking for a small, reliable pocket gun.

I only have one caution, do not pick one of these guns up and expect to put it down and leave the store. It may just follow you home.

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