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1791 Gunleather Shop Project Stealth Holsters

1791 Gunleather Carbon Fiber & Leather Holster First Class Holster Stealth Project

If you have read some of my "Product Test" articles, then you know I normally outline features and benefits of the product being examined and after that make a recommendation. In this case I am totally changing my method of presentation.

"I give the 1791 Gunleather Shop Project Stealth holster my "buy" recommendation. Everything about this holster works as it should and on top of that, it is truly a work of art."

I chose the BH2.3 Open Top Multi-Fit Carbon Fiber model for the full-size Ruger P95. I also selected a 1791 Gun Leather Belt in black to match the holster.

I gave Stealth holster the most challenging  task I could think of by loading it up with that P95, which with a full magazine weighs almost 2 1/2 pounds.. I wore that combination in the widest variety of circumstances I could. That included some 12 and 14 hour days with the P95 and the Project Stealth holster strapped to my side.

From the beginning of each day until the end when I unstrapped it, the Stealth holster and the P95 stayed in place comfortably on my hip. It maintained excellent position and tension all situations. There really was no break-in period as is normally experienced with a leather holster. I felt very confident and comfortable from the first time I put it on until I took it off each evening.

The Stealth holster is beautiful! I have seen and worn many holsters over the years and I can tell you that my initial reaction to them has varied widely. I've seen the good, the bad and even had one that smelled like a skunk but the Stealth holster is just plain beautiful. Every stitch is placed correctly and the carbon fiber sets it all off perfectly.

Here are a few comments and observations that I have made.When you visit the website you will see that I have abbreviated some of the comments made by the manufacturer and commented on them. I wanted to hit just the highlights and allow you to read the full text if you wish.

 "The new “Project Stealth” gun holster series combines American heavy native steerhide with state-of-the-art flexible carbon fiber for the first-ever holster utilizing a proprietary, patent-pending combination of the two materials. The new line of luxury, wearable personal protection holsters incorporates the same patented, American-made CX6® carbon fiber manufactured by Carbitex.

That is a mouthful but all of those words still can't fully describe this new holster...actually new concept, from 1791 Gunleather. You just have to try it.

"This outside-the-waistband series of holsters is not only lightweight and flexible, but extremely durable and aesthetically stunning".

Stunning is a word I  don't often hear when describing holsters but in this case, it fits. I can also state that every ounce spared is meaningful when you're carrying a large duty-pistol and holster..

"The real strength of our carbon fiber is in the complexity of our weave. In addition to carbon fiber gun holsters, you may also see this material in high-end automobile components, bicycle frames, fishing rods, protective iPhone cases, drones, and Formula-1 race cars!"

I really can't add anything to that.

"Carbon fiber is a great investment, as these gun holsters will almost last forever. They perform well in all different types of weather and require no maintenance. The draw and re-holstering is equally smooth, with silent performance that will never give you away before you’re ready."

A leather-lined holster has real advantages, including a quiet draw and less wear on the pistol.

"You’ll also note the price is slightly higher than with 100% leather, as it costs more to manufacture and is not easily mass-produced."

There is nothing about this holster whatsoever that looks mass-produced!

If you are in the market for a new holster, I would encourage you to visit and take a look at all of their fine products including the Project Stealth holsters.



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