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Nexbelt - The Belt With No Holes

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"I truly believe in passion, no matter what it is that you do, do it with passion.  

Nexbelt started as golf belt and has quickly become a belt for all occasions. Our Essential line of belts offers a belt for everyone to wear every day..."

Eddie Rowland
CEO, Nexbelt LLC

A couple of months ago, when I needed a new belt, I was astonished when I did an actual waist measurement. Way too many trips to Cracker Barrel had caused an unwanted "expansion" of my mid section. I guess my older belts had just given up and stretched to accommodate the increased girth. After taking a sideways look in the mirror, not a pleasant view, I was determined to do something about it!

I really cut down on the amount of food intake and made sure that my trips to the "Y" included some abdominal work. After a while, I began to see some positive results. That however presented another problem. My older belts were a bit too large. I was pleased to see that of course but frankly, all of them were pretty worn looking as well as being stretched a bit.

A good belt can represent a sizable investment but poor belt is a waste of money. With my reduction in waist size just beginning, I really needed a new belt but did not want to make a foolish decision. Then I discovered Nexbelt, the belt with no holes. As I visited their web site, it became evident that this could be the answer to a current situation.

After perusing the Nexbelt site and looking at the various styles, I selected the "Leather Alligator Coffee" model. This is a beautiful belt with a finely made and finished chrome buckle, from the "Dress Belt" section.

Nexbelt - The Belt With No Holes

"PreciseFitTM up to 45" waist. This premium alligator embossed coffee leather belt with its rich classic looks is a must for every closet. Hand crafted with a velvet smooth leather back side, it is luxurious to the touch. Classy as a dress belt or a golf belt 1 5/8” x 2 5/16” – Belt strap width is 1 7/16”

Fortunately, I did not need the full 45" the Nexbelt provided. I was able to easily trim off a few inches and then try my new belt with some new slacks, with a smaller waist size, for a visit with some friends. It did not take long for one of my friends to notice my new belt. Well, maybe I did hint just a bit about how I'd cut several inches from my waist. He wanted to know more about my new belt, and I was happy to tell him all about it and how comfortable it was.

This really is a finely made belt in all respects. The fact that it "has no holes" and can be almost infinitely adjusted, is just an added benefit. I've been wearing it now for some time and really appreciate the quality and appearance. I've been able to trim several more inches from my waist and trim a corresponding number of inches from my Nexbelt. Yeah!

It's evident that the passion for making it, stated by Eddie Rowland, is present in everyone associated with the manufacture of the Nexbelt. The quality, appearance, function and fit are excellent. It performs exactly as advertised and promises to provide many years of service.

If you're in the market for a new belt, I'd recommend that you visit the Nexbelt site and take a look at the variety of belts available. It's a great belt, well made and frankly, the most comfortable belt that I've ever owned. 

Now, I just need to keep up my visits to the "Y" and remember to cut back on those mashed potatoes and gravy.


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