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ATI Halo2 Deluxe Heatshield with Ghost Ring Sights

Product Tests

  • 12 Gauge Deluxe Shotgun Heat Shield w/ Ghost Ring Sights             
  • Constructed of High Strength Steel With Matte Black Powder Coating
  • CNC Machined Ghost Ring Sights
  • Positively Locks Behind Forward Barrel Lug
  • Infinitely Customizable Stop to Prevent Any Movement While Firing
  • Fits With or Without an Aftermarket Mag Extension
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
  • Manufactured in the USA

Fits: Many 12 Gauge Shotguns

Does not Fit: Vented Rib Barrels

Note: The Barrel Lug Must Be At Least 13.75" Away from the Receiver for the Heat Shield to Fit. (Measure from End of the Receiver to Beginning of the Barrel Lug.)

A 12 gauge pump shotgun is one of the best, if not the best, home defence guns you can have. Its very presence can often deter all but the most determined intruder. Anyone who has ever heard a shell racked into the chamber of a pump shotgun can attest to its intimidation factor.

For many years I've kept a Remington 870 as a primary home defence gun. It's loaded with 12 gauge frangible shot shells from Hevi-Shot that I've evaluated extensively for performance.

The barrel on this 870 is about 20" long and is straight cylinder bore. It's very maneuverable with the short barrel and an ATI adjustable length stock that also has a pistol grip.

Recently, I installed an ATI "Halo2 Deluxe Heatshield with Ghost Ring Sights" on this gun. I wanted to see if there was any benefit the heatshield in this application.

ATI Halo2 Deluxe Heatshield with Ghost Ring Sights

Installation was easy and straight-forward. One really nice feature is that no metal from the heatshield touches the metal of the receiver or the barrel, so there's no possibility of marring the finish which might promote rust. The finished product is quite nice looking and adds to the "intimidation factor" of this gun. It's also quite light so it does not add any noticeable weight to the barrel of the gun.

Frankly for the use that I have intended for this gun, home defence, the real benefit that I can see would be intimidation. It just makes the gun look fierce! It also allows you to more easily grab the gun by the barrel and keep a firm hold on it which could be of great benefit in a high stress situation.

Heatshields are of course designed to keep a hot barrel away from your hands or other body parts. So, how does the ATI Halo2 perform in that regard. The only way that I know how to evaluate any "shooting product" is to take it to the range.

I took the ATI equipped 870 along with several boxes of 12 gauge ammo to the range with the intention of putting several magazines through the gun as quickly as possible. I wanted to really heat up the barrel to see if the heatshield would protect my hands.

With the plug removed and a shell in the chamber, I could put 5 rounds down range in a matter of just a few seconds. Working as quickly as was reasonable, I loaded the gun 4 times and emptied it as quickly as possible at a target approximately 7 yards from the muzzle.

Then I placed my hand on top of the Halo2 Heatshield. I could certainly feel some heat coming from the barrel below it but the heatshield remained comfortable to the touch.

While I was at the range, I also wanted to get some sense of the value of the Ghost Ring sights that were included with the Halo2. The best way I could think of was to try some 1 oz. deer slugs at approximately 10 yards from the muzzle of the gun. This is a home defence gun with a cylinder bore barrel and I did not expect great accuracy but I did want to see if the reference point provided by the sights would be better than the single bead on the barrel.

Again, I loaded 5 rounds of Brenneke K.O. 1 oz. slugs into the 870 and put them down range in a more controlled manner than the shotshells. It was my thought that if I ever chose to use slugs in this gun, my intended target would be bit further away and I'd want to take a bit more time to be as precise as possible, considering the equipment I had.

The Ghost Ring sights did provide a much better reference point and surprisingly, I was able to keep all the slugs in a pretty small area, maybe 6" or 8" overall. This would not be my weapon of choice for the slugs but it's good to know that in an emergency it would work.

I'd have to say that the Halo2 Deluxe Heatshield with Ghost Ring Sights from ATI does what it says it will do. It kept my hands protected from a hot barrel, the sights gave me a much better reference point for shooting than the single bead on my barrel and it sure made my 870 a much more intimidating looking shotgun.

To learn more about the Halo2 Heatshield with Ghost Ring Sights and other ATI products, please visit their site listed above.

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