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ATI T3 TactLite Shotgun Stock


I've used a variety of ATI stocks over the years. The first was the AKITA Adjustable Hunting Stock. I have several guns with those stocks on them. They are very handy and allow shooters of many different builds to use the same gun. They also look like a conventional shotgun stock.

This new T3TactLite Shotgun Stock does not look like a conventional stock found on your Grandad's gun. As its name implies, it looks move like a tactical stock found on a number of modern sporting rifles. I was frankly amazed at its weight, or maybe I should say its lack of weight.

  • Adjustable M4 Style 6-Position Stock
  • Mil-Spec Diameter for Maximum Fit on Mil-Spec Buffer Tubes
  • Positive Locking System
    • Eliminates Horizontal & Vertical Movement of the Stock on the Buffer Tube
    • Provides Smooth Secure Stock Adjustments
    • Eliminates the Need for Secondary Locking Mechanisms
    • Weighs Only 5.85 Ounces
  • No Snag Points
  • Dual Sided QD Attachment Point
  • Slot for Tactical Sling Attachment
  • Recoil System – Absorbs the Energy Regardless of the Load Size
    • Ultra Thick 1 1/4" Recoil Pad
      • Non-Slip, Removable
      • Increased Thickness for Recoil Absorption of Heavy Loads
      • Not Affected by Chemicals  or Extreme Temperatures
    • AR-Style Recoil Pistol Grip
      • Non-Slip Texture
      • Reduces the Time to Reacquire the Target by Minimizing the Muzzle Lift
  • Removable/Adjustable Cheekrest
    • Elongated Design to Fit All Users
    • Cheekrest Provides ½” of Vertical Adjustment
  • Universal Mount System
    • Securely Fasten your Tactical Stock with no Specialized Tools
    • Mounts Included for All Supported Models in One Package
    • All Mounting Hardware Included
  • DuPont® Extreme Reinforced Polymer
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Manufactured in the USA

Fits: Most Maverick 88, Mossberg 500/535/590/835, Remington 870 & 887, Winchester SXP, FNH USA P-12, Savage Stevens 320, TriStar Raptor & Tec-12 Pump-Action 12 GA Shotguns

ATI has been an industry leader in the use of high strength polymers in stocks. Over the years we've learned about the superiority of these materials. They are light, strong and can be molded into very smooth and ergonomic shapes.

ATI has also figured out how to make one of the best, if not the best, recoil pad on any aftermarket stock. Their pads just seem to absorb whatever recoil is thrown at them and keep it away from the shooter's shoulder.

I decided to mount this stock on a Remington 870 that I keep for home defense.  I wanted a stock that could be adjusted to fit anyone who might need it. Installation was quick and straightforward. It took just a few minutes.

Of course the range is really where I find out how well "anything shooting" works. It had been a while since I'd shot any of the Hevi-Shot home defense loads that I keep on hand, so I took some of them and also some older 00 Buck loads. I loaded the magazine but kept the chamber empty to begin.

I like to be as realistic as possible whenever I'm evaluating a product, so I set up a target at 21', maybe the length of an average room, and began shooting. I chambered a round and fired and then repeated that process until the magazine was empty, leaving the stock on my shoulder. I was able to keep all rounds on target and the recoil was certainly very manageable.

I destroyed several targets but felt very comfortable with the T3 equipped 870 shooting a number of 2.75" home defense loads. I also took a few 3" turkey loads, just to see how the stock would feel with those much more powerful shells. I could certainly tell a difference but again, they were not uncomfortable to shoot.

As I shot, I adjusted the stock to all its different lengths and also adjusted the cheek piece several times. This is one sturdy stock, despite its very light weight. It gives you a real feeling of confidence in its ability to stay where it should.

I'll keep the T3 TactLite on that 870 and keep the magazine filled with home defense loads. It's a winning combination.

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