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Stu Wright -The Battle is Over

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Rest now my friend, the battle is over.

The hushed voices of loved ones surrounding your bed are quiet now. Their loving hands are upon you. They've been there with you as you've fought this final battle.

You were a strong and honorable man, loyal, no matter the cost and no one doubted where you stood.

I can see your piercing eyes flash, the set of your jaw become stronger and your back become a bit straighter as you defend the truth.

Working at the bench, the tools of your trade in hand or leaning forward in your chair with a smile on your face as we talked, that's how I'll remember you.

Your eyes would shine whenever you spoke of your family. Oh, how you loved them..

We know how you fought every day with strength and courage to stay with us.

Now as the strong arms of a loving God reach down to cradle you and take you home, he whispers to you, “You were not defeated. You were victorious!”

Rest now my friend, the battle is won.


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