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Bigfoot Gun Belts

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Bigfoot Gun Belts 11785 Tracey Rd
Hayden, Idaho 83835
Phone: (208) 209-7321 Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm PST

“It's our goal to provide the open and concealed carry community with the strongest and most comfortable American gun belts ever made. Our company, located in the Inland Northwest, produces only the finest products and we're proud to stand by each one.”

As a responsible gun owner who carries a gun each day, I have spent many hours in selecting the guns that I carry. I have taken those guns to the range and put several hundreds of rounds through them to make sure they function reliably and to make certain that I can put the rounds where they need to be. I have tried to establish those neural pathways that create muscle memory, so that drawing those guns and firing them are instinctive.

The search for the perfect holster or holsters to meet my needs was equally challenging. A good holster must hold the gun securely while allowing access to the gun when it's needed.

The most neglected item, I have observed, is a belt that will support your trousers and the added weight of a holster and gun. Most dress belts just won't do the job. Over time they will sag, stretch out of shape or not hold the holster firmly enough to allow a smooth draw.

Several weeks ago I discovered a company in Hayden, Idaho, Bigfoot Gun Belts, that claimed to make a belt that would hold up over time and that could be worn with work, casual or dress trousers.

When I visited their site  I found a company that takes its products very seriously but uses humor to do that, starting with their name, Bigfoot.

“The legendary Bigfoot lurks within the Inland Northwest, cunningly creeping through the forest with a swiftness unmatched by any man. His large, hairy body gives off a pungent musk that trails behind him like an invisible wake. Deer and elk smell his stench from miles away. As the beast stealthily moves through the bushes of the dense temperate forest, something dawns on him and he abruptly stops in his tracks. His eyes widen as his hominoid mind stumbles upon an epiphany. ‘I am the reigning world champion of hide and seek,’ Bigfoot realizes, a smile curling on his apelike face. Bigfoot may be difficult to find, but tracking down a quality gun belt has never been easier. Our heavy-duty belts are built to last longer than the standard belt, while providing more strength and support to your gun and holster than anything on the market. Our belt company, however, shares several similarities with this mythical creature. Here are just a few: We’re both born and raised in the Inland Northwest. Every Bigfoot Gun Belts employee working at our Hayden facility believes in our mission to provide the highest quality product to our customers. Nothing leaves our doors without a thorough quality check by the industries finest belt makers. We are both Unbelievably Strong. Bigfoot has thick, durable skin that ages well over time - we have English Bridle leather. Bigfoot sports a furry coat filled with strong, coarse hair - we have Tex 270 military-grade thread. We both smell. He smells like tree sap and sweat. We smell like genuine cowhide and rich dyes. A good portion of the population doesn’t believe Bigfoot exists, but then again, many people don’t realize a belt this good exists either. Quality is everything – this is what separates us from the rest. We use only the highest quality materials, including our English Bridle leather that has been cut, beveled and burnished in-house to meet the standards from which our customers can expect from Bigfoot Gun Belts. Every Bigfoot Gun Belt comes with our Legendary Guarantee and 7-Day Test Drive.”

Okay, they have a catchy name and know how to use humor as well but how does their gun belt work in the real world? To determine that, I ordered one of their “Untamed” series, a 14 oz brown belt with a steel core. Frankly I was a little shocked when I used their sizing guide at what size belt I needed. I really need to cut back on those biscuits and gravy!

The belt arrived in just a few days. Doris and I were visiting with some friends that evening so I was able to give it a try immediately.  It fit me perfectly and as advertised, it's a beautiful belt, with good leather color and an attractive buckle. It would be a very desirable belt, even if you never intended to use it with a holster.

I've been wearing the Bigfoot gun belt for about 4 weeks now. In fact, it's the only belt I've worn during this time. That includes work sessions at the range, to church on Sundays and  everything in between After a couple of days it molded to fit my body but with none of the sags that can be very common in lesser belts.

I've used it with holsters for my Taurus Public Defender, Kahr CW9, a 1911, and several other full sized pistols. It has worked well with all of them, with no sag, and allowed the holster to do its job while allowing me to draw without worrying about the belt and holster slowing that down.

Over the years I've owned a number of high quality belts of all kinds. I still have several of them in my closet. The Bigfoot is one that will see very little closet time. It is truly a very high quality product.

I'd encourage you to take a look at some of its features and its warranty

This is truly a fine belt and lives up to all its advertising. It's exceptionally well made, fits great, and it keeps both my trousers and my holster where they should be. If you're like me, the only thing you'll regret is that you didn't order both the brown and the black. It's that good.

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