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Steel Will Onrush 612

Product Tests


Steel: N690Co
Handle Material: G10
Blade-HRC 58-60
Finish: PVD
Lock Type: Liner Lock
Folded Length: 5.28”
Full Length: 8.98”
Blade Length: 3.7”
Weight: 7.16 oz.

"N690Co is an Austrian steel that is often compared favorably against 440C. Depending on heat treatment it may have equal or better wear resistance and toughness.

G10 is one of the most popular materials used to manufacture knife handles. It has excellent strength properties. It is also non-flammable, non-conductive and has excellent moisture resistance. G10 glass fiber laminate is based on epoxy resins and fiberglass. Visually G10 has a pronounced fibrous structure. G10 can have different colors, depending on the color of the base fabric.

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Coating provides excellent resistance from wear and corrosion. The coating material is vaporized at a high temperature and then coated on the blade in the process of condensation. Anti-reflective blades with black PVD coating are especially popular in tactical knives."

How should a good knife feel in your hand? Does it fill your hand? Does it have heft? Is there some indefinable quality that just makes it feel right and “how an knife should feel”?

Over the several decades of my life so far, I've held very many knives in my hands. Some were truly works of art, some basic working knives but the ones that I did not want to put down had some special quality, not always easily identified, that made them just feel right. They felt more like they were an extension of my hand. That's the way the Onrush 612 Tactical Knife from Steel Will feels.

It is a handful of knife. When you pick-up the Onrush 612, you know you have a very capable tool in your hands, for whatever task is ahead. The blade opens and locks with authority. It's a solid knife and has that solid feeling in your hands. Open, whether you use the flipper or the finger stud, it has the feeling of a fixed blade knife and it is sharp.

I've been carrying and using the Onrush 612 for the last few weeks, under a variety of conditions and in many different situations, that include some of the hottest and most humid days we've had this year. Many of those days have had high temperatures in the upper 90s with humidity levels over 95%.  Even with very sweaty hands, the G10 scales and shape of the Onrush 612 have allowed me to maintain a good grip and to get the job done.

The PVD finish has prevented any rust or corrosion from forming, even though I've not taken any special precautions or care with it.

I've really used this knife for many everyday chores. It has “broken-in” over those weeks and is just a bit easier to open than it was out of the box. Other than that, it looks and functions just as it did when it arrived.

Fit and finish is excellent on the Onrush 612. Looking at it from all angles and all sides, it would be hard to find any point where the tolerances aren't tight. It is beautifully made.

Steel Will was a new company to me but the more I read about the company, visited their web site and then spoke with folks there, the more impressed I became. Steel Will has enough confidence in their product to assign each knife a serial number and provide the end user with a certificate noting the date of manufacture and the quality control inspector's signature.

This is my first Steel Will knife but it will not be my last.

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