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Hopper Spit

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Hopper Spit is the best extreme storage and corrosion protection you can buy for your valuable firearms. It is specifically formulated to protect ferrous, and non-ferrous, precision metals from the corrosive effects of harsh conditions and long term storage. Hopper Spit significantly outlasted the competition in a laboratory setting using salt spray to attack metal surfaces.”

Hopper Spit™ from Birchwood Casey® was designed to provide extreme long-term rust and corrosion protection for firearms.

Hopper Spit is specifically formulated to protect both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the harsh effects of corrosive conditions and long-term storage. Hopper Spit significantly outlasted the competition in laboratory testing that used salt spray to attack metal surfaces.

When applied as directed, Hopper Spit provides a protective finish that ensures long-term protection. It also quickly and easily cleans off when it’s time to put your firearm back into service.

Hopper Spit is available in an 11 oz. can for a suggested retail price of $14.40”.

A press release on Hopper Spit caught my attention several months ago, maybe it was the name, and I just had to give it a try. There are many ways to provide long term storage protection to valuable firearms today and I think I've tried most of them at one time or another. I also like options and you just never know when that “something new” may be just what you're looking for in the way of protection.

I know from experience that coming up with a name for a new product can be a real challenge. I wondered how Birchwood Casey had arrived at the name Hopper Spit...until I sprayed some on a rag. That's just what it looks like, hopper spit. I remember as a kid ggrowing up in Kentucky, we'd pick grasshoppers off plants and sometimes, they'd spit on us. It was a brown liquid that we called tobacco juice. Now I'd call it Hopper Spit.

I keep several guns in storage as well as many different products made from metal, choke tubes for example and while I keep humidity at reasonable levels, I am always concerned about rust. Some guns don't get used very often and they are the ones that cause me the most concern.

To put Hopper Spit to the test, I decided to put it on some choke tubes made from ETD-150 high-carbon steel that had been blued. I also used it on some unblued chokes of the same material. I put these chokes in my garage that is not air conditioned. Here is South Carolina it gets pretty humid at times so these chokes were subject to both hot days, cool nights and lots of humidity. On occasion, I'd also handle them with my bare hands which were at times covered with sweat.

After several months, I saw no sign of rust on either of the chokes.

I performed another test on the receiver of a Remington 870 that has been rust-prone. This gun is used quite often in hot and humid conditions at still target shoots. I wanted to see how Hopper Spit would hold up on a gun that was being handled as opposed to one that is in storage. Before I began, it was necessary to work on the receiver a bit to remove some rusty fingerprints that had gone unnoticed for a while. When that was done, I applied a coat of Hopper Spit, following the directions. It is important to note that the directions call for the material that's being treated to be at least 50º and that you allow it cure before handling.

There is nothing in the literature that addresses guns that are to be handled being treated with Hopper Spit but I wanted to give it a try and see what happened. Most of our still target shooting takes place in the hot summer months and if a product could protect the exposed metal from rust in the conditions that these guns are subject to, it would be of real value We'll see just how it holds up as we travel the still target shooting circuit this year. I'll update this article later this year with the results.

I can however state that everything that I've treated with Hopper Spit for storage is rust free after several months, including those choke tubes mentioned earlier.

I have also removed some Hopper Spit from items that were treated to see how easily done that was and found it to be quite easy using any one of a number of solvents.

So, is Hopper Spit the answer to long-term corrosion protection for your firearms? I believe it is. It's easy to use, easy to remove and it works. Now if I could just get that image of those grasshoppers from my youth out of my head!

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