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Hoppe's #9 Synthetic Blend

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Hoppe’s No. 9 Synthetic Blend Bore Cleaner is especially designed for the modern firearm and is built on the great tradition started by Frank Hoppe in 1903.

  • Superior removal of carbon, lead, and copper fouling

  • Safe on anodized aluminum, titanium, steel, chrome, nickel, plastic, polycarbonate and rubber

  • Same great traditional Hoppe’s 9 smell

  • Biodegradable / Non-flammable

Hoppe's No. 9, developed 110 years ago by Frank Hoppe, was meant to fight the corrosive elements of smokeless gun powder. Today, Hoppe's continues as the industry leader in gun care cleaning products for modern firearms with the No. 9 Synthetic Blend bore cleaner. This new cleaner maintains the quality of the original formula, yet appeals to the needs of a modern gun. The blend provides a deep clean and removes carbon, lead and copper fouling; while being safe to use on materials such as anodized aluminum, titanium, steel, chrome, nickel, plastic, polycarbonate and rubber. Hoppe's No. 9 Synthetic Blend, which is made in the USA, has MSRP's ranging from $4.95 to $99.95.

If you are a reader of you may have read the article “Cleaning a Shotgun Barrel” in which I describe the process that I recommend for “deep cleaning” your bore. In that article I recommend the use of Hoppe's #9 for that process. I recommend it because it works, it's relatively inexpensive, and it's widely available.

It may well be that your Dad or even your Grand Dad used Hoppe's #9 and introduced you to it. It's been around a very long time and has stood the test of time.

Why in the world would Hoppe's tamper with a product that works so well? I have to admit that I was very skeptical that old #9 could be improved. Even if it could be improved slightly, would I be willing to give up a product that I've used for decades with such excellent results?

To satisfy myself, I picked-up some of the new Synthetic Blend and have been using it literally for months on many of my guns, in the same manner that I've used the original formula. I've “deep cleaned” countless guns and used it for routine cleaning sessions. Frankly, I can't tell any difference whatsoever. Even the smell is the same.

So, what are the advantages, if any? There are 2 that will be of consequence to many shooters and hunters. It is non-flammable and it is biodegradable. So, if it works equally well and has these 2 virtues, why not use the Synthetic Blend?

There is no reason I can see not to use it and for both safety and environmental reasons it makes sense.

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