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White River Knife & Tool - Knucklehead

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“White River Knives - Excellent knives, made in the US - With great materials and workmanship. we offer custom made knives at competitive prices. Hunting, fishing, survival, tactical and other models available. All White River Knives are manufactured in house with tested and proven grinding techniques. This, along with our hand made approach to final assembly and finishing, result in a knife that's sure to please.

Custom Quality matters to us. Which is why we precision grind, hand finish and leather hone every razor sharp knife we make. Every single component, from our steels to the thread in our American made leather sheaths is sourced and produced in the U.S.A.

If you are not 100% satisfied with this knife, send it back for free repair or replacement.

White River Knife & Tool is: John and Susan Cammenga, two of their sons: John Cammenga, Jr, Matt Cammenga and a few dedicated friends.”

White River Knife and Tool, Inc., 130 Mason Drive, Coopersville, MI 49404, Phone: 616-997-0026


“To understand it, this knife must be held! Incredible torque is created when this EDC skeleton blade is held properly. In a standard grip, the Knucklehead through-hole is grasped with the first finger while the thumb is pressed on top of the jimping. (The second hole is a bottle opener only.) Each Knucklehead is a unique chisel ground blade. The raw S30V texture is left on the flat side. So, no two knives look exactly alike. The Knucklehead is usually worn as neck knife or boot knife but the Kydex sheath does include a multi-position belt clip as well.

A tough, lightweight every day carry knife. Strong enough for most tasks, but discreet and easy to conceal. Features a chisel ground, hand sharpened, leather honed blade. Stone washed, texture finish steel. Easy to grip skeleton handle design complete with bottle opener.  Wear it on your neck, boot, or belt.”

Blade Length: 2.875”
Overall Length: 6”
Blade Steel: CPM S30V
Hardness: 60 HRC
Sheath: Custom Kydex


I'll just start out by saying that the Knucklehead is one of the handiest knives I've ever used. First of all, it is sharp, very sharp. I've used it to cut open boxes, cut up boxes, cut thread, cloth, leather and many other materials. I could shave it with if I so chose, it's that sharp. It has also maintained that edge for the past couple of months without any touch-up from me. I've found myself carrying it daily, using it most days for cutting and I confess, using the built-in bottle opener just about every day.

My Knucklehead arrived with a certificate showing who made it (hand signed), attesting to its hardness, with a guarantee and a pledge to re-sharpen it, free of charge, should I choose to send it back to them for that service.

It is truly unique and the statement that it must be held to understand it is not marketing hype. It just fits my hand so perfectly that I have absolute confidence in it, no matter what the task.

I have configured the included Kydex sheath in several different ways for belt use. Currently, I'm wearing it on my right side in a pretty much straight up and down position but it's possible to wear it in many other ways as well. It also comes with a lanyard that allows it to be worn as a neck knife.

The Knucklehead is very light and easy to forget that it's with you until you need it. It would make an excellent survival knife, one for your “bug out” bag, for emergency or police personnel or for anyone who wants a very sharp knife that can be put in use quickly and get the job done.

My Knucklehead also came with a catalog showing the other knives offered by White River including those from their Custom Shop. There are some real beauties there.

I'd recommend the Knucklehead to anyone looking for a high-quality, multi-purpose knife that is both light, strong and sharp, very sharp.

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