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"New" Magnum Blend Shotshels from Hevi-Shot

Product Tests

As I write this turkey season is in full swing in many places and about to begin in many others. In the last several months I've evaluated a number of new shotshells and several choke combinations.

The latest new shotshell to come my way is a variation on the already very successful Magnum Blend shell from Hevi-Shot. This new shell is loaded with #4, #5 and #7 Hevi-13 pellets. The current Magnum Blend shells have #5, #6 and #7 shot. When I first heard about this new product I was intrigued by it and interested to know if I'd see any real difference in patterns with the addition of the #4 shot. It sure sounded like it would "pack a wallop".

I only know one way to see how a shotshell works and that is to take it to the range and put some on paper.

With all of the activity this spring, I've not really spent much time with the gun that I plan to use for turkey hunting most of the time, my Benelli Vinci. I've shot it a good bit at big paper with lots of different shells and chokes but nor really worried too much about the POA/POI relationship.

I decided to use that gun to evaluate the new Magnum Blend shells and also to get ready for turkey hunts scheduled later this month.

Temperatures were in the high 60s, a little warmer than I like to evaluate a shell but it's what I had and the time was right, so I headed off to the range.

This time, I assumed the position of a turkey hunter rather than shoot from a solid rest. I put a set of Truglo Pro-Series open sights on my Vinci last year since in low light situations, my eyes were having a problem picking up on the bead.

I shot at big paper, 40 yards from the muzzle and placed the sights just below an orange dot in the center of the paper. In total, I fired 12 rounds of the new 3" Magnum Blend shells with 2 oz. of shot.

Before I discuss patterns, I'd like to note that for whatever reason, the choke, the gun itself, the Limbsaver pad on it or the new shells, the recoil was nothing like I'd remembered it being the last time I shot Magnum Blend shells. I even looked at the box to make sure they were not the "Reduced Recoil" loads. They were not.

Here's a fairly typical pattern

You will note the very dense 10" pattern but there is also a nice "halo" pattern out to 20", allowing for some margin of error on the part of the shooter or movement on the part of the turkey.

There were absolutely no gaps of 2" or greater and by my count this target had 239 hits within the 10" circle.

I cut one of the new Magnum Blend shells open and here's what's inside

I did not attempt to isolate the different sizes of shot but it appears to be a pretty good mixture. Maybe later I'll perform an actual count. There was the usual very fine buffer and the now familiar small bunch of sterile flax seed to allow a firm crimp.

One great thing, as you can see from the target above, is that this shell shot to my exact point of aim. That means I'm ready for the turkey season, at least as far as guns, chokes and shells go.

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