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Real World Shooting with Polycase Inceptor 9mm

Product Tests

"Over the next several weeks I'll be evaluating some 9mm Luger Inceptor ARX cartridges from the Polycase ammunition company.

I'll take it to the range and evaluate its performance through a full-sized, high capacity Ruger P89 and a sub-compact Kahr CM9. I'll let you know how it performs in all respects in both firearms.

The 9mm Inceptor features a brass case, 74 gr ARX bullet at 1475 fps with 357 ft. lbs of energy.

You cam read about it below and visit to learn more about it and other Polycase products and you may read a "Product Test" article with my evaluation of Polycase 9mm Inceptor ammo here soon."

I wrote that on January 15, 2015 and you can read all of the introductory information at

Since that time, I've been periodically taking my Kahr CM9 and a Ruger P89 to the range and putting several magazines of the Polycase Inceptor down range each trip. The very first thing I want to do with any cartridge is make sure that it feeds reliably and functions in the firearm. Shooting a couple of hundred of these rounds through those guns, I did not have one failure to feed or a malfunction of any kind.

In firing all those rounds, I noticed that there was an almost total lack of felt recoil. That's one of the selling points of this round. It has a very light weight bullet, only 74 gr but it's at an astounding 1475 f.p.s. It's  very pleasant to shoot and makes even my rather small Kahr very easy to control.

When shooting the Ruger P89, a full sized duty pistol, there was hardly any felt recoil shot and placement with this old favorite was better than with any 9mm rounds I've shot through that gun in the last 20 years.

My test is what I call "real world shooting" and for me that is drawing and firing my carry gun, the Kahr CM9 with one hand and as quickly as I can, accurately get off 3 controlled shots at 7 yards (21 feet) from the target.

You can see the results. I was able to place all 3 shots in an area that can be touched by the sides of a .25 cent piece. That's very good shooting for me and gives me confidence in both the gun and the Polycase Inceptor 9mm cartridges. The Inceptor bullets fully penetrated 8" of tightly packed newsprint behind the target and again gave me confidence that they would do the job, should they ever be called upon.

If you're looking for a line of centerfire ammunition for your duty or everyday carry gun, I'd encourage you to visit the Polycase site and take a look at what they have to offer. If you'd like to read more "Product Test" articles, please visit

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