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Parabellum Pistol by Gletcher

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“This is the pneumatic version of the legendary German gun which was the primary weapon of the German army during two world wars.
The Gletcher Parabellum is an advanced premium air version of this legendary gun, and accurately reflects the weight and size of the original. It features  breech block lever system with Blowback, and a functioning bolt hold-open device (BHO), a full-size magazine, and a light trigger pull.”

Gletcher is a brand of pneumatic guns and accessories, established by SMG Inc. Our slogan, “Military Precision”, emphasizes the high level of implementation of our air guns both in function and design. It also reflects the passion it evokes in our customers. In creating the Gletcher brand and products, we tried to fill a void for customers who appreciate firearms but due to cultural and regulatory issues were unable to own these types of items.

In the United States, Gletcher replica air guns are used by owners of real firearm to maintain their shooting skills. In Europe, where firearm legislation is very strict, Gletcher air guns provide enthusiasts with the rare opportunity to capture the spirit of owning legendary firearms. In other regions of the world Gletcher has become a popular replica sidearm for airsoft players. Our brand has taken a leading position in the pneumatic gun market in many countries thanks to our quality authentic implementation of our air guns. SMG Inc. prides itself on delivering excellent customer support. Each Gletcher air gun comes with an 18 month warranty. We do our best to provide warranty service for our products sold throughout the world through our network of distributors and retailers.

Have you ever wanted to own a “German Luger” pistol but not been able to get by the price that those guns command today? I know that I've kicked myself several times for not taking advantage of opportunities that I had years ago to pick one up at what now appear to be very reasonable prices.

Well, here's a very nice alternative from Gletcher Military Precision.  They make a full line of beautiful guns but when I saw this one, I had to have it.

Put this gun in your hand and you'll swear that you're holding a genuine P-08, the correct designation for a German Luger. It has the heft and feel of the real thing and that's not by accident. Gletcher has put lots of time in the development of their full line of historically accurate guns. The Parabellum is no exception. From the grips, to the safety, to the magazine and to the toggle action, it's a Luger pistol. Fit and finish is excellent as well but this is not just a replica gun for you to admire. It's also a working pistol.

When you eject the magazine you'll see that it looks like a genuine P-08 magazine that's been hollowed out to accept a C02  cartridge. It's also where the magazine that can hold up to 21 BBs is located. Once the magazine is loaded, the CO2 cartridge is installed and the magazine inserted into its well, you pull back the toggle, just like in the original, to load the first round into the chamber.

With each pull of the trigger, the toggle retracts and then goes back into battery to load another round. This gun actually feels like a Luger but with less recoil and muzzle blast.

Speaking of “blast”, this gun is a blast to shoot. The trigger is very good and I found that I could get in a lot of practice time in my back yard with a suitable backstop of course. This is not a toy but a real gun that just happens to fire BBs. It allows me to practice every disciple that I need in shooting any firearm,  sight-picture, trigger squeeze and breathing, and I can do it just about any time with much less expense.

If you've ever wanted to own an historically accurate, functioning replica of one of the great guns of recent times, I'd recommend that you visit and take a look at what they have to offer. If you're like me, you'll see something, maybe several “somethings” that you just have to have.

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