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Turkey Choke Evaluation Project

Advice for the Shooter

For the past several weeks, I have been putting together a number of different brands and configurations (exit diameters) of turkey chokes. It is my intention to compare the patterns of these chokes, using 3" Winchester Long Beard (WLB) turkey loads with 1.75 oz. of #6 shot.

As a topic of extra interest, I intend to compare chokes that have been designed specifically for the WLB shotshells with chokes that were not specifically designed for those shells.

Most  of the major commercial producers of turkey chokes will be represented in this evaluation. These will be chokes that you, as a hunter and shooter, will be able to purchase “off the shelf” and have a reasonable expectation of matching the results you see in my evaluations. No custom made chokes will be evaluated.

When I evaluate these chokes all shots will be taken from a distance of 40 yards from the muzzle of the gun. I will count the number of hits within a 10” circle, since that has become, over the years, the standard for evaluation. I am however more interested in the quality of each pattern than just an arbitrary number of hits.

I am looking for density and evenness of the distribution of the shot within the 10” circle. Therefore, I evaluate the quality of each pattern by counting the gaps or holes in it. I measure and record any gap that equals or exceeds 2” in diameter.

I will display the actual targets shot along with the count of the hits within the 10” circle and the number of gaps within each target. In that way the reader can make a determination as to which choke he believes to be the most efficient in his shotgun.

Please take a look at
This artiicle will be used as a template for the evaluation of these turkey chokes.

While somewhat weather dependent, it is my intention to have this work completed well in advance of the 2015 Spring turkey season and with any luck, before the 2015 NWTF National Convention next February.

I will publish my findings as soon as my work in completed, so please come back often.

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