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Doris Bush Wins 4th World Championship

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EDGEFIELD, SC-----Despite very challenging weather conditions, Doris Bush of Simpsonville. South Carolina, went on to win her 4th Still Target Shooting World Championship. That win made Bush the all time woman's winner in the history of the sport. No woman has won as many titles. In addition, she holds the Women's World Record and it is the longest lasting world record, men's or women's since the contest began 21 years ago.

Friday morning began with mild temperatures but gusty winds that changed dramatically to blowing rain that lasted all through the first day. “Conditions were pretty tough,” stated Bush “but we just kept shooting from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 that night.”

Saturday began with temperatures in the 30s with swirling winds and gusts of up to 25 miles per hour.

Bush is known for her steadiness and for being able to tune out everything around her when she shoots. That was very evident on both Friday and Saturday as she dominated the competition and took the championship Saturday evening by winning 2 straight squads. “I do like to win and the best way that I know is to bear down hard in the championship rounds,” she said.

Still target shooting combines both marksmanship and endurance as the competitors shoot full power 3” turkey loads, Doris shoots 3" Hevi-13 shells with 1.25 oz. of #6 shot,  for 2 days from 8:00 each morning until 5:00 each evening. The contestants shoot at a 3" circle, 40 yards from the muzzle of the gun while sitting on a low stool and they must hold the gun on target without the use of any rest. It's more like shooting a rifle than a shotgun and a 3” circle is a pretty small target at 40 yards.

Bush has been competing in the sport since 2006 when she set the women's world record that still stands and since that time, she's won 4 world titles. She and her husband Clark travel the shooting circuit from early spring until the championship event that takes place each October. They recently moved from Southern Illinois to Simpsonville to be closer to their son, his wife and 2 grandsons.

The Still Target Championships began as a way for hunters and the turkey hunting industry to showcase new technology and define best practices for patterning a shotgun and achieving ethical turkey hunting conditions.
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