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ProMag Moves to Arizona

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- ProMag® Industries, one of the world's largest producers of firearm magazines and gun accessories has officially left California after the new magazine restrictions were introduced this year. ProMag® Industries employed over 200 employees in their South Gate, California facility, forced out after 25 years - no longer able to sell their own products from California.

Over 150 tons of equipment on over 40 over-sized trucks shipped to the new 90,000 square foot factory in west Phoenix. All products will be made in house, by the new team in Arizona. Only a small handful of California employees were selected to move to Arizona for the
restructure. The new team now includes hand-picked hires from all-over the US, including innovative product designers, quality control experts and a solid assembly staff. The new operation is now running at 100%, nine months after the move.

"Our move to Phoenix was a an opportunity to start from scratch..." says General Manager, Mike Kurvink. "Trying to keep up with the demand for our products during the hi-capacity magazine panic lead to many quality issues. I'm pleased to announce that we have had the opportunity to correct these problems, not only in our manufacturing process, but also by making a commitment to quality from the shop floor, to the boardroom. We take what we do very seriously, we are not making pez dispensers. We are committed to making magazines our customers can depend on."

2015 will present a fresh start for ProMag® and its products, setting a new quality standard in the industry. New warranty programs and proprietary formulas will be introduced, including the ultra durable Technapolymer® and SPRINGS FOR LIFE™ program. These innovations and new promise for quality introduces a new and improved ProMag, reborn stronger than ever, sporting a new MADE IN ARIZONA label.

ProMag® Industries, is one of the world's largest manufacturer of fine quality aftermarket magazines. With over 300 different magazines currently in production to meet your shooting needs, we offer the widest selection of handgun and rifle accessories for law enforcement, military and recreation shooters. We are proud to utilize both traditional stamping and welding of heat treated high carbon steel and modern precision injection molding of our patented polymer formula Technapolymer® to produce our magazines.

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