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CrossBreed's New MaxSlide Holster

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CrossBreed Holsters new MaxSlide holster will allow you to carry your Taurus Judge (5 shot with 2.5″ chamber) or S&W Governor in comfort and style. Staying in tradition with their handcrafting process, the OWB MaxSlide has all the clean, comfortable, and professional appearance as the SuperSlide. Its heavy construction and craftsmanship provides excellent weight distribution, ensuring stability and comfort while carrying."

I have just received my new CrossBreed OWB holster for the Taurus Public Defender Ultra-Lite. Find a holster to fit that gun that will also allow it to be carried concealed has been a bit of a challenge. I've tried a couple and they did work but I just felt there had to be something that would work just a bit better. When I read that CrossBreed had just introduced a new holster for the S&W Governor and Taurus 5-shot revolvers with 2.5” chambers, I just had to have one.

This is my first experience with the CrossBreed brand of holsters. While I've heard many positive comments about them, I'd never held one in my hands or looked at one. It is indeed a very high quality product and that's evident from the moment you see or feel one, even before it's on your belt. Every detail is properly done and every part of it is well finished. I was also very impressed with the information that accompanied it.

It's evident that the folks at CrossBreed want you to be pleased with their product. They spend a good bit of time explaining fit and adjustment. Frankly, I see very few products that take this much time to explain to the end-user how to make it work better for them. It's impressive.

My Taurus Public Defender Ultra-Lite fit perfectly into the holster. For me, it was also the perfect retention level. It holds the revolver firmly but allows me to draw it quickly and cleanly. (There is a section in the instructions that come with it about how to adjust fit/retention and the acknowledgement that many people have different ideas of just how a gun should fit and the amount of retention it should have.)

I'm ready now to begin the break-in period with my new CrossBreed. This comes at an excellent time because I am also preparing to evaluate a new .410 shotshell load for the Taurus Judge and S&W Governor line of revolvers. This will give me a real opportunity to put it through its paces in a variety of situations.

Stay tuned. I'll have my follow-up report soon.

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