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Opening Our Minds

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Confining our thoughts to one subject can handicap us more than we may realize. I have really come to realize this when I read so much of what is written on Internet forums.

Recently I read what someone had to say about the importance of a certain company to the shooting world. I do understand the writer's perspective. He writes from his life experiences but expects everyone who reads what he's written to have the same experiences as he has. That is seldom true of course unless you live in some very closed society that has no access to the outside world.

Expecting that others will see things through our eyes is always a mistake but worse than that, it limits our perspective and reduces our possible influence on whatever subject that we may be most interested in or one in which we would like to have some influence.

The shooting sports are so varied not only in the U.S. but all over the world. The clays sports occupy much of our time and get more attention than any others but in reality only about 10% of the shotshells used in the U.S. are used in those sports. In other parts of the world, Europe for example, almost 90% of the shotshells used are for target sports like the clays sports.

Hunting in the U.S. is a major sport and economic driver in many parts of our country. The fall seasons that can begin with doves, teal, upland game and most important to many, the major waterfowl seasons, may not get the attention of the clays sports but are the lifeblood of shotshell makers.

If we confine our thoughts only to one particular sport we are missing the opportunity to enjoy and learn about the others. Perhaps even more importantly, we are missing the opportunity to influence others and get them involved in the shooting and hunting sports.

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