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What does it mean to relocate your home?

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What does it really mean to relocate your home?

Recently, Doris and I made the decision to sell our place in Southern Illinois and move to South Carolina. That was not an easy decision for me. Southern Illinois was home and had been for a very long time. We lived on land that had been in the family since 1949 and had everything that we needed. There was wooded land that provided us with game animals and open land that allowed us to grow garden vegetables. My shooting range was about 150 yards from my workshop.

I had wandered over all our land for more than 4 decades and knew every inch of it. I knew that there was a line of deer rubs and scrapes that ran from the west side of our land, along the southern edge and then turned north just about in the middle of my range. There was a line of cedar trees that was used every year for scrapes and rubs just south of the range and that area produced some excellent pictures of herds of deer. It also produced much venison for our freezer.

There was a blind that I built for my father-in-law and he used to shoot his first and only buck, a 12 pointer with a 21” inside spread. He did that on his 83rd birthday. Over the years I shot many nice deer from that same blind.

Every fall as I settled into that blind I'd think of my father-in-law and remember how happy he was to shoot that deer of a lifetime.

Each winter I'd go out after a big snow just to see the tracks of the various animals that inhabited the woods and fields of our place. In the last few years, we'd been able to attract and hold some quail and rabbits had really come back. We had a major storm, a derecho or inland hurricane, a few years ago and after cutting up many trees that had been downed by the storm, I built a good number of brush piles. They really worked to help those populations.

Why would anyone leave or relocate from such an ideal setting? Family. It's all about family. Our son and his family, wife and 2 grandsons, live in South Carolina. They've been there for a number of years, love it and for the past couple of years, have been encouraging us to move. We've really enjoyed being together on our frequent trips to the area and last year decided to make the move.

We wanted to watch our grandsons grow up and get to know them better. We also wanted to be of help to our son and his family.

Last year when I told one of our cousins that we were thinking about moving but hated to see the land go out of the family, she said, “Clark, it's only land. Family is the important thing.” She was 100% correct.

We made the decision jointly and neither of us has regretted it. For the first time we can see our younger son and his family in about 10 minutes or so. We've already been to a baptism, a birthday party and a 4th of July celebration with them and it's only been a month since we moved.

Now, if can only get our other son and grandson  to move...

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