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Remington Announces Corporate Consolidation

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Yesterday,  employees at six Remington properties along with two production lines in Ilion, New York, were told their companies and jobs were relocating to Huntsville, Alabama.

Here's the official company statement from spokesperson Teddy Novin:

"Earlier today we announced the consolidation of multiple company plants into our Huntsville, Alabama facility. This was a strategic business decision to concentrate our resources into fewer locations and improve manufacturing efficiency and quality. We are working hard to retain as many from the affected facilities as possible."

The companies being relocated and their current locations are: Advanced Armament Corp, Lawrenceville, Georgia; Montana Rifleman, Kalispell, Montana; TAPCO, Kennesaw, Georgia; LAR Manufacturing, West Jordan, Utah; Para-Ordnance, Pineville, North Carolina; and DPMS, St. Cloud, Minnesota. Additionally, the Bushmaster production and Remington 1911 production lines will also be relocating from Ilion, New York.

Remington will reportedly be offering relocation opportunities to its employees but the attraction of modern state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities like the one in Huntsville, Alabama, is their innate ability to eliminate head count without negatively impacting production outputs.

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