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New TFO Handgun Sights from TRUGLO

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April, 2014 - TRUGLO® Inc., manufacturer of the world’s most advanced line of fiber-optic sights and accessories for the shooting sports industry introduces its newest additions to the BRITE-SITE™ TFO® (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) family of handgun sights – the NEW! Glock 41/Glock 42 models. These new sights offer revolutionary innovation with TRUGLO’s patented combination of TFO® (Tritium and Fiber-Optic) technology delivering an enhanced sight picture 24/7. Rapid target acquisition is achieved with TFO® technology by utilizing existing ambient light to illuminate the sight picture during bright lighting conditions and then utilizing the tritium component to illuminate the fiber-optic during low light or no light conditions. The TFO® technology offers an uninterrupted, consistent sight picture for the shooter when other sight systems fall short.

The low profile sight housings are constructed from CNC-machined steel. The technical design protects the fiber while concealing its view from the target. The TFO® sights fit in standard holsters and are designed to be snag-resistant and dependable.  Each set is available in a green front sight /green rear sight combination or green front sight / yellow rear sight combination.  


TFO® (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) patented technology
Consistent sight picture 24/7.
Transitions between all light conditions
Glows in the dark
No batteries required
CNC- machined steel construction
Concealed fiber cannot be seen by target
Fits standard holsters
Snag-resistant design

Model information:
GLOCK 41 model TG131GT2 (Green Front Sight /Green Rear Sight)
GLOCK 41 model TG131GT2Y (Green Front Sight /Yellow Rear Sight)
GLOCK 42 model TG131GT1A (Green Front Sight /Green Rear Sight)
GLOCK 42 model TG131GT1B (Green Front Sight /Yellow Rear Sight)

For more information on TRUGLO’s NEW BRITE-SITE™ TFO® (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) SIGHTS for GLOCK® MODELS 41/42,
please visit

About TRUGLO: TRUGLO® is the world’s leading company in fiber-optic technology for the shooting sports industry.  Born from innovation, TRUGLO® continues year after year to enhance the marketplace with technologically advanced and innovative ideas for the outdoor enthusiast.  Based in Richardson, Texas, TRUGLO® is a world-wide brand celebrating 20 years of offering only the best they have to shooters and hunters around the world.  Giving back to an industry they love, TRUGLO® is involved in many conservation groups, youth programs and organizations that promote the values they believe are necessary to guarantee the industry’s future.  Visit  TRUGLO® -When Brightness Counts!

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