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New Taurus View

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(Miami, FL) – Taurus®, the global leader in revolver manufacturing,

introduces the new View, five-shot revolver to their ever-expanding

line of concealed carry handguns. Taurus is moving in great strides

to produce firearms that are easy to carry while maintaining their

high standard of reliability and performance.


The View, named because of its distinctive, translucent side plate

on the right side of the revolver that bares the interior mechanisms,

carries with ease. This .38 Special is based on the Taurus Model 85,

but the distinct difference with this small-frame revolver is the new

contoured grip and grip frame that won’t print when worn inside fitted

clothing, like most traditional carry guns. Another advantage of this

new grip shape is that it sits back in the palm, reducing muzzle

lift. The View also incorporates a subtle, unique curvature cant to the

grip’s shape while keeping the thickness of the revolver minimal

while increasing the comfort of carrying the firearm.


The titanium cylinder and snub nose barrel keep the revolver ultra light

in weight (approx. 9 ounces unloaded) while increasing its strength.

The stainless steel ejector rod is shortened for easy carry. The Taurus

View boasts a 10-pound trigger, making it ideal for personal defensive

purposes. The non-adjustable sight is aligned for point-of-aim/point-of-impact

shooting at close quarter distances. Choose to carry, choose the View.




CALIBER .38 Special

CAPACITY 5 rounds





WEIGHT: 9 ounces unloaded; 17 ounces loaded

SIGHTS Front: Fixed serrated ramp / Rear: Fixed

SAFETY DEVICES Transfer Bar, Taurus Security System®


FRAME: Aluminum

BARREL: Titanium with liner steel

CYLINDER: Titanium

MECHANISM PLATE: Polycarbonate

FINISH Colored Aluminum

REMARKS Rigid Polymer Grip

MSRP: $599.00


About Taurus®:

Taurus® is the global leader in revolver production. Taurus International

Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to be the U.S. importer of all Taurus brand firearms manufactured in Brazil and to be the manufacturer of the model

PT-22, PT-25 and PT-738 pistols made here in the U.S. Taurus International

services all Taurus brand firearms under the LIFETIME REPAIR POLICY™ as well.

For additional information about Taurus, visit

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