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Remington Launches 2020 "Smart Scope"

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The Remington 2020 system mounted on a Model 700 rifle.

The Remington 2020 system mounted on a Model 700 rifle.

Remington’s partnership with “smart scope” manufacturer TrackingPoint has been shrouded in mystery since the collaboration was announced earlier this year. With the recent launch of, Remington has finally revealed the fruits of their labor.

The Remington 2020 is similar to the “Precision Guided Firearm” systems (which have been offered at auction for as much as $35,000) made by TrackingPoint, but with a few major changes. The 2020-equipped firearms will not include an electronic trigger that is linked to the scope—instead, they will be equipped with standard manually-operated triggers. The scope will still calculate a firing solution for the shooter, much like TrackingPoint’s proprietary products, but it is up to the shooter to pull the trigger.

Remington 2020′s firing system is called Tag, Track and React. A “tag” button on top of the scope allows shooters to “lock on” to targets up to 500 yards away. The next step happens within the scope’s ballistic computer, which accounts for factors such as drop, wind drift, cant, target movement, temperature, and more. This results in a firing solution that tracks the tagged object. With the firing solution in place, the shooter then aligns the 2020′s blue firing reticle with the tagged target. The reticle will turn red when properly aligned, signifying that the point of aim is on-target.

A call to Remington’s corporate headquarters revealed that the 2020 system comes in three rifle versions:

  • Model 700 Long Range (LR) Long Action in .30-06 Springfield
  • Model 700 SPS Tactical Short Action in .308 Winchester
  • Bushmaster Varminter in .223 Remington

Each of these options carry a MSRP of roughly $5,000 and include the rifle, although the Remington employee indicated that sales price could be significantly lower. The first of these rifles is expected to be shipped soon. Interested customers can order them from retailers such as Sportsman’s Warehouse, Field & Stream stores, Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, or Gander Mountain. The employee also stated that the 2020 is in full-scale production, not merely a limited run. More information can be found at their site here.

Image courtesy Remington



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