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Hevi-Duty HD Loads - Before and After

Product Tests

A load of Hevi-Duty #4 Buckshot The small brown objects are environmentally friendly lentils.

Six or so of those frangible pellets crushed with pliers.

I've not been able to shoot any of these loads yet but thought you might enjoy seeing how they look, before and after.

I just crushed a few of the frangible pellets with some pliers to see how much force it took. There's certainly nothing scientific about this hardness testing method but it  certainly demonstrates the frangible nature of the pellets.

It also shows what might happen if those pellets hit a hard object, after a miss, etc. The desire is to have a load with enough energy, knock-down power,  to stop an aggressor but not over penetrate and cause damage to an innocent bystander or member of your family.

They really look good so far. Now I need to spend some time at the range and evaluate for accuracy and penetration in a number of different media.

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