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Another Acquisition?

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It looks like another major purchase is in the works. It's highly rumored, without confirmation from either party, that ATK is in the very last stages of purchasing Bushnell.

"Acquisition of the Bushnell brand portfolio would give any purchaser an instant market presence with Bushnell, Butler Creek, Final Approach, Hoppe's, Millett, Night Optics, Primos Hunting (acquired last year) Simmons, Tasco, Stoney Point and Uncle Mikes brands. With the recent $315 million acquisition of Caliber Company, the parent of Savage Arms and Stevens, ATK appeared to be expanding their consumer portfolio. ATK's Sporting Group already includes Federal Premium, Alliant Powder, CCI, RCBS, Speer, Weaver Optics, and Champion Targets. With the addition of the Bushnell brand portfolio, the $3.1 Billion dollar company could be poised for a head-to-head battle with Freedom Group as the two major players in the firearms space."

Sales of most hunting, shooting and related companies have been excellent this year, despite a real shortage of ammo for consumers to purchase. Publicly traded companies like Ruger have seen record sales and record profits this year, on top of records last year.

Some investment groups and retirement funds have been divesting themselves of stock in many of these companies. Were I a shareholder in those funds or groups, I'd be questioning the wisdom of whatever entity decided that was a good idea.

Regardless, it seems that the ownership of many of the companies that we've known for years are being brought under fewer and fewer umbrellas of ownership.

We'll follow the ATK - Bushnell acquisition and keep you informed.

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