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Kahr CM9

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CM9093 (3.0" Barrel)
Black polymer frame, matte stainless slide
MSRP: $517.00
Ships with one magazine

Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 6+1
Operation: Trigger cocking DAO; lock breech; "Browning - type" recoil lug; passive striker block; no magazine disconnect
Barrel: 3.0", conventional rifling; 1 - 10 right-hand twist
Length O/A: 5.42"
Height: 4.0"
Slide Width: .90"
Weight: Pistol 14 ounces, Magazine 1.9 ounces
Grips: Textured polymer
Sights: Drift adjustable, white bar-dot combat sights
Finish: Black polymer frame, matte stainless steel slide
Magazine: 1 - 6 rd flush floorplate

The CM Series takes the value priced features from Kahr's CW series (3.6" barrel 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP models) and incorporates these features into a smaller 3" barrel package. The CM9093 has the same external dimensions as the PM9093 which make it ideal for concealed carry by licensed civilians and law enforcement personnel. The CM9093 is chambered in a 9 x 19 caliber, has a 3.0" barrel and an overall length of 5.42, with a height of 4.0". The pistol weighs in at 14 ounces plus 1.9 ounces for the 6 rd stainless steel magazine. Differences between the CM models and PM models are the CM9093 has a conventional rifled barrel instead of the match grade polygonal barrel on Kahr's PM series; the CM slide stop lever is MIM (metal-injection-molded) instead of machined; the CM series slide has fewer machining operations and uses simple roll marking instead of engraved markings and finally the CM series are shipped with one magazine instead of two magazines.

Kahr's seven patents are incorporated into the CM9093 resulting in benefits not available in other compact semi-autos on the market today. The black polymer frame features patented 4140 steel inserts molded into the frame in the front and back for added rigidity and strength which can withstand firing thousands of rounds. Kahr's incomparable cocking cam trigger system employs a patented cam to both unlock the firing pin block (passive safety) and complete cocking and releasing of the firing pin. The system provides a "safe-cam action" and unbelievably smooth double action only trigger stroke, fast to fire in critical defensive situations.

Kahr's two patents covering the offset recoil lug and the trigger bar attachment allow Kahr's barrel to fit lower in the frame and since there is no hammer the shooter's hand is further up the grip resulting in less felt recoil and quick follow-up shots. The CM9 boasts real sights which are drift adjustable in the rear and a pinned-in polymer front sight featuring a white bar-dot configuration. Finally the slide locks back after firing the last round - another feature missing on a number of lower cost compact semi-auto pistols.

The CM9 slide is only .90 inch wide and machined from solid 416 stainless slide with a matte finish, each gun is shipped with one 6 rd stainless steel magazine with a flush baseplate. Magazines are USA made, plasma welded, tumbled to remove burrs and feature Wolff Gunsprings. The magazine catch in the polymer frame is all metal and will not wear out on the stainless steel magazine after extended use.

Kahr offers the CM series at a great value price but did not compromise on the features, accuracy or reliability found in all Kahr pistols.”

Several months ago, I wanted to find a compact 9mm pistol for concealed carry. I spent a good bit of time reviewing the market to see exactly what was available with the features that I wanted.

I wanted a reasonably light pistol that was double action only, with no magazine disconnect, and that was as rustproof as possible. I wanted a very simple to operate pistol with very little thinking involved to draw it and to get it into action.

I did a lot of research first by discussing pistols with those kinds of features with the people who really know more about them than anyone else, gun dealers. These folks don't like to sell guns that their customers don't like. They hear about them, get them back and many times a troublesome gun can alienate a good customer.

Next, I spent a good bit of time comparing similar guns at manufacturers sites and lastly, I visited Internet sites and forums and searched for users of the various guns offered meeting the basic requirements I'd set.

After all my research, I had narrowed my choices to 2 guns, both of which met my basic requirements and along the way, I'd also decided that I wanted a gun with no external safety and that was striker fired as apposed to hammer fired. After handling a variety of guns over several months, my choice was the Kahr CM9.

The CM9 fit my hand well, was reasonably light, had an excellent trigger, could safely be carried with a round in the chamber with 6 in the magazine, it had no magazine safety so in the event that the magazine was lost or damaged it could still be fired and it had no external safety to complicate getting it into action.

Kahr recommends putting 200 rounds through their guns to break-in everything. That gave me just the excuse that I needed to take it to the range over what I had planned to be a period of several days, that turned into several weeks actually, with a variety to 9mm ammo. I am fortunate to have a wide variety of 9mm ammo, everything from standard ball to some pretty exotic self-defense loads.

For the initial break-in period, I selected some 9mm ball ammo that has a pretty good punch and is very accurate but would not be considered a self-defense load unless you had nothing else on hand. I decided that all shots would be fired from 7 yards since that's the distance that most self-defense shots are fired in real life. I used torso sized targets with a 3” aim point in the middle of the body mass.

To my absolute surprise, I was able to put all 7 rounds into a 6” circle from that distance with this little pistol. After running several magazines with not one failure of any kind, I was really wondering about the necessity of 200 rounds to break it in but I was enjoying shooting it so much, I knew I did not want to stop shooting it right away.

Over the next several weeks I put some of everything that I had in stock in 9mm through the CM9 and did not have one failure of any kind and the accuracy that I had experienced held up with all of the different loads. I finally realized that I was no longer shooting this gun to break it in or make sure that it was reliable, I was shooting it because I just really enjoyed it.

So, here's the bottom line on the CM9. It's light, it's accurate, it has a good trigger and it's easy to get into operation. With its polymer frame and stainless slide, it's about as rust resistant as it could be made.

Tear down for a total cleaning is not complicated and the instructions are clear. My gun will continue to function after many rounds have been put through it and I detected no appreciable loss of accuracy after 50 or more rounds down the bore, so I won't be tearing it down too often.

I do intend to order a spare magazine or two since this gun came with only one and I'm still looking for the perfect concealed carry holster for it. I've been using a couple but neither is exactly what I want.

I would recommend the Kahr CM9 to anyone looking for a compact 9mm pistol for concealed carry. It's a winner.

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