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Every day more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera.”

Those are the only words spoken during a 60-second TV ad for the iPhone in their current campaign. One minute of people touching their iPhone screen as they take photos of everyday life. What the ad doesn’t say is that taking all those photos – along with editing, texting and Tweeting – will cover the screen with fingerprints. That’s where LensPen steps in.

LensPen has the products to keep smartphone touchscreens and lenses clean,” said Ryan Keating, vice president of marketing for the LensPen Group. “Our carbon technology that has been used to clean lenses and filters for more than 20 years is also great for removing fingerprints from smartphone touchscreens and lenses.”

SmartKlear™ is designed to remove fingerprints from iPhone and Android phone touchscreens. Its cleaning pad is impregnated with the same carbon compound used in other LensPen products. No liquids, cloths or sprays. Replaceable cleaning pads give 300 cleanings per pad.

While an idle DSLR camera lens is usually covered, the lens on a phone sits unprotected in a pocket or purse, and sooner or later, it will be covered by fingerprints. CellKlear features the same carbon-impregnated cleaning tip as other LensPen models, and is sized perfectly to clean a smartphone lens.

iPads and tablets are also very popular cameras. SideKick, the original LensPen touchscreen cleaner, has a cleaning pad twice the size of SmartKlear’s, and it is perfect for removing fingerprints from larger-sized touchscreens.

SmartKlear, SideKick and CellKlear are available at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other fine retailers. For more information on LensPen products, go to

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