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Truglo Tru-See Targets

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TRUGLO®, manufacturer of the world’s most advanced line of sights and accessories for archery and firearms is pleased to introduce the new TRU·SEE™ Targets. TRU·SEE Targets are self-adhesive targets that offer shooters high visibility while shooting downrange.

TRU·SEE Targets incorporate TRUGLO’s innovative ACCU-GRID™ Precision Sighting System that allows for accurate ¼” measurements. TRU·SEE Targets also feature a point-of-impact visibility that is enhanced by a fluorescent green halo, allowing the shooter to clearly see point of impact for sighting in or precision shooting. The flat finish background on the TRU·SEE Target makes the shot easy to identify downrange. TRU·SEE Targets are printed on heavy stock paper with self-adhesive backing for increased target life. TRU·SEE Targets can be shot as is, or peeled and stuck to a backstop.

Self-adhesive replacement dots are included to extend the life of the target (with the exception of the turkey targets). TRUGLO TRU·SEE Targets are available in four different variations: 5-Target Set, 100 Yard Target, Turkey Target and Handgun Target.


  • 5-Target in 12 pack or 6 pack with 27 replacement dots per target

  • 100 Yard Target in 12 pack or 6 pack with 34 replacement dots per target

  • Turkey Target in 12 pack or 6 pack (no replacement dots are included)

  • Handgun Target in 12 pack or 6 pack with 46 replacement dots per target


About TRUGLO: TRUGLO knows that a successful and truly rewarding outdoor experience is about more than just your gear. It’s about creating memories that last a lifetime. TRUGLO products are built for those moments, so that when the perfect opportunity comes, your gear comes through. Whether you need the most revolutionary sights, innovative fiber optics or simply need brightness on your side, TRUGLO will be there for you.

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