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Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest by Hyskore

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HYSKORE® Announces THE RAPID FIRE® Precision Shooting Rest. The Ultimate Shooting Platform for Rifles with Pistol Grips and High Capacity Magazines

The HYSKORE® Rapid Fire® Precision Shooting Rest, will be introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, and will be available for delivery November, 2012. Modern guns with pistol grips and high capacity magazines have continued to be in great demand. This has created huge interest in product that compliment the features of these guns. According to HYSKORE® ( spokesman Ted Werner, “The Rapid Fire® Precision Shooting Rest is a full featured, state of the art, micro adjustable gun support system that adapts to the unique geometry of AR15 and AK47 style weapons”. The Rapid Fire® Precision Shooting Rest accommodates these modern gun platforms; and will handle everything from a Ruger 10-22, or Winchester model 1890, .22 caliber pump action rim fire up to a model 70 .375 H&H magnum or a Holland & Holland .416 Rigby. A finely engineered scissor mechanism with ambidextrous controls rides on linear motion bearings, to provide liquid smooth elevation adjustments that do not slip or drift.

Hyskore is very well known for its innovative products and I've been fortunate to have tried a number of them over the past few years. A couple of months ago, I received the new Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest (Rapid Fire) and had an opportunity to take it to my range for a real workout.

First of all, you should know that this is a very easy product to assemble. The manual is very complete with pictures of each step and my total time from opening the box to having it ready for the range was no more than 15 minutes.

I had several guns that I needed to evaluate and the Rapid Fire arrived just in time for that process. It has a built-in carry handle that makes it very easy to transport, so very soon I was off the range with the Rapid fire, 3 hand guns and as many rifles.

Like many Hyskore products, this one is easily leveled with the adjustable “leveling jacks” and supplied bubble level. It's also adjustable for length and height, both front and rear. A couple of very nice leather shooting bags are furnished as is a V-Notched front support. Five locations on the rear allow a multitude of shooting angles to accommodate both right and left hand shooters. Adjusting the length is very easily accomplished just by sliding the front or rear along the very smooth guide rods.

My first gun to test was a .45 A.C.P. Kimber semiautomatic pistol. With just a few adjustments it fit perfectly. Next came a .270 Mossberg bolt action rifle and it took no more than a couple of minutes to have it adjusted perfectly for it. A 9 mm Ruger semiauto was next, followed by a .45 Colt Ruger Vaquero.

I also tried a couple of “black guns” with high capacity magazines and the adjustments were just as easy.

I should add that the Rapid Fire provides a very stable platform. At my bench I used the levelers without the provided rubber protective caps but they are a nice touch when using the Rapid Fire on a surface that should not be scratched.

I have gotten into the habit of taking products that I evaluate to my gun club. There are shooters there who are very, how should I say this, maybe critical would be a good word. The club has been around since the early 1950s and we have members who shoot all the disciplines. They will not hesitate to give any product a work out and will point out any weaknesses or areas of possible improvement they might discover.

I left the Rapid Fire for several weeks for the card shooters and .22 shooters to try, as well as anyone else who wanted to use it. They don't baby anything and it had a good workout while it was there. I did not hear one negative comment! They all liked it and frankly, I was beginning to wonder if I'd have to sneak it out in the dead of night. There were some complaints...when I took it home.

If you are in the market for a very versatile shooting rest, I'd recommend that you give the Hyskore Rapid Fire Precision Shooting Rest a try. To learn more about it and see the other Hyskore products, please visit and to read more “Product Test” articles, please visit

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