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Sight-Bloc Shooting Rest

Product Tests


• Made from recycled rubber
• Superior to sandbags and metal rests
• Will not deteriorate, freeze or become water-logged
• Stable and repeatable rifle rest
• Repositions to three heights.
• Made in the USA.


Phone: 877-423-1785

In-Range Supplies
5121 Winnetka Avenue North
New Hope, MN. USA 55428

Okay, how many different rests have you tried over the years? There are of course sand bags, bags filled with ground-up corn cobs, leather covered rests of all sorts and of course some pretty fancy ones that help reduce recoil. There's nothing really wrong with any of long as you don't leave them out in the rain.

Am I the only person who has left a shooting bag in the rain? Probably not but I won't ask for a show of hands.

For the last few weeks I've been trying a new rest from the folks at In-Range Supplies, called the Sight-Bloc. It's made from recycled rubber and allows a shooter to shoot from 3 different heights, in a very stable position. It's not a light weight product! It has some heft and is very stable. Put it where you want it and it doesn't move.

I found the 3 heights to work well for different guns at my bench. I shot a number of different rifles, several shotguns and a 3 different hand guns. Flipping the Sight-Bloc to the proper height for the gun I was using provided me with a good stable rest for each of them.

Frankly, what I really like most about the Sight-Bloc is the fact that I can leave it at my outdoor bench at the range and just not worry about it. Before, I always had to carry a bag or other rest to the range and when I was finished, I'd have to carry it back again. Not so with the Sight-Bloc. I can just leave it there and not worry about it.

I plan to take this one to my shooting club and let all the members give it a try at our next bench shooting event. That will give me some feedback from some very critical shooters who've been at the sport for more years than most of us can imagine. I'll report back to you on how that goes. In the meantime, I'll just leave it out on my bench and enjoy using it, whatever the weather.

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