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The "Winnowing"

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At the World Championship Still Target Shoot, for one and one-half days, we shoot 12 gauge and 20 gauge full-power 3” shotshells, one after another. We shoot In squads of 10, men, women and youth. Each target from each shooter in each squad is scored and each squad winner (along with winners and runners-up from prior state and regional events) advances to the semi-finals which begin at the second half of day 2 at 1:00 P.M.

Then the "winnowing" begins.

All of those winners shoot more 12 gauge shells and 20 gauge shells until the finalists in each class have been determined. Traditionally, it's been a “Final Four”. This year there were 5 positions in the 12 Gauge Open and only 2 shooters, who shot against each other at the end of the contest, in the Muzzle Loader Class.

In order to win the class, and be named World Champion, a finalist in each class must win 2 times.

These were the finalists this year, with their number of positions (seats) in the finals with an * to indicate the winner:

12 Gauge Open

*Steve Conover – 3
Clark Bush – 2

12 Gauge Hunter

*Brian Sloan – 2
Chris Scott – 1
Clark Bush – 1

20 Gauge Open

*Steve Conover – 2
Karie Scott – 1
Clark Bush – 1

20 Gauge Ladies

*Amanda Fox - 2
Karie Scott - 2

JAKES (Youth - 17 and Under)
Eli Sloan - 2
*Alex Fox - 2

ML (Black Powder) Class

*Brian Sloan
Steve Conover

Congratulations to all of the winners and to all who shot in the event. I'd also like to thank all of the staff members from the NWTF who volunteer their time each year to officiate the World Championship.

Lastly, the event could not be held without the financial support of Environ-Metal, the makers of Hevi-Shot products. Cases and cases of Hevi-13 shotshells were fired at the championship this year and were again the choice of all of the winners.

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