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The SSX Story

Advice for the Shooter

I try to shoot as much as possible and to evaluate similar products so that I can provide a fair comparison to the readers of

It has become increasingly important that we invest our resources wisely in all of our purchases. We should get as much value and performance as is possible for our hard-earned dollars. To me, the key words are value and performance. It makes do difference what the product costs, if it does not deliver the performance we need and likewise, we should not overspend if performance is available at a better price.

Early on I decided that I’d only use and recommend those products that worked as advertised and only then when the performance justified the price. That’s what I’ve done since I founded  and what I’ll continue to do in the years to come.

The SSX has become a true shooting classic that performs as well today with 2011 turkey shot shells as when it was developed.

For those who might not be familiar with the SSX, in the last 8 years it has won 11 World Championships, set 5 World Records and has been represented in the Final Four 10 straight years, more than any other choke brand or model. All of these wins, records, and appearances are with commercially loaded shotshells, that most of us use for actual turkey hunting. * Its record with the Hevi-13 “Bronze” shell of 52 in the 3” circle remains unbroken with that shell.

While most hunters are not still target shooters, that information is quite important because it represents head to head comparisons of the performance of an “out of the package” SSX Turkey Choke with other brands in supervised competition.

So, what makes the SSX not only a classic but also a top patterning turkey choke today? It’s really all about the internal geometry of the choke and the design created by Roger Burrell, one of the most forward thinking choke designers of our time. Roger spent many years shooting in all kinds of competitive events, all the while perfecting the final design of the SSX.

The SSX has a series of internal rings and grooves that work to separate the wad from the shot column, at just the correct instant, to allow the shot string to proceed to the target uninterrupted by interference by the wad. The choke also has just the correct design to stabilize the shot column and reduce any effects on it from harmonics or vibration.

We as hunters are most interested in using a turkey choke that will produce a dense core pattern of 10” at 40 yards with a good fringe pattern of 20” at that distance, without producing “golf-ball” sized patterns at 20 yards or less. That is only possible when the choke is properly designed and is another strength of the SSX. Please visit to see an actual example of 20 yard and 40 yard patterns.

You can see those internal rings and grooves here of one of my SSX chokes that’s had thousands of rounds of shells through it.

Today, we are fortunate that there are many good to excellent turkey chokes on the market. Many are approved for both lead and tungsten-based shotshells and will deliver patterns that will allow you to cleanly kill a turkey at 40 yards, the maximum distance  recommended for turkey hunting by most authorities. It becomes largely a matter of how much a hunter wants to spend to get the performance required. That’s another point where the SSX shines.

I have always felt very comfortable in recommending the SSX to shooters and hunters due to the fact that it performs like the premium quality turkey choke that it is and also because of its very reasonable price. You can get the quality that you need without breaking the bank. That means that you have more dollars left in your pocket or more dollars to purchased shotshells or other hunting products. To me, that’s very important and one reason that I recommend the SSX without reservation





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