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Machined Aluminum Shotgun Mount from ATI

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Advanced Technology International
2733 West Carmen Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209

While I've always thought the AKITA adjustable hunting stock was a great product, the folks at ATI have never stopped improving it.

The first improvement was the Scorpion Recoil Pad. It really works to absorb recoil rather than transfer it to the shooter. I've seen the demonstration but more importantly, I've felt the difference at my shoulder when I shoot 3" full power turkey loads from my 12 gauge guns.

Then they introduced the DyeHard system that puts the finish "in" the stock rather than just "on" the stock. That process can create any of a number of camo patterns as well as some of the most beautiful wood grain effect that I've ever seen. The most outstanding feature is its durability. It doesn't wear off like some finishes and solvents just don't hurt it.

Now, once again ATI has improved an already excellent product. They've introduced the "Machined Aluminum Shotgun Mount" for the AKITA adjustable stocks.

A little explanation may be in order here. The AKITA adjustable hunting stock is made to fit a variety of different brands of shotguns. ATI supplies a variety of mounts that are specific to each brand of gun. Those mounts are made from the same material as the stock. Frankly, the folks at ATI have never been satisfied with those mounts because they have a "proud fit", slightly larger than the diameter of the receiver. I've never viewed this as a negative feature but these folks are true perfectionists and are always looking for a way to improve their products.

So, now they have introduced these machined aluminum mounts that fit perfectly and are sized exactly so that the fit between the mount and the receiver is seamless.

It's the constant attention to detail and desire to "make it better" that makes the difference.

Not only is ATI the company that actually listens to its customers but they are always looking internally at ways to make everything look better, fit better, be more durable and fill a need that we as hunters and shooters have.

The 2012 ATI Catalog is available that shows all of the products made by the company, including the new "Machined Aluminum Shotgun Mount" as well as many new and innovative products, all made in the U.S.A.

To learn more about ATI and its products, order a catalog or download one to your computer, please visit

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