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The Price of Tungsten

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I have frankly hesitated just a bit to write this but current conditions seem to make it necessary.

Some of you may be aware that the price of raw tungsten has just about doubled in the last 30 days. That has already had an effect and will have an even more profound effect on the price and availability of shotshells that many of us shoot.

At least one shotshell manufacturer has eliminated one shotshell that they had planned to introduce and produce for 2012. 

We have already seen prices rise at both the wholesale and retail level and quite possibly, we "ain't seen nothing yet" as far as that goes.

I think it is necessary that we understand the situation and that the shotshell manufacturers have very little to with these price increases. Some may choose to forgo production, as at least one already has, and we may not be able to find the shells we want or need.

I suspect that some shotshell manufacturers have held the line on their prices, despite several price increases for their components. They can only do that for so long and I suspect that with the recent increases, it's no longer possible.

We will probably also see some retailers or wholesalers mark up their existing stock.  That seems to happen at times. If they have seen the new price sheets, they know what's coming with their next order. 

This is not good news for us as turkey hunters but is a reality of life, just like the almost $4.00 per gallon that I paid for regular unleaded gasoline just a few hours ago.

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