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Zerust - Gun Protection for the 21st Century

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No matter who you are, no matter where you live and regardless of your politics, if you’re a gun owner, we share a common enemy. That enemy is rust. Rust never sleeps, never takes a break and is relentless in it pursuit of its ultimate goal…destroying the appearance, value and functioning ability of our guns.
How many fine guns that once reflected the pride of ownership have you seen over the years, that had patches of rust on the exterior or even worse, have pitted chambers or barrels? Perhaps it was just one careless time of handling a beautiful gun without wiping it down or maybe it was after years of mostly sitting in a gun cabinet or gun safe. You’re also probably seen at least one gun that had the “works” rusted beyond repair. The interior parts that sometimes are forgotten or that were just too difficult to access to keep properly protected.
Help is on the way and it’s easy, simple and very inexpensive!
“Zerust® offers simple, yet effective rust protection solutions for your firearms and firearm parts; protecting any ferrous metals, including iron, steel and cast iron from rust and corrosion. Choose from a variety of antirust solutions including Multipurpose VCI Poly Bags, Tube and Barrel Strip, Vapor Capsules and VCI Weapon Protection Bags. Zerust Rust Prevention Products save you from having to use oil and WD-40 on your firearms & weapons every year. Even with continuous application, oil will eventually dry up and WD-40 will gum and turn into a varnish over time. In fact, oil can wind up causing damage to your wood stock as well as your bullets. Instead, save time & money by using Zerust Products to prevent rust and corrosion. Compared to an expensive storage system, Zerust Products give your firearms & weapons the best rust prevention you can buy for the price you can afford.” 
I’ve know about vapor technology for years and have even tried a few products from time to time but most were either too expensive to be practical or just did not either last very long or work as effectively as I’d like. Then Zerust came into my life.
Like many of you I own several guns that I shoot on a pretty regular basis and maintaining them is not really much of a hassle…most of the time. Of course when it’s wet outside or excessively hot and my hands are sweaty, that’s another story. I’ll wipe those guns down and swab the bore but very honestly, I don’t always tear those guns down to lubricate the inner workings. Those guns however are not my chief concern.
The guns that I forget about, the guns that stand faithfully in my gun safe, the ones that I just never want to get rid of for one reason or another but seldom if ever shoot. When I really think about them, I’m always concerned that our common enemy could be gaining ground. In fact, very recently, I found that I’d lost a battle.
A gun that I’d inherited from a relative had rust in the bore. It had progressed far enough to pit the barrel. There is probably no functional damage but cosmetically, it will never be the same. That prompted my quest for a better way to protect my guns and a call to the folks at Zerust. Soon I had a selection of products, ranging from storage bags for long guns and hand guns to capsules that I can put in my gun cabinet, gun safe and even in my gun cases when I travel. I also have some tubing that I can cut to length and drop into the barrels of revolvers, pistols, revolvers and shotguns. Once I’ve cleaned my guns, I can use vapor technology to protect them inside and outside for years. Zerust is also non-toxic and harmless to just about everything, although there is a caution that it can, over time, yellow some paper.
Now for just a few dollars I can years of protection for my valuable guns and frankly be able to sleep better at night not having to worry about how Uncle Frank’s treasured firearms are doing.
For less than $20.00 I had enough Zerust products to last me for up to 5 years. That’s the best insurance that I can find.
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